Kshatriya Completed

Finally with some spare time today I finally top coated Kshatriya πŸ˜€ Now onward with her photoshoot proper to complete her!! Very fitting to tie in with Gundam Unicron Episode 1 debut haha ^^

Hope you guys enjoy this little photoshoot ^^ Its my favorite part after finishing the kit!!


70 thoughts on “Kshatriya Completed

  1. OMG! Awesome..
    I want a MG of this..
    but well this is the plus of HG eh? MG should be satisfied by the Sinanju..
    but a HG Sinanju in a near future? oh no..

    btw Awesome job chubbs.. but yet.. I want that thing…
    not getting the ReZel eh?

    • Haha HG Sinanju will be release, its only a matter of time πŸ˜€ Thanks man, nah i won’t be getting rezel as of yet….back logs to clear man πŸ˜€

  2. Cool, you’re finally done with the Kshatriya! It looks great, good job! *thumbs up*

    I really do want to get this one too but might be a long way away before then as other HGs are taking my interest currently. XP

    • Thanks dude ^^ Been putting off his top coat for a long time haha! With bandai’s latest platter of release I can understand. Very very spoiled for choices!!!

    • Haha you’ll be surprised, I only use a quarter of a can to not only top coat kshatriya but also enough to go through a HG Jegan twice!!!

  3. Nice finish chubbybots. Very anime accurate I like it. I’ll have my Kshatriya posted soon. just waiting for a sunny day, (It’s snowing at the moment :() to take photos. Very clean build well done :).

    • Heh thank you!! Wow snowing? If i had a chance i’ll love to take some photographs of figures in snow haha. But sunny days are the best for photography.

      Oh thought you were working on your megaman haha πŸ˜€ So a secret Kshatriya build! Can’t wait to see what you come up with ^^

      • lol no no, I’ve already finished all thoughs models I’m just photographing them in order. I will have all of them included in my blogs later updates but I’m wating for good weather to take photographs. Lol snow is fun but its rubish to take photos in!

        It wasn’t secret as I’d already included it in my “Models Yet To Come” section of my blog. Infact It’s the next section of my blog! :)! I’m just waiting for a good day to photograph them. Thats all.

        • Ah my bad!! Sorry I didn’t see that section at the top!! Now I
          know πŸ˜€

          Photographing the finish kit is one of my favorite part of the hobby ^^ Hope more sunny days for you my friend!

  4. Hoho, yes.
    Beautiful. How’d you make the body’s dark green, chubbs? I need to figure that out soon too >.>
    If only it had an openable cockpit with a tiny Marida. Oh well, there’ll be a possible MG for that. Then it’ll be time for me to milk dry the wallet again.

    • Heh thanks! Oh actually its the default plastic green. All I did was gave it a flat coat to make it less shiny ^^. I think also it has to do with the lighting giving it a darker tone.

      Haha openable cockpit πŸ˜€ An MG will be huge!!! By with bandai’s latest releases my wallet will be dead even before they release an MG version of this beast!!

  5. Nice timing! After watching UC, I find myself more and more taken in by Kshatriya. XD It looks awesome!! Neat job on painting the symbols.

    • Couldn’t have pick a perfect time to post this πŸ˜€ Add more poisonous stuffs to your bandai collection ^^

      Ah looks like this series is starting on a good note! Thanks for the compliments!

  6. great, but I don’t really like using Kshatriya whenever I play Gundam vs Gundam Next + in PSP. her “wing” completely block my view, so I couldn’t do much meele attacks.

    Funnel fights are only powerful in anime, in games there are useless again veteran player.

    • Hmm interestingly, her side binders or wings actually blocked out quite a fair bit of the lighting. Gave quite a lot of problem during the photography session!

      Ah I haven’t play Gundam vs Gundam before. Hows the game so far in your opinion?

    • A lacquer top coat does wonders man πŸ˜€ Makes the kit look painted!…hmm now about that hot pilot in tight bike shorts…..


  7. Chubby… can you do me a favor… please visit my blog and see if only 3 post appear?

    I do not made any changes on my template and settings but suddenly it become like that.

    I don’t know if you see the same or is it normal as always…

    I think something is wrong… which is why I still hesitate to do any update now…

    Thanks for your help….

    David John

    • Ah david, I visited your blog and indeed the first page is 3 post. But however when I click to see the previous 4 post (close to the home link) it will display 4 post. Try posting a new post and I think it will reset your first page to 4 posts again.

      Sorry for the late reply man, just got back from selecting wedding photos!!

      • Leon, Chubby – Thanks a lot for willing to spent some of your precious time to view my site…. yeah I will try to fix this ASAP.

        Really appreciate it… will treat you for lunch again next time… I would love to go to that Japanese food court with unlimited drinks – the last place we’ve been to last time hahahaha….

        • Heh man don’t mention it!! Hope you are able to get it fixed soon!!!

          Haha no problem ^^ when you come we can go there and enjoy the unlimited drinks once more. Cheers man πŸ˜€

    • Heh thanks!! This was taken with the new lamp in my room πŸ˜€ The first episode was just awesome!!!

      Now for the long wait b4 ep2!!

    • Haha thanks dude! No i only painted some parts of it like gold for the thrusters and metallic red for certain parts. The white was also done using white gundam marker.

      And this is the magical effect of a lacquer top coat on bare plastic!! Makes it look painted πŸ˜€ (very good for lazy ppl like me haha!)

  8. Ohoho, the green monster is completed!!
    Looks very neat chubb πŸ˜€ Not going to panel the lines on the white shoulder?

    Marida and ksatria is awesome in the OVA. But surprisingly a cannon from Lotto pilot can jam the system. That’s universal century goodness ^^

  9. Haha well that is UC for us haha!! Even a ball can pawn a zaku ^^

    Actually I did panel line but very lightly in grey…must be the lighting!!

  10. Looks nice with a topcoat! I’ve heard many modelers complain that getting this thing in frame is a headache or you have to shoot from a greater distance. I’d love to see a ‘full burst mode’ of this one πŸ˜›

    • Ah yes indeed! Trying to properly frame this kit is a problem due to its size. The photo must capture both the size and might of Kshatriya!! Probably I’ll need a longer lens to do something like that haha!!

      Too bad they don’t give clear rods to fit in all the funnels!! would be awesome if they did that πŸ˜€

  11. Very nice details with the white marker. It has been a while since I built anything. I used to use a fine tip sharpie to accent the armor plates. Really made it stand out then.

    Nice set of shots as well in showing the details

    • Heh thanks for the compliments πŸ˜€ The white portion took a fair bit of my time to get it right but I am glad it turned out well for the Kshatriya. Had to do it really patiently!!

      Glad you like the photos too. πŸ™‚

  12. I really love your photoshoots. They’re high quality, beautiful, and really interesting composition/ angles.
    Anyway, Kshatriya looks really cool!

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