Red Frame Reboot

My Red Frame was left in a perpetual abyss ever since last year. Somehow made too many mistakes with it and nearly gave up. But, today, I decided to face it and get over it!

I also will be reworking the weapons and K.I.S, (keeping it simple) this time. I guess it was an issue where I bit of more than I can chew initially and I got burned out with it. Finally I pluck up the courage to reboot this project! Do you guys have any abandon projects or ideas that initially you thought will work but kept putting it off when you realize how big a task it was for your current skills to handle?

Keep the gunpla flame burning!!


62 thoughts on “Red Frame Reboot

  1. Is that a 1/144 HG? I have a Tamiya 1/12 Yamaha kit that I just started but its too much work for me right now so its back in the box. 😦
    ps isnt it supposed to be KISS? (keep it simple stupid)? 😛

    • Ah I haven’t tried a Tamiya kit as for yet, but they sure require a lot of work! This is a 1/100 kit ^^

      So there is one more S behind lol ^^ Thanks for the clarification 😛

        • Woah that is cool! Now all you need is rider with it 😀 How long did you take that to finish?

          By the way, what picture would you like for a banner ^^. Just send me a link for the picture will do 😀

          • Thanks! it took me about a month coz many of the parts are really tiny and I had to wait between coats.
            You mean a banner for my blog on your blog? I’m flattered! I’ll make a banner soon and send it to you, I’m doing some modifications on my page and I’ll add your banner as well 😉

            • Its look almost like the real thing to me!!! I am not surprised at the amount of time but that is one work you should be very proud of!! Haha just send me the banner when ya done ^^ Looking forward to that!! By the way, the banners on my blog are about 180 x 64 pixel size for your info 😀

    • Heh thanks! The main problem were the seamlines and the kit bashed weapons which I had problems with. Also some of the panel lines were badly done back then.

    • yo mate ^^ welcome back!! Long time no see haha 😀 Happy new year to you! Well finally decided to give it a shot again!! We have lots to catch up ^^

  2. getting mad the MG released ^^
    nice mod anyway
    I dunno what I can do with mine -_-
    Happy CNY daddy nendovader 😛 hangbao please ^^

    • Nah I don’t feel anything actually haha ^^ Its the challenge to make it look better that drives me!!

      Happy CNY ^^ Here you go!!

      *passes hongbao to Moe 😀

  3. Hey chubbybots im new to the blogging community , but ive been checking out your blog for a long time and i have to say marvelous job!. I have just completed my first ever gundam fight and if you ever have any spare time would you be as kind as to go check it out. Comments and advice would be very musch appreciated. 🙂

  4. Do you guys have any abandon projects or ideas that initially you thought will work but kept putting it off when you realize how big a task it was for your current skills to handle?

    All the time bro… all the time >.<

    • Lol! Really? Thats tough!!

      For the red frame I wanted initially to make a 7swords version but I realized its actually just looks good with a Kantana ^^ K.I.S.S method according to Mathai 😀

  5. Yess! it finally works!! idid all this because i realized how much more time it takes to put in someones web address as compared to just clicking on a link. Again sorry for apamming your comment box with a whole bunch of useless comments. Hope you have a wonderfull CNY!!!

    • Haha nah its okay^^ I did that too in my initial blogging days 😀 Fast and fat fingers are not a good combination XD.

      Have a wonderful CNY too ^^ Cheers

      Ps : I don’t party that much already ^^ Much of a home guy.

  6. oh the red beast is back! sometimes simple is best, i still liked the ideas you had for him though ^^
    one project i so far abandoned was the mod for my Wing Zero. i was planning to give him an “FFS” = Feather Funnel System Lol it was suppose to be 3-4 funnels shaped liked feathers attached to the underside of each wing but i definitely bit off more than i could chew there with no experience in SB’ing ^^;;

    happy CNY! 😀

    • Well back in time for the New Year in style XD. I try to tweak some of the initial ideas…the mind is willing by the skill is sorely lacking lol….

      Ah I remember you saying doing a mod for your Wing so thats the mod!! FFS sounds like a uber system (as if the wing zero is not good enough already!!!) You are not the only one who chewed plenty ^^ I hate it when a good idea has to go to waste! Hopefully you can revisit that next time in the future!

      Happy CNY to you too man 😀

  7. Well, you can say I have one abandoned project. Not really abandoned per say, it is just that I’ve found out that it was a pretty impossible task (it is one of my crazy ideas actually). XP

    Anyways, it is great to see that you are reviving your Astray project! Can’t wait to see what else you might do to make this one an awesome sight. =D

    • hmm with your uber creativity and drawing I am sure you can make the impossible possible 😀 (sounds very much like a line for gurren lagann :D)

      Thanks!! my initial ideas were twins blades mounted to his sides and the dual swords on his back. But that would meant creating for scratch 4 different pieces….
      I’ll keep it in its original form for now ^^ Concentrate on clearing the basic stuffs like seamlines and panels line b4 i tackle any mods ^^

  8. Im sorry that you werent able to see the fight pictures. Did you by chance click on the gundam brawls page as you would click on the master grade page in Z’s blog ? Unfortunately my blog doesnt give you a page like most other blogs if you put your cursor on the gundam brawl page without clicking on it a banner will fall down and on that banner will be the link to the page with the fight pictures on it. What a confusing blog huh?? 🙂

    • Ah finally I have seen it 😀 My bad for not being able to find the link ^^;; Good job for a first fight!!! I replied on your blog already so take a look!

      Its not confusing just that I am not used to it haha XD

    • Haha the main thing i did were the knees. Those were completely scratched build for pla plates. Other than that nothing much i’ll do for now. 😀

  9. Glad to see the red frame back in the game 😀
    I’ve abandoned my gundam virtue, I did a lot of plaplate modification with it, and suddenly loosing all the mood…will get back to him, that’s for sure, but I ‘don’t know when will it be 😀

    • Thanks man! Ah I know how that feels lol….I have a lot of unfinished but not in the mood to do wips!!! Sometimes taking a break from that project can really help but lol guess i took too long a break from my red frame!!! Hope you can get back to your virtue soon!! Haven’t seen in Gundam from you for quite a while haha!!

    • Red frame has been very popular since its release. Of all the 1/100 skill kits being released this can even beat the current releases…waistless 1/100 gundam 00 cough*

      The weapons I’ll leave them aside. Something about my previous tonfa blades I didn’t like …gonna rework them ^^

  10. That first image is hot. The Astray Red Frame is probably my favorite mobile suit under (or maybe beside) the Qubeley. I’m totally waiting on that next Red Frame MG, that one with the backpack that looks like a crab. It’ll be awesome.

    Unless it’s already out. I’m really bad at keeping up with gunpla, along with other things.

    I used to think he was inking hell though, since his limbs were so bumpy.

    Happy CNY; wishin’ ya good health and fortune.

    • Its hot and smoking haha!!! Oh Qubeley!! Haman’s version??Then you should check out this guys’ evolved version of qubeley

      That MG red frame is on a lot of people’s to get list haha and crab backpack ^^;; The NG 1/100 red frame has quite a fair bit of panel lines to ink. Since limbs actually are quite sleek compared over all with his body in my opinion.

      Happy CNY to you too!!!

      • Yeah, I’ve seen that before somewhere. Seeing guys like that almost makes me want to stop building gunpla altogether since I’ll never manage to near such modeling gods T_T

        • See such work for me gives me lots of inspiration to do something like that one day ^^ But it will be a long journey for me haha!! Do you do straight builds for your kits or do mods plus painting?

    • Nothing like a good bit of red to start the chinese new year!!! Thanks!!! I always favored close combat mechs instead of beam spamming suits haha ^^ With the release of the MG version its popularity is definitely going up ^^ The only exception for long range mechs that I like is Heavy Arms from gundam wing ^^

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