Before Origins….

Mari detects a faint energy signature on her radar scans. Sensing something is amiss, she goes on a reconnaissance mission with Jegan.

Mari stops in her tracks…and spots something soft and white on the ground…

The sounds of Angel….faint….but alive…

Till the next post!!

Note : This back story takes place beforeΒ  Drossel’s Origin and after the Corruption Story for those new to my storylines ^^. Also this is my first time taking my figure stories outdoors. Hope I have more opportunity to do so next weekend!


39 thoughts on “Before Origins….

  1. A good thing that the Jegan’s sensor range is quite long (at 19km).

    Nice park, it is a park you’re at when doing this, right? Outdoor shooting gives one a h\whole new perspective of choosing an angle. πŸ˜€

    • Haha I have to thank rockleelotus for helping me tie the ends for the stories too! Actually this post was based on so many ppl here wanting to bring back angel or least know that little guy is okay πŸ˜€

      But yes, my grand plan is to link everything up ^^

    • All along it is a big story arc that will eventually link all my current or future nendos in one big story ^^ Fighting will be in lol πŸ˜€ I love action!

    • Haha lol nice way to put it leon πŸ˜€ Fallen Angel!!! It is taken at my front garden ^^ Quite a nice place for photoshoots!

  2. even angels need saving or maybe Mari found her lunch!! dun dun dun lol awesome job on your first outdoor figure story chubbs! you picked great spot, the plants look to scale as a forest.

    im loving the idea you had to these coming up parts, cant wait to see how you film the rest ^_^

    • Without you to tie the ends I wouldn’t be able to do this πŸ˜€ Well its a long journey from my table to the garden lol ^^ I loved using that spot!! Will mark it as forest one for future shoots ^^ Maybe have a forest war in there sometime!!

      thanks man!! I think if you are here with your yoko and saber gao gao will be even more fun in the forest lol…maybe a nagi being surprised shot !!!

    • Thanks!!! Outdoors are very nice for photoshooting!! But too bad I won’t have much chance when work resumes after the holidays! It will be back to evenings on the table!!

    • Thank you!! Haha its a long series of stories that I am collaborating with rockleelotus ^^ You are right about the foul language lol haven’t had her spout that for sometime already! Then again I don’t think i’ll want to put in racists and foul language on my blog too much ^^ I have a few younger readers here hehe ^^ (points to moe….yohoo!!)

  3. The idea to connect the 2 other story with this one is excellent! You’re great Chubby and as usual you can always made us expect what’s is going to happen next.
    Bravo for your first outdoor photos, it’s a success πŸ˜‰

    • Thanks πŸ˜€ Its also to let everyone know that Angel is still well and alive haha ^^ I have this idea of linking all my nendos in one big story!

      If there are more opportunities i’ll definitely bring my figures for more outdoor shots!!

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