Back with new loot(s)….

It is only upon taking a break, I realized how much I missed blogging!! Even when I am taking doing research for my house at Ikea, I am still thinking of what to post when I come back. Well so much for the hiatus lol!!! And I got somethings along the way…. hehe…

A new lamp from Ikea for a mere $15 ^^ (Note light bulb brought separately!!)

It can be raised up and down, side to side.

Attaches to the table by a means of a clamp. Nice! Now for some test shots πŸ˜€ (switches off the kitchen lights…)

Lighting from the top at an angle.

To erase some of the shadows, I used the shiny side of the Tamiya pla plate as a reflector.

Now I lower the lighting to shoot by the side. Drossel finger!!

Also tested out with saber ^^

Well that is all for the test ^^ I might get another set of lighting for future shots!! I am happy to say that for the past few days, I have avoided more fried stuff and had plenty of vegetables. Added in jogging time and weight lifting time (I have a couple of dumbbells from my army days ^^) after work and I am happy that things are beginning to take some semblance of balance. What I had to give up was gunpla time during the weekdays. Too tired to think about modding and sanding after all that jog. But at least I still have my nendos for photo taking ^^. Looks like i’ll be shooting stuff for the next few days and coming up with gunpla during the weekends. And looks like I have lots of reading to catch up on!!!

Well till the next post…..

Ps : A really big thanks for all those encouraging words!!! Really spurred me on to succeed this time!! Thank you!!

62 thoughts on “Back with new loot(s)….

  1. I had a suspicious feeling you’d be back soon! Muhahaha πŸ˜€
    Nice shots and lighting, I need to pay a visit to Ikea this weekend, they’ve got a sale on 2009 items πŸ˜‰

    • Haha how true you feelings were man ^^ Thanks!!! I love this new lighting equipment!! Now I can do nicer shots even at night ^^ The sale is over for us here unfortunately!!!

    • Haha well I drove to the one at Tampines ^^ Just a 15 minutes drive from where I stay. Somehow I just can’t keep of even for a week lol πŸ˜€ Just loved posting stuff!

  2. Welcome back! and that was fast! lol.. nice lamp.. I need to get one soon too lolz

    Poisonous Nendo Drossel is poisonous πŸ˜›

    Saber is beautiful as alwasy..

    Nice photoshot too ^^

    • Haha….well kinda short break lol!!! Oh this lighting is very nice πŸ˜€ Must get!! I commented on your GNX lol…luckily I got my nendo shield up!!! That long rife is dangerous!! Thanks for the compliments!

    • Ah the brand is called Tertial πŸ˜€ My previous one also let me down luckily managed to grab this during the weekend!!! Just for your info the light bulb that I bought on the same shelf with the lamp is gives off a warm color instead of day light white!

  3. welcome back!! Okaeri! haha.. yea… i had lotsa thinking done when i was in ikea too.. an empty room is hard to plan, let alone a whole house! my room is slowly taking ‘shape’ too.. you can be good frens with my room! haha! XD all the best chubbs! you can do it! im doing it in camp too. lolx. =D

    ren: nice nendoss… ^^

    • Heh man same to you πŸ˜€ I took some shots in on my trip to ikea, helped a lot in the planning. If you want I can email them to you. It doesn’t help when they have so many nice designs!! Tough choices man tough choices!!

      Thanks! But you are still in camp?! O_O thought you were out already!

      • haha.. its okay! i took some shots too! haha. always good to plan.. i even drew and brought my room’s floor plan to ikea.. haha. ya.. its like your room is nv enuff to put all their nice designs..

        yes chubbs.. im still in camp.. T.T for the next 1yrs plus actually… OTL haha. jus waiting for my posting now. so i hope i can more free time. =X oops. i jus revealed my rough estimate age! haha..

        • What oh my still in camp!! Ah I see I see ^^ So roughly can figure you age already haha. Hope you get a nice posting. I was a combat engineer back then and then got posted to logistics πŸ˜€ 1 year is quite fast. Thank goodness it is not like mine…i was fat so I had to enlist earlier sobz…

          Its always good to plan things out ^^ So many nice designs I want to incorporate for my home!!

  4. Nice photos man…your test shots looks better than my final shots.hehe. Good luck with the fat trimming sked bro, I also have cut on Gunpla during weekdays since January, that is why I am slower in building Gunpla this year than last year.:)

    • Haha thanks a lot bro for the kind words!! We both need a little slimming before posting actual pictures of ourselves haha! Same for me too on the gunpla part! I turn more to photography and exercising during weekdays instead. But still your one day of gunpla = to my 2 weeks!!! Your speed is too fast lol!!

  5. you missed blogging and blogging missed you lol cool new lamp, the table clamps are quite neat! i like the results you get from it too, nice dramatic and dynamic feeling shots ^^ also glad to hear your fried food shields are up and functional!

    you got Chiaki XD awesomeness, her crying face alone is just fantastic!! congrats on the nice get and now that makes 2 little teddy bears in your collection lol

    • Haha couldn’t have said it better myself ^^ Actually is it more of missing you guys!! Oh I love that clamp feature, it even comes with four holds that I can mount it by screw drivers if I ever want to fix it in place. Still learning how to play with the lighting πŸ˜€ I need very thick fried food shields!!!

      Yes another one that noticed! Couldn’t resist her teddy bear!! Just the bear and the crying face makes this get worth it πŸ˜€ Just hope eins doesn’t fight with her over the teddy bear lol πŸ˜›

  6. Okaeriinasai Chubs.

    the lamp is good, I currently trying to find some new lights and backdrops for me too, realize at Z (gunpla inochi)’ s post that my photography lacks quality >_<

    • heh thanks!! The lamp is useful for me cos most of the time i can only shoot at night. And the lights in the kitchen are too harsh for the models. Plus I don’t like using light boxes so this will be an alternative currently ^^. The thing about photography is just like gunpla, just keep doing it and you’ll get better in no time I am sure!! i remember my first few pictures were terrible lol and they were very embarrassing!

    • Lol….I ate quite a fair bit of words, luckily they are not high on calorie count!! Haha I thought the teddy bear was a dead giveaway!!! Maybe should have rendered it in the photo original color instead of black and white ^^;;

      Words nom nom…words nom…

    • Oh you might want to get at least 2! I’ll be getting another one to light up the other side. At least now I don’t have to be dependent on the sun for my light source πŸ˜€

  7. nice loot. when you want to buy light bulb, remember to buy the compact fluorescent bulb with cool light. It is so much brighter than normal bulb. Use a thin tracking paper and wrap around the light bulb will give softer lights too πŸ˜€

    • Thanks for the tip!! Actually for this shoot I was a piece of tissue paper and warp around the lamp. What voltage you recommend for the blub?? Hmm tracking paper lol…..hmm what went through your mind when you said that lol!!! You are right about the soft lights! At least with this wrapping I can skip building a light box!

  8. Hahaha, welcome back, bro, even though it is just only a short period. XD
    Congrats to get a new lamp too, I always want to get one so that I can play with light magic in my toy photo shooting, but the price just too high here…… T_T

    • heh thanks for the welcome bro πŸ˜€ Ya its a bit short i got to admit lol!!! I love playing with lights too for photography! Really adds another dimension to our figures!! How much does a similiar lamp like mine cost over in Malaysia?

    • Heh thanks for visiting!! I read about your melisa nendoroid situation. I used Tamiya Thin Cement for the broken parts of my nendo. Works pretty well but will have a slight seamline there. But it beats having the part broken. I commented on your blog so take a look ^^ Good to know another nendoroid collector!

  9. Your rest was short timed… not easy to refrain from blogging isn’t it ? πŸ˜› πŸ˜‰ Welcome back!
    Great buying this lamp. I have almost the same. It’s flexibility is handy to play with light.

    • Haha well kinda short but a nice little break helps a lot!! And yes like you I think about my blog a lot haha πŸ˜€ I really like the flexible portion, I can change the setup to various positions and sketch with different lighting ^^

  10. Ahh, this reminds me to get a new lamp…
    have you try to filter the light using a piece of paper, usually it creates a more softer effect on the light (but it’s personal preferences, you might like or not like it :D)

    • Ah cool. Thanks for that suggestion ^^ I’ll give it a try next round. I did wrap a bit of tissue paper around the lamp for this shooting. Its good to experiment with different stuff! I’ll probably do one for my kshatriya after I give her a nice top coat πŸ˜€ See how it goes from there ^^.

  11. Hey, welcome back. nice loot there. Still thinking wanna get another one for photo shooting purposes, cause i already have one, same as yours.

    Wanted to modify the lighting to an adjustable one, so can control the brightness.. but cannot.. only halogen lamp can be control the brightness.. T_T

    • Heh thanks! Cool to know you have the same one as me. I’ll be getting another one too to even out the lighting or else use a make shift reflector to get more light on the other side.

      Ah actually for brightness wise I control it using the camera’s shutter speed. If I find its too bright I tune down the shutter speed to like less then a second. If not I shine the light onto a shiny white surface like the back of a pla plate instead of directly at the figure to adjust the lighting.

      • Another reason why i wanna get, it’s because it’s cheap and the old school design, even since i promise myself when i have my own table, i wanna get this kind of table lamp.

        I was so extremely excited when i first spotted at local ikea shop(Brunei).

        Agree with you “Lighting is always one of the biggest issues with figure photography.” i play DSLR already 2 year, still poor in lighting T_T (i think i know my reason.. Lazy… haha)

        • I did like the design πŸ˜€ Like you said old school ^^

          Sometimes when it comes to a simple good shot lots of set up required for a nice lighting!! And after setting everything up you still have to take several shots to pick the best one…its a tiring process so yes sometimes we do get lazy once in a while lol XD

  12. Glad to have you back…. is been to long since you were away!

    Nice lamp. I am still having a hard time getting the right light to take nice photo of my gundams…. or maybe my camera just sux….

    Keep posting.

    • Haha well not really that long lol! Thanks ^^ Lighting is always one of the biggest issues with figure photography. Most of the time if I don’t have a good light source i’ll have to make do with either sunlight which only will be limited to weekends or using the rooms lighting which can be too harsh for photography.

      But heh you got great photos with your neue ziel πŸ˜€ What is your current camera by the way?

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