Blog cosmetics

I think some of you might have noticed me tweaking the appearance aspect of my blog these past few hours. Just some minor updates from me in this post ^^

I have been experimenting with Typekit fonts which was an absolutely terrible experience I ended up deleting my account immediately. I had this idea of implementing customized fonts but I could barely read them after changing!!! Grrr can’t even increase the font size unless I have a CSS upgrade…

Also I am adjusting some of picture sizes to directly fit into wordpress dig 3 theme directly without any compression. Realized that scaling the pictures down to the exact width for this theme results in much sharper pictures!!

Sized at 600 x 45o pixel and inserted into post

Same picture but sized at 467 x 350 pixel prior to insertion

Now noticed that there is a subtle difference in the tone and sharpness!!! Slightly less sharp and more darker for the one at the top.

Also I created 2 banners for link exchanges ^^ plus I did a little bit of updates on the banners to reflect more of what I feel about your blogs unique stuff 😀 I have a few more banners that I have yet to update so keep a lookout when you drop by here then next time 😀

Well till the next post!!

75 thoughts on “Blog cosmetics

  1. I haven’t been here long enough to notice the changes it seems D:
    Then again, I probably wouldn’t even if I were. I’m notorious for not noticing things. My friends could come to school bald and I would say something like ‘You look different, but I can’t quite put my finger on it…’

    • Haha true true ^^ Speaking of not noticing things even when my wife dyes her hair, it took a hell lot of hinting for me to notice like…’oh dear, hows my new hair color?’ haha!

  2. Oho. I noticed that you change the blogroll pics. BTW, my table is more chaotic now as there is appearance of a new character.

    As for the pic size, I hardly see the difference… As long it gets the job done, its done. 😀

    • A another Sista on the table 😀 By the way I saw Nendo Haruichi yesterday while shopping hehe….

      Hmm I was thinking more on sharpness and picture quality. Or maybe its the prefectionist in me……uguuuuu!!!

  3. Cool, you took the one with the Blue Frame wielding the dual beam rifles. =D

    BTW, the smaller picture will look sharper since, well, it will not be resized automatically to fit the post unlike a bigger picture. If you get what I mean that is. ^^;

    • I loved that shot, just had to use it ^^

      Haha I understand what you meant by that. No need for compression of files. I want faster loading time by using Jpg files instead of png files for sharper images. But one thing about Jpg the quality will suffer if it compresses….

  4. Ahh, so resizing the pic will result in better quality 😀
    better find out what’s the size for mine.

    And now heathorn becomes the white exia!
    Will also change your banner bro. I think I better prepare my own banner too ^^

    • Haha I notice recently that only recently and I was wondering…I swore it looked much better when i uploaded it only to find a fuzzier version instead when i publish the post!!!

      Oh I loved your exia work hehe, time for a fresh change for the new year man 😀

      • Yes, the resized pic looks sharp, and color is more vibrant.
        Will do the changes to my blog from home 😀
        if the connection allows, sometimes it’s super slow…….

        • Haha cool, now can see more in details your pla plates 😀 yes skill upgrade time buahaha XD!!

          Are you gonna bring some of your figures from your home to Singapore ?

  5. Nothing related with the post but rather your blog mascot…

    “With great passion, comes great spending!”

    I always read that part…. and always reflect it on myself and also on the rest of our fellow hobbyist and collectors…

  6. Lol david 😀 Actually i got that line from a certain movie…

    With great power comes great responsibility….. ^^

    When you really love collecting or really really go deep into the hobby, you will just invest into the hobby 😀 Some might see it as spending but to me its investing in something we love very much!

    • well, if I can spend or invest and change women all the time (like that Playboy’s boss) i think I would prefer that hahahahaha… I will gladly dumb all my Gundam and toy hobby though at the end I might die with AIDS hahahahahaha…,..

      • sad to inform you as I know(rumor) playboy’s boss dick can’t stand anymore since 3-4 years ago his women collection just plaything to show everyone that e is a real man in reality he can’t zzzzz anymore 😛 those women just to show everyboy that he is normal and happy 😛 he won’t get AIDS or whatever hehehe still want to be like him ^^

        • that’s why those women get High payment every month to shut their mouth 😛 so noone know his secret ^^ poor guy well this just old gossip from 2 years ago anyway but seems this is true !

          • Well one can’t run away from getting old ^^ Just have to calmly accept that you can’t perform as well as you can when you were young haha 😀 Just enjoy it while you have ‘it’ still hehe!!

    • Hehe I want a new look for the blog for chinese new year 😀 Also do a little bit of updates to the blogs to showcase their newer stuff! I’ll be more than happy to create another banner man ^^ Just send me the picture(s) that you like and i’ll see what I can do 🙂

  7. Nice improvement!

    It is troublesome to switch to other font. Other than editing the css code, you will need to choose a proper font that suitable for the smallest size.

    For the photo, never resize it smaller or bigger using wordpress or any other html coding even it is just 1px. If you need perfect sharpness, always upload the one with the exact size you need. 😀

    • Thanks man!!

      Ah yes its very troublesome!! Haha nearly wanted to email you and ask about css coding! Exactly man, next time I am gonna upload it as the exact size!! But haiz, this particular theme doesn’t allow for customize blog widths!

      Maybe I should host my own site next time hehe….well but that will have to wait!

  8. LOL you just had to use that pic as my banner huh? xDD

    Nice updates on everyone’s banner pictures ;D and the 2nd pic really is different! First thing I noticed was the sharper look hahhahaha good work dude!

    • haha well I think your blog has taken an entirely new direction with your figures 😀 What better way to show it with an about to kiss lovely dovey picture haha!!!

      I have yet to change everyone like eva’s, lupes, etc…. still deciding on what pictures to use!!! Thanks! I’ll stick to that picture format for future posts!!

    • Agreed with you Yi ^^ Typekit is horrendous…..and very very user unfriendly (Their so called guide didn’t help a was only reading through this other wordpress users guide that I can actually get it to work!!)

      Thanks! Haha I’ll stick to this yes 😀

  9. Another good thing about resizing your photos to just fit would be the saving of storage space. If you keep all your photos high res, you’ll run out of space soon.

    On the other hand if you upgrade your layout to have larger images, then GG.

    • Thats another very good point that I hadn’t thought of! Indirectly you’ll have more space ^^ If you have like 10 1.5mb pictures in one post every week…you’ll be needing that space upgrade pretty soon ^^;;

      And you are right about that point though, if you change the theme…. its GG…so moral of the story, pick one theme that you really like and stick to it!!

  10. nice updates, looking very clean! resizing the pics to fit the layout made a big dif, they are super sharp now 😀
    i usually let wordpress auto resize and let readers click on the image if the want bigger resolution, but according to stats very few click on them lol so this is a good alternative ^^b

    • For the record, i’ll still leave your DD banner untouched ^^ Its the only DD Yoko on this blog!!! Anyway she looks lovely! Unless you have other pictures you want me to use i’ll gladly do another one!

      I also let wordpress resize my pictures but after seeing those crisp and sharp pictures on Bmecha and Lylibellule site I am getting picky when it comes to my own pictures ^^ No worries lol…I only get like one to two clicks on my pictures anyways! I remember you asking for larger size pictures of my gundams very early in my blogging hehe.

          • @chubbs: lol i really like what you did with the current banner so im still happy with it ^^

            yea i remember asking that, when it comes to tutorials or detailed stuff i often hope for bigger resolutions so i can see how it looks close up! early on your pics were super small but man i learned a lot watching your WIP’s lol

            @faddy: LOL Yoko pantsu surprise, free nosebleed with every visit!! must bring in those clicks! my stats have been taking a bomb, struggling to keep is steady XD

            • Haha its the one and only DD in the toy room with hidden killer pantsu nosebleed technique!!! Will keep it as it is then 😀 Haha noted on the WIPs ^^ Will try to take as close as possible for future shots ^^ Lets see if we can do anything about those stats.

              *Chubbs to Mari : Mari, draw out plans for increasing Rockleelotus hits!!!

              Mari : Yes sir!!! (gathers the entire army..)
              Alright everyone!! Start clicking on rockleelotus links…I mean it!!! 3 times everything!!! (points giant bazooka at army)

              Army : Yes mam!!! Press franatically….

              hmm interestingly Faddy is being more and more perv like…tsk tsk……

    • Not too sure how it works for blogger so I can’t really comment. Its the large view that I am very particular about!!!

      Just slight changes in sizes and the whole picture turns out differently!! 😀 Blogging skill +1!!!!

    • Haha well in wordpress you can change the font size but its kind of limited to a few sizes…

      But I definitely need bigger font sizes as I grow older lol…

    • Nah just 3 short post lol 😀 Hows life down under mate?

      Typekit is FOC and you are entitled to two fonts at most. And yes…..that font size issue bugs me a lot….imagine putting my face onto the screen to read grrr!!!

      • It’s rather relaxing so far… hopefully it will stay that way when classes commence 😛
        Only thing I don’t like is the shops closes mostly at five… sad for me… no more late night yum char sessions :S

        • What so early!!! Where to have my kopi with my kakis if that happens in Singapore haha!!

          All the best for your classes when it starts 😀

  11. I’m happy to have my own hosting thanks to a friend. It’s easier when you can install and customize the wordpress your want especially with plugins.
    Well in fact plugins is the only think i feel the need to customize and for now i’m happy with the simple theme i used.
    Always follow the “KIS” rule, “Keep It Simple” ^^

    That’s very impressive you designed every banner based on what the blog you link inspires you. It shows the great amount of interests you have in the blog of course but also in the author.
    Indeed you couldn’t have used better reference than my Sailor Cosmos for me 😀
    You have all my gratefulness chubby, honestly.

    • Ah you have a very good friend indeed! Free hosting 😉 I do have plans to migrate to using a new theme that I really like. But that will be in the future (hopefully i’ll still be blogging by then!!!) I have a tendency to over customize my blog from time to time haha ^^ Somehow I love tweaking things but like you said, some times keeping it simple can be a good thing ^^ I keep that in mind in the future when I move over to my own hosting.

      I feel that the banners should reflect what the blogger likes most about his/her blog ^^ Thanks for the compliments! For the record she is the only Sailor Moon Cosmos on my blogroll 😉

  12. Chubbs, I’m in the middle of creating a blogroll banner for my blog and find it a bit hard to create a banner for some of my fellow blog. Would it be okay if I get some of those banners from your blogroll banner?

  13. I wasn’t there for your tryouts.
    I like your blog the way it is presented for now, reading is easy. But it’s true once in a while, doing a refresh, it feels good… mine is going to change soon ^^
    or pictures, indeed, the second looks way thiner ^^ it’s better

    Thanks for this personalized banner 🙂

    • Heh thanks!! Its the chinese new year so it is sort of like a spring cleaning for me 😀 Tidy up some bits of the blog and change some of the banners ^^ Thanks for the compliments and glad you like the banner too!!

      Will check out your new changes! Looks like a big revamp coming up from you ^^

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