Dinner at Satsuma…

I have the pleasure of meeting up my University friends over dinner last week ^^ My friend Angela suggested that we try out this place that she usually frequents. Fortunately I brought my camera!

Satsuma is located near Clarke Quay within the premises of Gallery Hotel. Interestingly is the only restaurant of its type in Singapore that doesn’t serve Sake but instead serves Sochu ^^

Taken from their own site.

“The first and only Shochu specialty Japanese restaurant in Singapore, Satsuma serves a wide menu of Tokyo-styled food with a contemporary twist to complement the 100 labels of shochu by-the-glass.

*Shochu, a distilled alcoholic beverage (made of sweet potato, rice, barley, etc) is currently enjoying explosive popularity in Japan for being the healthier and trendier choice drink.”

Satsuma Shochu Dining Bar

We booked the first floor where we sat in traditional Japanese style with a little comfy pillow below. πŸ™‚

I love the warm cosy setting. No metallic bars, just good simple wooden interiors.

I love the bar counter, very nice array of bottles!!

Special attention even to the littlest of details. Having a background in scale modeling, I can appreciate the little things that they add to the whole experience. Japanese styled containers, soy sauce bottles and in particular…

I loved this little lighting glass container ^^

Of course a little figurine love πŸ˜€ Nekos on tatami mats ^^

Grilled Sumiyakis πŸ˜€ Nom nom nom…..can’t comment..just eat!!

To cap off the whole evening, I had coffee tofu…oh I love the soft sweet taste of caffine…

Special thanks to angela for suggesting such a wonderful place to meet. Too bad I don’t drink alcohol if not I am sure the drinks will taste as good as the food!! I love the ambiance and really makes it a very very nice place for a small gathering of close friends ^^. Its a wonderful feeling being able to keep in touch with old friends once in a while, truly blessed to have known them during years at university.

Also one more thing…

There is a story behind this cup of water. While I was waiting for my friends as I arrived way early, it was a hot afternoon after my trip from china town to Gallery Hotel. The Satsuma stuff staff (thanks bd for the correction ^^) noticedΒ  that and gave me a glass of water without me asking. I am very touched by such a small gesture. If you are the guy who gave me that glass of water and is reading this thanks! Definitely will visit the place again. Its the little things that count!

Maybe i’ll try the Shochus next round πŸ˜€

Till the next dinner!!


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  1. Nice place to go there, and very cozy the atmosphere. To find a place like that (with ambiance and all) over my area is… wait… there are none… -_-;;;

    p.s. i think you’ve mistyped staff into stuff in the last paragraph. you can remove this bit after editing it. πŸ˜€

    • Ah yes its a very nice and cozy spot ^^ I love dining with close friends and chatting all night long haha. Maybe next time if you drop by Singapore we can eat here πŸ˜€

      Opps what was i thinking when I wrote that lol!!! Thanks for the correction! (edited with credits to you haha!)

    • Haha well I think it will be even better for those who like to drink ^^ But its who you go with that is even more important. But a nice ambiance really helps!

      Ps : The salmon belly is very nice πŸ˜€

    • Ah hope you can find something like that at your country man. Maybe give this place a visit when you have a chance to drop by in Singapore!

    • Haha just this little act left a very good impression on me ^^ I wish other restaurants can fellow this example!!!

    • Ah! sounds like a business opportunity to open up one at your place πŸ˜€ Tsuki’s Otaku Cafe ^^ Gunplas, figures and Nenodroids are a must!!

    • Lol, i do drink a bit of alcohol when entertaining customers, otherwise I’ll try to avoid as much as possible!!!

      Coffee is still the best for me ^^

  2. interior and lighting looks very nice!
    why not try the sochu?

    Will try this place when I get back to Singapore after CNY πŸ˜€

    • Haha yes its very nice ^^ Haha well I don’t drink usually so if you want maybe I’ll join you for a cup or two πŸ˜€ Maybe next meet up can meet there!

  3. Wow.. I thought it’s hard to take a pic at restaurant..
    (usually the manager is prohibited it..)

    Cool looking place.. And mind if I taste a little bit of the food? hehehe..

  4. How i would love this kind of place exist here in Belgium. We have a few Japanese restaurants but nothing transcendent unfortunately and awfully europeanized. ^^
    The waiter gesture to you is really remarkable. It’s the kind of thing you don’t forget.
    The small skewers look very tasty! πŸ™‚

    • Haha you meant the meat on those skewers right lol πŸ˜€ Not too sure if woodens sticks will sit right with me! Just kidding ^^

      It is kind of a rare find here even in Singapore, and fortunately they managed to keep the Japanese aspect intact!!!

      Its the small little things that count and makes all the difference πŸ˜€

  5. aw, the water was nice. you further remind me why I have to get out of this backwater city as soon as possible. nothing but freaking fish, chips and burgers as far as the eye can see here >.>
    This whole time I thought the shop was called ‘satsuna’ because that’s what they wrote on the glass containers, despite have the ‘tsu-ma’ right underneath it. I thought they wrote the wrong characters, but it seems it’s the other way around ^^;

  6. Ah chips burgers and fish, haha its also common here…too many fast food restaurants! Where are you staying by the way?

    Satsuna haha…sounds like a certain gundam charater…maybe next time i’ll find 4 dudes from Gundam 00 sitting at a corner drinking sochus πŸ˜› Don’t think its your fault…must be my photos, the second picture was quite blur ^^
    And you weren’t wrong about the glass containers, i checked my larger pictures and indeed they wrote it wrongly!!!

    • I’m currently staying in toronto. well, a southern part not part of main toronto. backwater as all hell, but oh well, at least life is slow and easy >.<
      And I just saw that awesome Baden Baden Lily banner on the side. You even used Meiling! I'm touched, much thanks ;-;

      • Ah Tornoto πŸ˜€ I love enjoying a slow and easy life once in a while….things are very fast paced here >_<!!! Even have to work through lunch or in fact most of the time!!

        Very happy to know that you like the banner haha! I read from your about page that you like her a lot πŸ˜€

    • If you are not drinking the sochu, it cost us about $35 each (4 of us) and i ate about 10 different dishes. Their specialty is in Sochu which we didn’t try so I can’t really comment on the price about that ^^. Reasonable price for me XD

    • Well in fact i like it that they you can place stuffs by the window and take photos ^^ Maybe i’ll bring my nendo’s down next time XD

  7. Great pix! Even a glass of ice water look so class from the look of it. I like Japanese but seldom get to eat my family members except me are vegetarians.

    • Wow vegetarian! No wonder you look so slim ^^ Actually they have a small selection of vegetable sumiyaki but ah man, it will be hard to eat lots of things when the rest of your family is vegetarian!

    • The easiest Japanese food that I can find here is Sushi, even they have it in food courts here in Singapore! Is Japanese food popular as a whole in your town? In my wife’s town in Pasir Gudang Malaysia, you can hardly find any japanese food even…except for 2 that I know of.

  8. i like restaurants with warm atmosphere, this place looks very welcoming! but i wonder if i will get cramps sitting down for long and start fidgeting during my meal πŸ˜›

    newtype waiter FTW Lol

    sry for late comments, been busy ^^;;

    • I had the same thoughts about getting cramps if i sit too long!!! Haha but the comfortable cushions actually helped a fair bit πŸ˜€

      Thats a first new type waiter!!! Can take down your orders before even saying it πŸ˜€ Nah its never too late my friend. What have you been busy with recently?

      • been stressed out with job hunting XD my skills in 3D have been lacking so it will be hard for me to compete in that field. and im also considering going back to the community college to taking a few courses since i have the time, although the $$$ is a prob Lol

        in my free time ive started playing my bass again, learning a few anime songs lol and kicking some butt in SRW before bed πŸ˜›

        • Ah job hunting!! I know how it feels hang in there.

          *Riannon gives rockleelotus a hug

          I also did consider going back to study business management and $$ is a problem, that would mean taking another loan…sobz. Cool you play bass ^^ The only music related thing that I can do is karaoke haha….(somehow when i take the mike within the lst minute all of a sudden lots of ppl couldn’t control their bladders…) Haha which SRW are you playing? Overall most of the Series is good, can’t say no to having amuro, quattro on the same team with the getter team and mazinger Z!!

  9. I’m jealous :/ If only a restaurant like this existed here. Well of course there’s one that can be considered as “closer” to Japanese tradition but it just can even compete with this restaurant you went to.
    I’m hungry again, well done chubby i hope you’re proud of you now ! #stare

    I’m also so surprised with this glass of water. How intuitive of the waiter.
    Definitely a sign of a great sense of serving customers.

    • Oh my ^^ Nom nom nom, this is good πŸ˜€

      *Passes one skewer of chicken meat to Katsura chan!

      Looks like I am very lucky based on all the comments I have heard thus far! Seems that there aren’t many good Japanese restaurants overseas. That glass of water is really a nice touch to the whole evening πŸ˜€ Like you said, excellent sign of service!

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