Geara Zulu – Prebuild thoughts

Snap fitted no 38th of my stash the HGUC Geara Zulu ^^. As a owner of the Geara Doga which the Geara Zulu is based upon, I am very much impressed by some of it features over its predecessor. Just sharing some of my thoughts about this kit ^^.

What I love about the weapons for the Geara and also for recent HGUC releases is the slot in the hand which allows the weapon to be held tightly. No more weapons stuff dropping out!

A first that I have seen for shoulder armors. C joints!!With C joints, that means I can remove the seamline on the shoulder armor and then reinsert it in after the removal! Also one less mod to be done ^^

Also a very much improved color separation from its predecessor. The yellow parts and grey parts used to be molded together in the Geara Doga but for the Geara Zulu…

Awesome part separation ^^ Less masking work!!!

Also tons of weapons….so many for a single grunt unit….(the other one I can think of is the HGUC Kampfer)

Pistol and rifle…

You can even combine them!

Even comes with a utility belt where you can put all the weapons neatly behind his back

Also in comparison with its fellow Zeon counter part the Kshatriya its quite tall too!!

The Geara Zulu is another wonderful addition to the HGUC Series ^^ From my standpoint , I appreciate all the little engineering improvements that results in saving more time for the modeler. Decent parts separation, lots of weapons and even C joints included! As currently I have quite a huge stash unfortunately I won’t be acquiring other kits as of this moment. But I just had to pick this up. For some inexplicable reason there is this appeal about grunt units like the Jegan, Zaku, Geara and Tierens that I like. I can’t really put a clear reason to it haha. Maybe they are more realistic in some ways…there is something sexy about seeing Graham pwn Gundam Throne Eins in a Flag….

Till the next grunt!!


70 thoughts on “Geara Zulu – Prebuild thoughts

  1. Coo… Impressive grunt unit, if I must say. C joint. LoL. A lot of HK and Taiwan modelers had done that for their kits, so now Bandai FINALLY approves it.

    • Haha well I appreciate the little things that they do for this kit in the engineering department (kotobukiya are you reading this?!) One less mod means more time for other stuff!! A very much wanted time saver that I appreciate them for putting them in ^^

    • Haha its actually about as tall as one of its side binders actually ^^ woah…do i sense a bit of poison in your faddy šŸ˜€ come give the helmet a nice rub and the pistol a try uguuuuu…..

  2. YES! Finally seeing a direct write-up of the model! Really helps alot! Took me sometime to get used to it, but the nazi-style gas mask was just too irresistible!

    Now if Bandai would release Angelo Sauper’s unit with that OMG gun!

  3. I remember when i was first looking at this kit at hobbysearch the most prominent thought that ran through my head at that time was that if this was the grunt unit then what did the special operations one look like :0

    • Haha I do have the hobby mag picture of that special ops version ^^ I’ll show it in a future post so keep a look out for it šŸ˜€

  4. ahh this is not the same kind of “C” like in Tako-chan’s story is it? šŸ˜›

    this “C” must stand for “Cool!” lol seeing Geara Zulu always reminds me of Jin Roh, both of which ive only seen images of. nice how the parts are made to attach, less stress moar fun! ^^

    • Haha nope!! this ain’t Tako’s mysterious C!!! Cool stuff you are right man!!! Oh Jin Roh!! thanks for reminding me of that!! I was thinking where have i seen this helmet design before!! This will make an excellent addition to your zeon mech collection my good friend ^^. Less stress moar fun gao gao!! šŸ™‚

  5. Looks like these grunts are finally succumbing to more dakka. Especially got a good lol over the combining pistol and rifle – I don’t catch the logic of doing that at all, unless it’s only for storage. Then again, in Japan, combining your weapons makes them stronger.
    I made a rule never to build grunt suits in my childhood (I don’t build weaklings), which has stuck with me until now. I am impatiently waiting for the MG Kshatriya. Unless it’s already out. If so I’ll need to throw myself off a high place.

    • Dakka? Combination you mean. In super sentai or kamen rider adding more weapons make for a very nice power up! I think in this case it is more for ease of storage I think. Interesting rule ^^ For me, it has to be the design of the kit that appeals to me in the first place. That will the precedence over the story line ^^ Probably that is why I can just buy the nendos too without seeing the anime!!! There is a Garage Kit for the 1/100 Kshatriaya that Jacques from has covered in his post!

      This will be the closest thing to the MG me thinks šŸ˜€ Enjoy!

    • Kshatriya is a very huge kit. It is as tall as an MG Exia!!! Some people that I know of who do military kits tend to favor the monoeye grunt types like the tieren, zakus šŸ˜€ Maybe H4mster might like this kit haha ^^

    • Haha thanks šŸ˜€ They are very good friends already ^^ Not too sure if the geara doga still in use during the unicorn series though. Would be awesome to see that old suit in use again!

    • Heh same here man! I like the equipment that comes with the Zakus like bazooka’s, rifles!!! Plus this one has a utility belt that can rival batman!!

    • Oh an MG Kshatriya will be a monster!!! Maybe it will be similar size to a PG box if its gets released!!! thanks!! I’ll be doing something different for the shoulder armor. Want to make a it rough instead of the usual smooth look ^^

      I think pistols will work for the Jegans or GMs šŸ˜€ Close combat usage just in case they lose their main guns ^^. Btw I noticed you only collect MGs so far haha šŸ˜€ Plan to try out any 1/144s ?

      • Yup, only MG’s. I don’t have any plans for HG kits. It would seem strange after doing so many MGs (but certainly cheaper). I really like the detail and articulation of MGs

        Yeah, I could see how pistols could work with those kits. And yeah, haha, MG Kshatriya would definitely be in a PG size box

    • Heh glad you are back man. Know it sounds clique but time will heal all wounds. Hope things will get back to normal for you in due time. šŸ™‚

  6. woot.. Awesome..
    I didn’t know that Geara Zulu has a massive weapon (but none of them are beam type I presume..)
    nice having them chubby.. you can have Kshatriya with a Geara Zulu pawn hahaha..

    • Haha you have quite a number of cool kits man ^^ Grunts being grunts won’t be as popular as the main mechs šŸ˜€ But somehow I just like this. šŸ™‚

  7. i don’t even know that its already released LoL
    maybe this question is a little boring šŸ˜€ how many seamlines? but that C joints is indeed making life easier šŸ˜€

    • Haha C joints really makes it easier to remove the seams ^^ okay for the seams 2 at the legs, 2 at the shoulders and 3 on each of the weapons ^^. Quite low for a 1/144 already !!

    • Oh yes! Quite a lot of other bloggers here have pointed that out šŸ˜€ Just love that militaristic look to it!! Even the grenades and pistols are shaped very much like WWII weapons šŸ˜€

  8. Hmm…I’ve been wondering wether to get this kit as it really does look good next to Kshatriya. I’m not sure though I’m wondering if the Geara Zulu Angelo Custom will ever come out. I prefer that kit much more but then again the plain Geara Zulu is still very nice!

    • Like my fellow blogger moemoekyun would say, patience works best when it comes to purchasing kits from bandai šŸ˜€ Look at gundam 00….all the uber variations came out very late. I don’t think bandai will pass up the chance to release another variant using the same Geara Zulu frame recolored and with an additional frame of parts to make the Angelo Custom šŸ˜€ Which means you can get both the geara zulu normal / angelo custom in one kit instead! (Like exia R2) Then again, for grunts you do need like 2 to 3 of them to make a nice little army haha!! Get both then!! šŸ˜€

    • ah the love of the grunt but the fate of grunts is that they are short lived!!! Maybe mod our own Geara Zulu to fight rezel šŸ˜€

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