55 thoughts on “A nendo dining affair…

    • haha he won’t need a grave man XD There won’t be traces of his body left after this….all that remains is an half open gunpla box…

    • Oh frogs legs…yummy!! I ate that once..tasted like chicken ^^ (ironic isn’t it lol!!!) That mansion was given to me by my niece who grew out of it. When I saw it, it was instant nendo house for me!!! I love that Teddy bear ^^

      Heh isn’t during dinner sessions gossips are exchanged haha…more spice to life ^^

  1. It’s a unforgivable crime to eat food of others. There will be unpleasant punishment ahead 😀
    Drossel is so inspiring for everyone it’s awesome to see a Nendo so popular for doing silly stuffs.
    Great job as always 🙂

    • Yes indeed ^^ never never trespass a nendo’s kitchen, especially Eins 😀 Haha well I was thinking for all her advances she probably never dealt with the humble kitchen ware being a princess figure haha.

      Thanks ^^

    • wait did I hear tempted haha 😀

      Oh that house is given to me by my niece ^^ She grew out of it but I was thinking heh if i put eins in hehe…

  2. This tiny house is perfect! Like it. 😀

    I was rolling on the floor laughing when i saw how Drossel wanted to open the refrigerator. LoooL!
    Keroro is a bad glutton to have ate all the foods by himself! He should be ashamed. I sense the other nendos will made him feel their dissatisfaction 😛

    • Haha me too!! When I first saw it I knew I could fit perfectly as Eins’ mansion and a future backdrop for nendo stories ^^

      For all her high tech stuff, I was thinking drossel hasn’t step into the kitchen before XD. And the only other ‘electrical’ appliance is her robot butler so she probably assumes other electrical stuff will obey her commands ^^

      Must share food really ^^ Well keroro will soon get his just desserts gobbling their dinner!!

    • Haha well you can even name one of them nene if you like ^^ Anything is possible in your own realm 😀 For example bd’s yui can be ryoma like!

  3. totally adorable! how can kero ever ever do tat? doesn’t he know the consequences?????
    It’s all power-packed gals over at the dining table. that’s the last place u wanna find urself trespassing into..

  4. Yoz tako chan ^^! Haha well kero just woke up, and is hungry…and the food was so nice he just had to eat….

    Hehe power to the gurls on the table 😀 Also open invitation to your nendos too! Would love to meet the mysterious C haha!!

    • Haha evil lurks behind Ein’s innocent smile 😀 Hehe well they are very very happy with their new accomodation! Thanks!!

    • Thanks man ^^. Hmm I am never fond of silver coated gunpla due to the nub marks. Those black little rectangular spots that will be very obvious against the shiny surfaces… plus you can only do out of box builds for silver coated gunplas.

      Unless you can find the correct paint to cover the nub marks, my suggestion is not to get it. Instead get a nice metalic spray (plus you can choose the colors :D) and you can get your metallic version of your mobile suit ^^

  5. That’s a very nice piece of house with all the little furnitures and kitchen stuff. So, we are expecting another story huh 🙂

    Dress up Ein as PA. She will make a good PA 🙂

  6. Oh…Phantom Assasin….needs moar cloaks and daggers 😀 Thanks for the idea man hehe….off to the drawing board!!!

    Nah after this will be back to figure wars / gunpla building proper ^^ This is just to play with my new house or ein’s new house to be precise!!

    • Hehe there will be more to come 😀 They are just so lovely haha…

      Pray they will release nendo version of Sheryl nome / Ranka / Alto 😀

    • hmm isn’t he always the victim even in his own tv series lol 😀

      Well being victimized is kinda like so keroro haha..I can’t imagine him in any other way for my stories!!!

    • Haha actually I have my little niece to thank for ^^ As she didn’t want her toy house any longer, I just retrofit it for my little nendos to stay in and perfect as a backdrop for their future stories!!

      Just an outlet for my creativity haha 😀 I have lots of stories in my head that needs to be produced !!

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