RX 78 Wip Phase 1

This is my work in progress for my RX78 which was last seen in this guide. As i’ll be using this for my figure stories I won’t be painting this. Instead all the parts are sanded instead to give it a matt look based on my previous posting. Since its hanging there halfway, I have decided to finish this up before moving on to my Seravee/Seraphim.

In fact I am close to finishing this kit except for the left leg and the weapons.

The white and yellow portion was sanded only with 600 grit. As for the red part its sanded from 600 grit to 1200 girt. To make it look dirtier, I use a black gundam marker to darken the edges. I might sand again some of the white spots to make it smoother.

Seamlines at the shoulders and legs are cemented and then sanded with 600 girt.

After sanding.

Also gave the edges a bit of the black gundam marker to give it a grittier look πŸ˜€

Well that is a short post for the night ^^. Now to clear up all the plastic dust…..

Till the next post!


48 thoughts on “RX 78 Wip Phase 1

  1. Wow looks really good. I want to try this matte look by sanding with fine grit. Another question if you dont mind; after cementing the seams do we need to apply a layer of putty? I’m a little cautious of sanding HG models coz some seem really fragile.

    • Heh thanks!!! Ah if the cementing is successful you don’t have to use a putty to cover the gaps. I have been cementing quite a lot of kits so experience does help in avoiding the gaps in seamlines. If you use putty though this method of sanding won’t be able to work as the putty is grey in color. Try out cementing on spare pieces first to test it out. First few times I tried i always end up having holes. Best results use those thick plastic cement. πŸ˜€

      If you are talking about bandai plastic they are able to withstand it hehe ^^

  2. Interesting method! Looks great in the end, it has a nice battle-worn look. I wonder what it would look like if it was also topcoated, ultra matte finish?

    What kind/brand of cement do you use to fill in seam lines?

    • Heh thanks! I haven’t tried top coating yet but i’ll give it a good dose of it once I have the decals on ^^ But ultra matte finish is good πŸ˜€

      I used Tamiya thin cement to fill in the seam lines. ^^

  3. sweet, love the gritty matte look ^^ if you use wet/dry sandpaper too, one technique i use for smaller parts is to sand it in a small container of water. the surface will be smoother and it will be less hazardous as all the plastic residue will stay in the water! anyways, cant wait to see him in action πŸ˜›

    • Heh thanks man πŸ˜€ Don’t we just love our mechs dirty and grity πŸ˜€ Plastic shine no more!! Hmm I could try out using water next time to reduce the scratches but there is still the compound lol ^^

      I was wearing a face mask while sanding haha so won’t breathe in all that plastic storm. Must protect da lungs!!!

      Psst can i submit this for the group build as an initial one?? Uber gritty finish RX78 haha

      • plastic storm lol i should pick up one of those face mask just in case. ahh yes compound, well it could make clean up easier lol depending how and where you work ^^

        Lol sure why not! this isnt something that is normally done to a kit, going to add it to the post now ^^

        • haha cool πŸ˜€ YES finally I contribute something haha!!! One more for the group build ^^ I probably be using compound for those very deep marks πŸ˜›

  4. woo, looking great! It’s all a bit too risque for me, sanding entire pieces for effect ^^;
    The inking really makes it stand out though. Very BAD. like, the good bad.

  5. haha it is a bit tedious to sand everything but heh I save a lot on paint haha!!! Glad you like the inking πŸ˜€ Also have this image of UC kits being worn out and dirty ^^

  6. Pingback: RX78 Group Build now Open… Forever! XD *updated 3/4/2010* « Rock Lee's Lotus

    • Haha ah yes for group build ^^ Rocklee just added it in πŸ˜€ But my difference is in the technique used instead of spray painting

  7. I bet it’s nice to interact with friends with the same interest and come up with a group like this. I’m no modeler (I’ve built just 1 MG) but when I said something about gunplas to my (girl) friends but they just give me this weird look. ^^; Are there girls in this group?

    • Ah yes its a very good feeling building with friends that love gunpla πŸ˜€ In fact there 2 female modelers in the blog roll Meimi 132 and also Evangelisque ^^ But they currently are not participating in the group build. haha want to join? Its still open hehe ^^

      The truth is even among my own guy friends, I only know of one that also does gunpla till I met all the crazy modelers here on the blog πŸ˜€

    • Ah cool, ah you meant the black lining on the blue part at the last picture. Come to think of it, it is quite thick haha!! Okay will take note of that. By the way hope you can help me on this, will applying enamel on bare plastic cause it to crack?

  8. not really experiement on bare plastic >.<, just dun apply too many enamel, then use this method, i think u know this way gua…hehe

    enamel crack ABS parts, normal plastic part should be no problem ^^
    a lot to learn in so many kind of modeling material, i'm still practicing, hehe ^^

    • haha actually I have done the top half a few weeks back but now working on the legs and doing the panel lines at the same time. Next will be doing the weapons and painting some parts silver ^^

  9. wow, this is already so sexy even without mods!
    for what story chubb?

    btw, you removed the seamlines right, then after sanding, is there a color difference?

    • Haha the power of panel lines and inking em πŸ˜€ Oh this is for a rebellion story line later if i can get to it haha!!

      Ah for the grey parts there will be a slight difference however for the white parts no color difference.

    • Ah even David John also had the same view as you! He thought it was MG at first glance!!

      Hehe so wanna chip in for the group build πŸ˜€

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