Photography Guide : Not your usual lighting

After getting good feedbacks on my ‘night snack’ post on the lighting set up, I decided to do a post dedicated on lighting. Usually when it comes to figure photography, I don’t have a habit of setting up lights, light boxes, using tripods etc… instead I look towards ambient sources of light at the most unusual of spots around the house.

My first spot is light shinning outwards from my window. Here I’ll have Eins (Unmasked) to be my subject.

Shot taken from inside of the house.

Next spot, the lamp outside my house. I also used this spot for Riannon’s own night shoot previously.

Here i’ll be place Raspberyl on the bench 😀 Lets see how the shots turn out.

The last spot my kitchen table ^^

Eins and Raspberyl under my usual kitchen lighting.

Here I switched on the storeroom light.

Once I switched off the lights, the mood is very different. Now lets see how the shots turn out 😀

Now it looks warm and fuzzy. Now for those who don’t like this look just tweak the white balance…

And you can get a more natural look. 😀

Raspberyl : Thats a wrap!!

Hope this can help you guys in your own photoshoots next time. Explore the different sources of lighting in your own house, you never know what you might come up with!!

Till the next post!


58 thoughts on “Photography Guide : Not your usual lighting

    • Ah you are right about the camera sensor. Normal digicam with autofocus won’t be able to get these shots. Only possible with manual focus and long shutter speed.

    • Heh thanks!! Actually it was at a spur of a moment that I though of using these places for the lights. Just keep experimenting and you’ll get the hang of it ^^

  1. Oho! So that’s how you get those warm and fuzzy/ eerie and spooky lighting! nice nice I should try this out sometime but I can’t seem to find any nice orange lighting that doesn’t light up the whole room xD

    • Hehe now you know the trick!!! Hmm what i can suggest if you want to get a nice orange effect you can change the white balance to cloudy. This will give a nice orange effect on the pictures ^^

    • Ah you can try what Bmecha suggested, wrapping a tracing paper around the light bulb 😀 If not you can decrease the EV value in your camera if its too bright. Hope that can help.

  2. You’re making me more jealous your camera more and more every time. D=
    Well, not jealous, more like envious. >.<

    Hmmm, nice use of those various light sources. I should try too once I can get a better camera… especially for LED equipped kits. =D

    • Hehe time for you to get a hardware upgrade!!! haha!! Actually I am slowly exploring the manual functions. Its very useful but I got a lot to master still. But really got to thank BD for the link.
      Maybe can try for your green frame photoshoot hehe ^^

      I might try incense burning next round 😀

  3. Ganbatte! You are on the good track of exploring photography. For long exposure better get a tripod (the one with tweakable leg is good).

    Photography is about lighting. A high end DSLR won’t work if the light is bad. Even handy cam can have good photos with good light set up!

    • Ah that gorilla pod!! That will definitely be useful to get those angles!! My exposure was about 1 second and I place it on a door stopper 😀 So less camera shake haha. Thanks man!

      Couldn’t agree with you more on the lighting 😀 Perhaps next time we can do an outdoor photo shoot together after may ^^. Perhaps can jio leon and heathorn along too 😀

  4. Nice, never stop exploring is the key to a great photography right?
    there’s not much of a yellowish source of light in my place, so I’m still gonna stick with neon lamps or sunlight as my primary lighting 😀 i play more on the angle of my photoshots 😀

    • Yep always exploring and trying out new things is key not only to great photography but fun too haha 😀 Sunlight is still the best imo, crisp and clear shots! Have you ever tried taking your tanks to the streets for photography? Your tanks are so real they were perfectly blend in with a grass hill!

    • Thanks man!! Actually got a lot of ideas’ seeing photoshoots from kodomut and papershots blogs. They are the true masters!!

      Haha you are more then welcome to drop by if you are in Singapore 😀 But I am not so sure if eins will let you leave in one piece though haha!!!

  5. Aha! now I know the secrets of your ‘moody’ lights! 😀
    Actually I was planning on posting about using candles and tea-lights for creating a spooky effect but didnt have the time to shoot anything. I’ll do it this week 😉

    • Haha its a big open secret now man haha!!! Candles are excellent sources especially with the smoke from them! Looking forward to that write up 😀 I guess you must be busy eating your wife’s muffins ^^

      Photography is very fun, so many angles of approaching the same subject!!

  6. very effective usage of the wide array of lighting you have around the house! great guide, your photography skills are improving rapidly ^^

    im not sure if my cam will work in these conditions though lol might have to resort to photoshop editing to get a similar effect.

    • Yoz rockerlee haha (just had to call you that ^^)!

      I prefer using the normal lighting around the house and play with them. Somehow after this write up I am beginning to see even more fun places to shoot like the showers for water effects or candles! Hehe I am doing all I can to master what I have 😀 Thanks!!

      If its digital cam it will be harder due to the auto focus. Especially when its dark and there are not bright spots for the lens to focus on. That is where manual focusing comes in handy. Oh maybe set white balance to cloudy and the colors to rich? I used to do that for my digi cam to get orange like effects 😀

      • Lol rockerlee XD nendos looks good around water! and the usage of candles sounds very interesting, so i will look forward to those future shots!

        thanks for the tips, will keep em in mnd. i am using a digi cam and almost always leave everything on auto lol

        • I promise not to do naughty stuff with the candles haha 😀 I’ll just use them for lighting ^^

          Auto!!! *gives surprised nagi look!!! (damn still looking for her….argh!! plus a certain saber lion…gao…)

    • Heh thanks 😀 Seems like a lot people are down with flu, even my wife is having a really bad bout of flu.

      Get well soon man

    • Ah get one!! Mine was handed down to me by my uncle who isn’t into photography anymore. I am considering getting a new one in the future when I save up enough! Its pricey but really worth the investment!

  7. Chubbs! Your place looks awesomely oriental!
    Really reminds me of home ;-;…

    Anyhow, nice guide, but I’m never going to be able to stage a photoshoot in this junkyard of mine ^^;

    • Haha well my grandma has quite a lot of influence on my parents hence all the oriental decorations, chairs etc 😀 The really make excellent spots of photo taking ^^

      Heh glad you like the guide! Try it out if you have the chance next time!

  8. House is filled with interesting lightning source to do photos. And you can play with it very well 😉
    The atmosphere i like the most is the one with the half-closed door 🙂
    What i enjoy in your photos Chubby, it’s the “living” aspect that radiate from them.
    For my own photos, since i always install a stage, i play with different lightning sources like led lamps (red,blue,white), lightbulbs daylight that i move to match the atmosphere i want to give.

    • Thanks for the compliments!! Made my day 😀 that half closed door is my favorite spot for shooting 🙂 I always like the idea of them moving around the house and doing their thing. I guess this is what you meant by the living aspect!

      I got to try out some of the leds that you mentioned!! Once I move into my own place I have a more dedicated set up for the photography.

  9. Custom white balance also helps the color a bit. Sometimes, with an incandescent lightsource, the shadows make the photo more yellowish than you’d like it to be.

    Btw, I’ve moved to now. We don’t share the same blog layout anymore. ^_^

    • You are right about the custom white balance, it can turn the whole picture warm or whitish!

      Haha cool! I’ll add your new link in 😀 Hehe so now I can have this layout all to myself haha!!

  10. Nice, I will keep it in mind to use ISO 200…my photography sucks, as you might have noticed by now.hihi…thanks for this article man. 🙂

    • Ah your photography is decent!! Its very good 😀 On the other hand I wish I had your modeling skills!! Oh I used a higher ISO setting for night shoots so that I can increase the shutter speed to reduce camera shake.

  11. I like that you used the light available and came up with some nice shots.

    I have just taken some shots of my figures outside in the sunlight. I will have to calibrate them as it seems the camera sensor washed them out a bit.

    • Heh thanks!! Out door shots can be quite tricky if the sunlight is very strong at the point you take the shot. I had a lot of very over exposed photos when I took my photos in mid day!!

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