Taking a short break

Your resident editor, photographer, gunpla maker, design and nendo fixated writer of the Toy Room will be taking a short break to recharge his brain juices and working out real life issues. I can’t give a definite time as to when I’ll be back ^^. And even if I do post, it won’t be as frequent as it was in the past!

Also currently I have housing renovations and a wedding to handle so that will have to take precedence over everything. I also have the issue of an ever growing midsection that needs to be tackled…in fact my first few posts was actually on my weight lol….so that means swapping gunpla time for more exercise time. I have been spending too much time online and that too has to change! Needs some semblance of balance!

So I promise to be back ‘slimmer’ and better haha!! Also ponder the mysteries of future nendo loots, stash clearing and gunpla modding.

Till the next post and have a great weekend ahead ^^


68 thoughts on “Taking a short break

  1. Ah that exercising thing…I should do more of it too. I’ll start!! …on Saturday! =D And ponder the mysteries of future nendo loot…sounds deep. Maybe a guru on a faraway mountain can help you find The Answer. Free exercise in the form of mountain climbing included!

    All the best with the real life stuff! Hope everything goes smoothly for you. xD

    • Ah exercise is definitely needed for me…I used to weight like 70 now i balloon up to like 85kg…..thats no good….or else i’ll really look like a lifesize nendo!!! Haha good to know that you are doing it too!

      Hmm mountain climbing in search of answer lol!!! Just like in those old chinese kungfu movies! 😀

  2. Must be very tired to take up so many posts running the blog. Hee! Hee! I’ll await for your return and wish you all the best in the tasks you need to focus on. Be back a lean mean fighting machine

    • Haha well we are the captains, pilots, maintainence crew of our blogs 😀 Thank you Dennis ^^ I’ll confirm be back as a mean fighting machine….but as for the lean…that will be a big question mark lol!!

    • Heh thanks bro 😀 Haha hopefully when i reach fatherhood can achieve something like you! Able to do model and still take care of the kids!

  3. time for you to go through some of Mari-tan’s training, that should kick up a nice sweat and get you in top notch shape in no time! Lol those are very important matter at hand, give it your all dude ^_^

    housing reno = more space for epic figure stories!
    wedding plans = nendo bridesmaids?!

    • Nendo bridesmaid lol 😀 That will be a cool idea though haha ^^

      I think i won’t be able to survive Mari-tan both physically and mentally!!! All those expletives will kill me haha!!! As for more spaces hehe, I do have a dedicated corner for my collection 😀
      But that is also another WIP!!!!

      Thank you bro ^^ I’ll still be on the look out for any for your saber lion post haha 😀 Gao Gao!

  4. Hmm chubby I guess after awhile you can change your name,nice to hear your really taking it seriously unlike me,maybe your bribe would be surprise on how much you slim down.

    • Lol, nah i’ll still keep the chubby name ^^ Kinda like it 😀

      Nah my bride is betting I would fail haha!!! So i have to prove her wrong!!!

  5. Wedding bells are ringing “Dong Dong Dong”!

    sometimes, i find myself drifting off from gunpla then the passion all comes back all of a sudden! Who knows, maybe you might get even more-fired up after your leave of absence!

    • Thanks nidhoggr 😀 Ah I do have that moments too!! Sometimes I don’t feel like posting anything and after a short 1 – 2 days break I get all fired up to do gunpla again!

      Thanks for reminding me of that!

    • Haha if i succeed i’ll share the secret! If I fail I won’t be posting that here lol 😀 Hmm looks like I can get sponsorship for silmming center here haha!! So many people need exercise!!

      Thanks again man!

  6. It’s sometimes needed to take a break, i know what it is.
    Take this opportunity to do your home work at your own pace and refill your batteries.
    About overweight i was just thinking about the same…. staying in front of a computer all day is bad for curves. ^^
    See you very soon! I’ll miss you 😦

    • Ah Lyli! Thank you ^^ Don’t worry i’ll still be around visiting your blog 😀 Kind of like taking the ‘take a break’ baton from you after your short hiatus! Hopefully I can come up with new things to post after the break!!

      you are right about the curves!! Especially the midsection ones are terrible lol!

  7. Eat too much during CNY time? 😛 Anyway health is important, my weight dropped3kg during CNY period, need to cut more fats XD.

    Don’t worry, we will continue to support you even you post less frequent 😀

    • Wah!!! Man your weight dropped!!! Yep I ate too much muah chee 😀 My mom is a fantastic cook ^^

      Thanks a lot for the support!

  8. Real life is more important than cyber life. Hope you get time to tackle all your tasks and get refreshed.
    All the best! Skinnybots 🙂

  9. Take care of yourself. Good luck with your house, i know it’s a lot of work.
    Don’t give up on doing some exercises, it’s very hard to do sports and loose weight 😦 especially when you love to eat …

    • Thanks a lot ^^ You are very right about the eating part lol!!! I love the eat but loath exercise…..terrible combination for me to be in right now!!!

  10. Go go go! Glory and victory to you. Yours is the drill that will-

    Good luck ^^ Yep, taking a break and focusing on other matters is important as well. Maybe I should follow suit sometime. And wow, your first sentence there made me realize what a jack of all trades you are 😀

    • That will pierce my roof 😀 Lol hope that doesn’t happen ^^

      Thank you!! Taking a break is good once in a while. 😀 Realized I haven’t took one for a pretty long time!! Haha well aren’t we all a jack of all trades when it comes to our blog ^^ We are all editors, photographers, writers lol…all necessary roles to make our blogs alive! 😀

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