HGUC Rezel – Prebuild Thoughts

Snapped fitted this kit at Serangoon Macdonalds this afternoon ^^ Got HGUC Rezel from Hobby Art Gallery yesterday and I couldn’t contain my excitement so I snap fitted happily away 😀 I must say…this is one sexy kit even straight out of the box without stickers.

This is my fourth kit from the Unicorn Series. I am very happy with this latest addition. Initially I wanted to wait for the commander version to arrive but somehow I couldn’t resist the moment I saw it on the shelve at HAG! Almost all the parts are molded accurately in color so very very minimal paint will be required to complete the look. Also for would be painters ^^ The part separation is also very good but gomen ^^ forgot to take pictures of those nicely seperated parts. Seamline wise I found 4 on the shoulders, one on the head and one for the weapon. Very very minimal seamlines 😀

The chest piece itself is a bit plain so will be adding some details to it to make it nice 😀 Maybe a few panel lines with my new scriber hehe.

Articulation wise, due to its transformation gimmick, it enables Rezel to do a proper kneeling pose 😀

And its most outstanding feature…..this goes in my books for the biggest gundam crotch awards haha…I still don’t get it why design something like that…

I was so excited I even started taking photos of Rezel at night lol….

Bam! Screw the backlogs, I am doing this kit straight tomorrow!! After taking quite a long break from gunpla it feels good to snap fit such a fine looking kit. Going to give this kit the same treatment that I gave my Gundam Arios 😀

These are indeed exciting times for gunpla collectors. So will you guys be getting any Unicorn Series kits soon?

Till the next post!


58 thoughts on “HGUC Rezel – Prebuild Thoughts

    • Haha that one is on a lot of ppl’s buy list man!! So many exciting things coming out for gunpla next few months!! Hopefully they will come out the full armor version too for unicorn!!

    • Hmm when I bought it i didn’t get a file that comes with it. Maybe because this isn’t from the first release. But was considering this or 007s 😀

    • Oh GFF. Hmm GGF comes with all the markings so it looks nicer ^^ Ah Geara Zulu and Zaku 2 are very nice kits 😀 Are you getting Stark Jegan also ?

    • Yeah I did, but forgot to take pictures lol. Probably when I am finished with him i’ll do a few shots with the plane. The plane mode is a bit bulky unlike the sleek look or zeta’s wave rider

  1. that is one “happy” mobile suit Lol i would like an explanation of the crotch design too… perhaps for docking action?

    he looks great snap fitted and with minimal seam lines, thats always a plus. im sure ill get the unicorn kit in the future for modding ^^

    • This is Mac suit haha 😀 Its always standing up…..can’t stop staring…. lol….. maybe to stab the enemies with it!!

      Woot now you are in the modding mentality already haha!!! Next Kabuto Unicorn perhaps 😀 Make like a series of gundam mask riders.

    • Haha nah too eager to pose…no time for editing that in!! Trying it out with just one light from the side of my store room 😀

  2. Oh no, u break my record. The most I did is QC in restaurant, now u build the whole gunpla in MCD! Is there any kid near by ask their parent “Mama I want that happy meal toy” XD

    But it is really a sexy kit 😀

    • Haha well next time we can do groupbuild together again ^^ For the record i usually do snap fitting outdoors. I even allow some kids to play with it for a while haha. I did get kids asking me where to get 😀

      Sexy is sexy 🙂 Can’t wait for the commander to come then i’ll have army of jegans and rezels to fight kshatriya!

  3. Man I plan to get all the unicorn HGUC line >.> They all look awesome! I can’t wait once they release a HGUC or MG of the Jesta! Those are the ones I’m really looking forward to ^^

    • MG Jesta *_* that will be like show me the hobby shop!!!! So far everything is looking very good for unicorn, solid anime, awesome fight scenes and best of all very nice looking kits!!

      Now awaiting for the red one to come hehe 😀

    • Haha not really ninja 😀 I build in plain sight of others at macdonalds lol ^^

      Yes, the middle unused stabbing erected crotch!!! haha!!!

    • Haha well this is the normal one ^^ Will get commander to pair this up and then reenact Kshatriya fight scene 😀

      Hehe well now i have 2 for the kill 😀

  4. @chubby I don’t mind have multiple kits for grunts unit if I display 3-5 OO gundam or multiple exia that’s what I called weird O_O

  5. Haha well if the kit is nice grunt or no grunt i’ll still display them 😀 But in a fight scene yep i’ll only stick to one main mech ^^

  6. Whoo, looks awesome. I might make an exception to my no grunts rule. might.
    What I never got was snap fitting first though. Why do people build the kit doing only minimal work on the pieces, then take it all apart to clean up/paint/ink, then build it again? Seemed a little redundant to me :/

    And the Methuss had a similar crotch piece, no? I’m guessing since the ReZEL incorporates designs from that and the Zeta…

    • Ah thanks for the heads up on Methuss! One of those designs that I didn’t really fancy, probably that is why I never realized its from there till you pointed it out!

      Oh with regards to snap fitting I do this to decide where to remove the seamlines, what mods required and also to get a feel of the kit. Its much easier to ‘see’ the mods when I have the assembled kit in front of me rather than by individual parts ^^ Its just a habit of mine haha but I know a few who also do the same like DC23 (check out his blog really nice stuff!)

  7. Wow! You already got Rezel kits and managed to speedily snap it even when you are at Mac! Rezel really awesome! I thought the protruding hook or crotch is manned to carry weapon…..errrrrrr…..errrrrrrr…..no sure about that……

    • Haha well couldn’t resist man ^^ Such a sexy kit must at least be snapfitted 😀 Note I only took coffee at mac no fries or burgers haha!!

      Oh is it..that reminds me of EX-S gundam, its cannon was held at the crotch area too!

  8. ah yes! I was also so tempted to get one when I saw the rezel at HAG. Looks like they topcoated it, so it looks even nicer.

    Uhhhh chubb stop this poison……..I have to be patient and wait for the commander type 😀

    oh yeah, yesterday I went to china square, and there was gunpla sale at toyntoys. Hguc unicorn mode for 20sgd.

    • Partly also one of the reason why I got this kit…the display set is so tempting 😀 Don’t worry we can go down hag and get the commander and stark jegan together haha!! The poison will not stop hehe!!! Moar to come!!!

      What $20!!!! That is crazy!!! Will go down tomorrow and take a look 😀

        • But $20 is like fire sale price…some more its such a new kit…not like some gundam destiny hgs. Hmm maybe go down after work tomorrow 😀

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