1/144 HGUC Jegan – Completed

This is the photoshoot for my 1/144 HGUC Jegan after a round of topcoat together with Kshatriya. Enjoy some minty green photography ^^

Apologies on the posing though, realized I wasn’t very creative with the shots that night! Taking photos of kshatriya and Jegan together on the same night must have squeezed my brain juice dry that night!!! I’ll try to get full body shots next time and change up the angle and lighting direction!! Gomen!

Till the next post!


51 thoughts on “1/144 HGUC Jegan – Completed

  1. Cool, even with only the top coat it still looks good.
    You can try to make the missile shooting stance or the saber piercing move next time.

    (must get yellow markers…)

    • Makes it less shiny green man 😀

      Argh how can i forget the missile shooting stance!!! ok jotting that down on my list of must do poses!!

  2. I saw this and the one from the previous post. This robot is very nice. It looks like a gundam too. It is a gunpla too? What is HGUC man?. Also, the previous Kshatriya, a gunpla too?

    Gosh… now I’m bombarding you with questions already… 😉

    • Oh yes its from the same series 😀 HGUC stands for High Grade Universal Century, its quite a good line under Bandai, I highly recommend anyone who is starting out on gunpla to get model kits from there ^^. The Jegan is like a soldier unit and Gundams are like the generals ^^ Often the gundam is the prototype model and then later reproduced into units like the Jegan under mass production. That is why you will see the resemblance!

      Ah Kshatriya is also a model kit haha! Feel free to bombard, more than happy to ‘poison’ you with model kits hehe!!

  3. Ah, a Jegan. but I don’t really like all MS other than Gundam ones.

    hguc means the kit is from uc timeline, the one from Gundam (1st one) to somewhere after Char’s Counterattack, then the line comes to ce like 00 gundam the latest. Unicorn is the continuation of uc timeline, that’s why we saw the very different character artworks.

    Kshatriya is also a gunpla, even though it’s not Gundam. It’s just a MS (Mobile Suit). Gundam has the resemblance features, mostly the face.

    • Ah so you prefer the main character ms i see 😀 There is something about grunt units that I like, zaku, tierens, Jegans, GMs ^^ Char’s counterattack was a fantastic movie. But looks like unicorn will top that soon if all the series are like ep1 😀

  4. Heh thanks! Oh a lot of my favorites are from UC timeline, Jesta, GM, the classic Zaku, RX78, Jegan and Kshatriya….so many good designs from those eras.

    Top coat is a must for straight builds!

    • Lol mint ice cream 😀 Want some toppings to go along mate haha!

      Thanks!! Jegan was much easier to photoshoot haha…so much easier that Kshatriya!!!

    • This is a simple straight build. In fact i finished build this kit months before but just that I was lazy to do the top coating till I got the mood!

      Yours are works are master pieces, definitely will take a lot more time than mine!! 🙂

    • Fwah on my you got the RD Stark Jegan on your list. Nice man 😀 Waiting for the kit version to arrive along with another Jegan to reenact the first fight scene haha!!

      Green is my favorite color by the way ^^ Thanks for the compliments Dennis 🙂

  5. The Jegan’s pretty cool, but I’d much prefer the ReZEL. Of course, like everyone else the one I’m really waiting for is the Banshee. But first I need to see how its pilots go. If that Riddhe guy does stupid things with it, I’m not getting it :/…

    • I still looking for marida role in unicorn series. I can find chapter translation for marida past if you are interested for marida past(e-mail will be send)
      yes she won’t die at least even in the bitter end
      that’s what I know still looking for info why riddhee assign for banshee but most likely marida have mentally collapsed use NT-D @_@

    • @ Ningyo I just got the rezel and just snap fitted the kit hehe so wait for a small preview on that tonight ^^. Ah Banshee!! But that is an interesting way of deciding whether to buy a kit. So you base your decision on how the pilot acts.

      For me its the aesthetics and design of the mobile suit that determines whether i get the kit. Having an awesome episode 1 of unicorn does make it easier to get the kits from the Unicorn series 😀

    • Ah thanks! I did this together with the Kshatriya so I did do a rush job on the photoshoot for the Jegan ^^;;

      And cleaning up and choosing the photos is another long round of editing!!

  6. chubb is fired up by unicorn gundam eps 1
    will do photoshoot for unicorn destroy? hahaha

    btw nub marks still visible chubb
    maybe you forgot to sand 😀

    • What was I watching when I was doing this kit lol…..

      Nah its a straight build so I try to minimize sanding. Must be the photos too close up lol!! Show all the defects!!!

  7. Jegan looks good with a flat coat. I saw a few pictures of the Stark Jegan and thats like the ultimate Jegan! 😀
    ps. I’ve added you to my blog roll. also made a banner for myself. 😉

  8. Nice build! I should get myself a flat coat too… 😀 btw I thought u will wait for Stark Jegan since it is full armored.

    I’m waitting for rezel commander unit. need to cut down on toy expenses.

    • Oh Jegan I got it last year way before unicorn came out 😀 Stark Jegan will be a get too ^^ Flat coat is nice really must try haha!

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