Night snack…

Chiaki was feeling a bit of hunger at night……so she ventures into the kitchen for a little night snack….

Hungry anyone ? Run Chiaki run!!!


51 thoughts on “Night snack…

  1. I have to say that the lighting in this series is superb! Very spooky and scary mood. Plus I get freaked out by that masked nendo.. what is it called?

    • Heh thanks!!! Actually I did this photoshoot together with rezel using the same light source haha 😀 Probably do a short post on using alternative light sources.

      Oh the Nendo with the mask is called Eins 🙂

  2. Aww… Poor Eins… Can’t resist the lure of a teddy bear on the floor. And poor Chiaki… Scared like heck from the masked lurker.

    Regarding the lighting: Nice work. No run-of-mill compact digicam can capture shots properly at that light levels.

    • Heh EIns can’t say no to a teddy bear especially such a cute one. Probably miss her own default teddy bear 😀

      Thanks! the light source is actually from a store room with a sliding door. Spot metering helped a lot with getting the right exposure on the lighting!

  3. those mango crackers are to die for! 😛

    wow Ein is super spooky in that lighting. it adds such depth, very nice shots! now scare Chiaki some more, shes so cute when shes scared lol ^^

    • Haha yep my friend 😀 Very tasty treat for the hungry one at night!! I think I can start making a series of horror stories with this night set up!!

      Chiaki’s frighten face is one of my favorite faces from her!!! So looks best when scared!!!

    • Haha, nah gundams can still walk around ^^ Its still save for the metallic flesh residents of the toy room..but as for other nendo’s and ugly dolls…thats a different story… 😀

    • Ah that will be revealed in a moment in the next post 😀 Have a little post on that. Seems like a lot of ppl want to know the set up ^^

      Haha light can be used like another effect 😀 Adds more to horror movie stories!!

  4. With Ein, your machiavellian spirit is unveiled! 😀 😀
    Poor Chiaki! Run run! (i’m myself always that scared with this face of Ein ^^ and it’s even worse with those lugubrious photos.)

    • Oh my haha sorry if she scared you!! 😀 I like to use the light to paint the whole mood haha ^^ Just to ask what machiavellian spirit by the way…interesting word, first time seeing this ^^;; !!!

  5. D’AWWW that last expression is so cute.
    This really reminded me of that old House Hippos commercial for some reason though. Maybe it’s because of the coloring scheme.

    • Haha I love that last look too from Chiaki 😀 So cute seeing her run like that crying!!

      Hmm must be the orange light that I used for the set up ^^

  6. Nice pics of Nendos! First I thought you are the one sneaking around at night for snack due to your strict dieting and hectic exercise during the day. Hee! Hee!

    • Well still sticking to it man haha!! 2 months more left!!!

      But i did go berserk on dieting on sunday though sobz….

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  8. Oh no, you need bonta kuns to patrol your house chubb.
    Poor cute nendo is being targeted.

    Her sleepy face expression is nice.

    • Bontas!!! Oh my I need the whole lot of them equipped with Lamda drivers 😀

      Haha chiaki is a very nice nendo 😀 Well kinda the perfect victim for such situaitons ^^

  9. LooooL So i guess my Chiaki stealing from my fridge because things disappeared last night :p
    Ein is always so freaky.
    You used shadows very cleverly, impressive ! I loooove the way you stage nendos and it’s a bit different if you own one of them lol. You see it differently 😀

  10. Wait what did you lose?? I lost 2 snickers, one pack of ice cream and a chocolate cake this few days. Surprisingly after this post no food was lost lol!!!

    Eins is quite freaky in the anime actually! Thank you! I love playing around with them, wondering what will they do late at night and their mis adventures 😛

  11. Scary but super cute!

    Because of your pics, I decided to get Ein too. ^^
    I don’t remember seeing the anime but I googled it and it seems familiar.

    • Haha thanks!!! Woah you are getting Eins cool 😀 She is from the anime Requiem for Phantom if you are interested to find out more about her 😛

  12. Oh my gosh!!! I love this so much! And I’m a really big fan of suspense/thriller novels so this is so awesome for me! I loooove the lighting and the mood you set this up with. This is so great! I wish you make more! 😀

    • haha thanks!! I used to have time at night back in the day before my son came out haha…thanks for the encouragement I’ll definitely try to make more again. Reading your stories gives me the itch to do this stuff again keke.

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