Death of Chiaki??

Putting down Chiaki’s bear from their night snack encounter, Eins continues with her pursuit…

Chiaki : Hmm coast is clear….

Yoko : Leave her alone!

Eins : …… *vanishes into the shadow

Yoko : There now don’t cry, come on, on your feet. She is gone now.

Chiaki : Sniff Sniff….thank you..where are you from?

Yoko : Well that will be another story hehe….

Till the next post!!

52 thoughts on “Death of Chiaki??

  1. Your selection of lighting and situation really fits Eins, now she’s look more creepier than usual.


    Uwaiiiit~! You’ve BOUGHT YOKO~!


    You could always depend on Yoko to save someone from peril.

  2. Hehe 😀 She is Jason incarnate must be scary!!! Thanks!

    Haha yes!! I managed to find Yoko at a decent price. When I saw her on the shelf it was an instant grab!! Yoko is the righteous one ^^ Now all I need is a drill to go with her ^^

  3. It is somehow weird to see nendos want to kill each other lol. Maybe Eins lack of love from the owner 😛

    Anyway, the story telling is great! I like it 😀

    • <——note the owner likes watching horror movies 😀

      When I see eins' mask she reminded me of Jason and haha I want to add a 'killer' story instead 😀

      Thanks!! Glad you like the story!!

    • Love how you wrote ‘bloody purple goodness’ haha!! Eins is just awesome with the mask 😀 Well its Yoko’s debut she has to look good ^^

      Yes rare buahah!! I am very lucky that day 🙂

  4. Ein was moving in for an oppai grab but then she was interrupted by Y-Y-YOKO?! O_O holy awesometastic! very nice addition my friend 😀

    you missed out on Ritsu but obtained a firery babe who know how to use a rifle! i think she will fit in nicely ^^ hmmm where did she come from? …nendo war idea! lol

    buy buy buy!

    • Oppai grab!!! Lol….reminds me of a certain oppai poking gif 😛 Hehe perfect addition for the gun lover in me XD

      This is an awesome replacement for the missing Ritsu. Giant rifle > music instruments any day!! Haha as for that story… will mail you my initial thoughts….my brain is swarming with the endless combination for the stories hehe!! Moar nendos moar wars buahaha!!!

      not buy…now is broke broke broke lol…so many unplanned buys, yoko, chiaki and eins….

    • Hehe actually she was unplanned…but seeing her at that price.. I couldn’t resist!!! Well my wallet is like empty now…sobz…looks like my gunpla will have to take a back seat!!

  5. PHEW! Fortunately Yoko was there or i don’t know what would have become of poor Chiaki.
    It’s getting dangerous to wander at night at your place my dear Chubby…. ^^ 😉

    • Nah now with the night patrol in the vincity and having yoko as the lead 😀 its a much safer place ^^

      Haha don’t for a moment thing i’ll just let one of my nendos die off like that 🙂

    • Thanks!!! Ah true, the older ones are either hard to get or their prices I jacked up pretty high!! I am very lucky to have gotten yoko.

    • Oh I found here in China Sq Central at one of the toy shops 😀 Happen to see her there instant grab!!

      Thanks glad you like her debut 😀

  6. What is this ominous title?!
    Well, it all worked out in the end, so I guess it’s all good ^^;
    Especially like how you showed Eins getting the knife shot out of her hand.

    • Hehe its an attention grabbing headline!!!

      Well no nendos are harmed in anyway during the shoot 😀 Yoko is quite the sharp shooter and I happy that you like those shots 🙂

    • She is from the anime requiem for phantom and yes she is quite creepy 😀 First episode you’ll get to see that ^^

    • This yoko is actually a reissue! Just found it out from my discussion with moemoekyun 😀 So keep your fingers cross for the likes of Nagi, Saber lion to pop up locally 😀

      Can always count on yoko to save the day 😀

  7. Wow this is intense !
    Loved how you shot those photos, it suit the heavy atmosphere very well 🙂
    Eins freaks me out each time you use her in a story lol
    Yoko is such a cute savior 😛

    • Haha feeling the tension aren’t ya 😀 Thanks!!! Hmm interesting…quite a lot of ppl find Eins freaky …must be due to the lighting 😀

      But at least now I have yoko to balance things out!!

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