Zoid customs Galore!

I never knew there was a community dedicated to customizing Zoids! The above Saberberserker is one of the many awesome recolors / mods that were done! Special thanks to Zoidiect for sending me the link to this year’s Zoids customization contest and introducing me to another aspect of modelling!!

Love the smooth metallic colors..

Zoids come in all shape and sizes…wonderful base…

Poodle zoid!!!

One of my favourites….very out of this world zoid….I feel like I am in the very depths of the ocean.

Major Kururu’s proud invention 😀 Gero Chan!!!

Thanks once again to Zoidiect for showing me this link! Very poisonous customs I must say 😀 Really opened me up to anothor aspect of Zoids! For more pictures of other contestants can be found in this thread. (From Zoidspoison)

Last but not least Zoidiect’s very own customized StrkEagle entry!!

Wish him all the best!!! His original post can be found here ^^!


Till the next post!!


49 thoughts on “Zoid customs Galore!

    • I am very tempted to do a keroro zoid to replace his run down mark 1 kero robo after seeing Kururu’s version 😀 I think most of the contestants use the old Tomy Kits to do ….nostalgia…:)


  1. Does zoids always have the machine to walk… you know, the wind up thingy…? I’m always interested in getting one, but the wind up thingy normally gets in the way of their original aesthetics..

    • oh the takara tomy versions (the very old ones) have that wind up mechanism where it sticks out. The later ones like the Death Raiser in my corruption post have the mechanisms embedded in the underbelly so aesthetics wise really much better ^^. If not you can give kotobukiya’s HHM Zoids series a try, really very detailed and very very good articulations minus the wind up gimmick!

    • That transparent jelly fish is really outstanding 😀 Haha well if I have the time and patience i’ll definitely give that a shot!

    • Haha no problem man 😀 Always love to showcase really great works from other ppl ^^ U will never know what you will learn!

  2. kururu!!!! so cuuuute!!! i LOVE the jellyfish looking one (sorry, not too falmiliar with zoids ^^; ) it looks like it’s been x-ray’d XDD

    • Lol Kururu’s zoid is very cool!! Makes me want to repaint one in Keroro colors 😀

      X-rayed zoid lol! Fantastic way to put it Eru XD

  3. Run: zoids_poison.exe

    .:System Overload:.


    I have no words…now I want to rewatch Zoids, buy Zoid stuff and build Zoids kits!!

    All the best to Zoidiect!! Enact resurrected as a Zoid…I have to show it to my friend, she’ll love it. XDD

    brb losing self in Zoids Poison!!

    • Crazy stuff right!! Haha usually we see other ppl mode gundam…but modding zoids on a large scale is a first for me man…

    • Yes man really great works this year!! I think we can learn from their builds and apply them to gunpla ^^

      Who knows we might fuse both together one day haha!!

    • Haha I can picture your tanks going in to control the zoid menace in an urban diorama setting 😀

      But they sure looking good with a diorama!! Just look at the hanger!!

  4. Wooooow, i’m much attracted to zoids than Gundam. They look so coooool and the mods there look awesome.
    Feel free to share and use Zoids in your future stories 🙂
    Can you tell me how Riannon’s doing ? I’m worried about her 😉 I need huuuugs

    • Haha sure thing ^^ Unfortunately Zoids are a bit difficult to find here!! And those that are here are priced too high sobz….

      Ah rest assured she is safe and sound ^^ Currently taking a break from all that hard acting during the story!

    • I used to collect zoids regretably i lost them while moving from my old place….sobz…the sounds of windups moving across the table!!

  5. I got a glance of the first model at Fitchen Foo, I think. Now I’m interested in Zoids too! Are they from an anime or manga ?

    • Sorry man, I am not very sure whether they originate from manga or anime. There is an anime thought but I am not sure of the story or details!! I just love them for their really cool designs 😀

      Hehe so what you plan to get?

  6. WOW! customized zoids!!
    The first one indeed is very beautiful, the color, decals, and diorama 😀

    I am wondering about the deep sea creature one, is that custom made out of clear plastic? Looks fantastic.

    Your genosaurer will get an upgrade to geno mark II it seems, hahaha 😀

    • I loved that clear piece zoid 😀 Very very unique. Zoidiect actually posted the links to the jelly fish build in his comments.

      Haha well, that won’t be happening man 😀 I need to keep him un modded for my figurewars stories!!!

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