The Top Referer goes to…

Drum rolls……

Ngee Khiong’s C Box :D!!

Haha but trailing in closely is rockleelotus followed by plutonian revolver aka. figuratively gunpla ^^

Also other interesting stats…

Top Ten Outgoing Clicks

Faddy!! You are my top linked click!!

My Top Ten Post

My nub removal tutorial still the highest even after all this time…lol…

My Top Ten Search Terms

Very happy that people are directly looking for me lol XD

Total Hits

Yes I hit another milestone this week 😀 Thank to all you fantastic guys and gals for supporting my little blog ^^ Feels like a very very vibrant community going on here!! Loved it! Keep the modelling, figure collecting, nendo poisoning & koto lousy joints rant going 😀

Till the next post!!


48 thoughts on “The Top Referer goes to…

  1. wow.. cool stats.. too bad blogspot didnt have this funtion, have to rely on Analytics >_<;;

    Eh~… i was top 3 on referrer stats??? XD, its kinda hard to believe XD keep it up man~~

    • Lol you are right…what was i thinking….maybe its your drossel pyschoing me….

      Haha you are the most clicked instead yes XD

    • Lol Faddy is too powerful 😀 Must be drossel and gang up to no good XD!!!

      I am quite shocked when I checked the stats…cbox gave me so much lol…. ^^

    • Thanks man 😀 Haha I am sure you will in time to come ^^ Just showing some of the interesting stats instead of just number of hits XD

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