Corruption Part 4 – Final…

Final Chapter for the Corruption arc….

Riannon’s Guardian arrives in the nick of time!!! Saber tiger slams himself against genosaurer…

First volley of shots…

And then fires another…

Saber tiger quickly rushes to Riannon’s side…

Riannon : I know you will come!!

Saber : Roars happily!

The happy moment doesn’t last….the cries of an angered genosaurer….

Saber Tiger easily avoids Genosaurer’s beams…

Goes in for the kill…

Saber Tiger manages to take out one of Genosaurer’s deadly HPC cannon…but with a fatal price…

Genosaurer’s deadly jaws clamp onto Saber Tiger’s shoulder…Saber Tigers struggles but proves futlie against the strength of a berserked Genosaurer…

Genosaurer fires a deadly shot….

Genosaurer towers above a badly injured Saber Tiger…

Riannon : Geno nooo!!!!

Not heeding Riannon’s plea, Genosauer lands a deadly tail whip on Saber Tiger….

Riannon : Please remember!!


Flash back…..

Their first meeting…

The countless rides they had together…

And a miracle happens….Riannon’s cries and pure heart of love pierces into the very depths of Genosaurer’s core….

Genosaurer lets out a sad growl….

Riannon : Welcome back my friend..

Genosaurer lets out a soft growl….

Hope you guys enjoy the last part ^^ All credits go to Rockleelotus for coming up with such a wonderful end!

60 thoughts on “Corruption Part 4 – Final…

  1. How can you not melt seeing Riannon’s tears… She transmited al her loves to Genosaurer so he can retrieve his memory back.
    I’m happy this ends well.
    Congrats to Rocklee and you for this awesome strory!!! 😉

    • Thanks!!! I just had to add a little bit of tears at the end! More dramatic and heartfelt that way ^^ Love works wonders especially if it comes for Riannon. Like i promise no more sad endings 😀

      It is very fortunate that I get the chance to work with him 😀 Look forward to more stuff coming from us!!

  2. *detecting water works chain*
    that might be Riannon strongest natural spell, the power of love!! lol for a second there i though you were switching things up, i really felt Saber Tiger was going to defeat Geno ^^;;

    i would have to say first story arc is a huge success, thanks again for including me in this project ^_^

    • Haha crying chain….*wipes off tears

      Love overcomes all evils 😀 Evening a big, evil raging genosaurer ^^ Just melts the hearts !!! Haha I love throwing things around, in fact in the orginal script I even wanted to throw in another person to help out Riannon at the last part (sadly due to budget constraints I wasn’t able to invite Kouji kun…asking price is too high…)

      It was a pleasure reading your feedbacks and edits!!! Thanks a million man, couldn’t have done this ending too without you!!

    • Haha man like i promise ^^ No more sad endings. Can’t afford genosaurer to be on the bad guy side 😀 Riannon needs a fair bit of allies ^^

    • Ah thanks man!! Glad you like the flashback scene!! It was rocklee’s idea on using that!

      Unlimited tear works lol….that is crazy!! Send her in and all the enemies will start weeping!!!

  3. Oooooooh that’s sweet ! Genosaurer is so cute when he fight for Riannon’s love.
    Go go go Geno-chan, you’re the best ! 😛
    I’m glad this end happily, i have a lot of trouble to stand sad endings lol
    Congratulation to Rocklee and you. This a wonderful teamwork.

    • Thanks!! Haha like I promised ^^ No sad endings this time round, just a little bit of a teary ending hehe!!

      Thank you!! Look forward to more stuff from us ^^ Its gonna be a short story coming up for one a certain missing character 😀

  4. I feel no remorse for Riannon nor Geno’s reunion( wait,wait, Im not being d-ck yet) Heart warming and all, I feel rather sorry for Mini Angel and saber tiger, poor grunts.

    • Haha happy ending is a must after such intense fights!!

      Oh as for death raiser he will be repaired by raspberyl but as for saber…that will be another story….

      Hmm nurse Riannon hehe….seeing her will definitely cure me instantly XD

  5. Another fierce battle….
    but the best part is the tears!!!!

    Your pics can make me imagine the scene with sound effect and slow motion movement, plus the flashback sepia pics, insert slow and sad BGM + sustain character voice, perfect chubb!!

    Glad it’s a happy ending! and yes your riannon is dangerous, she’s spreading poison……

  6. Aww man!! The tears were inspired after watching his korean drama by chance on tv hehe!!

    Looks like I can skip doing a vid version haha!! I might give it a shot if time permits!! But seeing your comment looks like I can skip that haha!!! But thanks for such an awesome compliment man! Really flattered 😀

    Maybe you are right…the most dangerous might be Riannon….she might be the one who will open your wallets 😀

    • Ah final fantasy haha 😀 Maybe subconciously I got inspiration from that game!!

      Hehe those tiny little moments are what counts ^^

  7. “Riannon : Geno nooo!!!!” Kablaaam!
    phew too much action! 😀

    btw what filter did you use in the last two frames? nice effect

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