Nendo stacking….battle plans!!!

After seeing Rockleelotus Nendo stacking version 2.0….my nendos are taking a break from their usual figure wars to decide on battle plans to do a true Nendo stack! (My previous stack can be found here ^^)

Saber : Listen up ppl, I am afraid that our previous record has been broken…

Saber : As you can see here, our fellow Nendos over at Rockleelotus have done a version 2.0. Exhibit A here is one that utilizes Kagemiku as a base.

Raspberyl : Oh interesting hmm did he use any form of magic, blu tack…seems highly improbable….

Mari : Nah, it can only be one thing, tough military training to get those nendo muscles toughen up, I suggest a whole week of basic military training…

Riannon : Nah…I think there is more to that..

Riannon : According to Faddy’s post with Willpower, Determination! Anything is possible even Nendo stacking!!

Riannon : Am I right drossel chan?

Drossel : Yes Riannon!! With will power anything is possible but…

Drossel : Safety issues my sister…

Drossel : Look at poor yoko chan….and injured lip…now we must be careful if we were to attempt such dangerous stuns…(my paint job doesn’t come cheap!!)

Drossel : And this position is the best so far (No way I am going to be at the top and scratch my paint!! Ojou samas like me have to up appearances you know..)

Raspberyl : Just use blu tag…no one can tell from the pictures, with a certain camera angels we can avoid it from being seen you know….and there is this photoshop we can use…

Saber : Maybe we should consider using magic…we have 2 spell caster here you know…

Riannon : Still in order to beat rockleelotus we need a sixth nendo….

Drossel : hmm…..let me think…maybe get keroro kun again…

Drossel : thinking….thinking…

While the rest were discussing…Mari starts up her favorite horror video..Michael Myers vs Jason!

Mari : What the…I could have sworn someone is behind my back..

well gurls, might as well take a break and watch some horror videos instead!

Drossel : Saber cut it out… stop touching my….

Drossel : huh?!

Unknown figure : Pikaboo!!!!

Raspberyl : OMG its Jason!! My favorite all time killer!!!

Mari : Oh my, (draws out autograph book…..)

Riannon : For a killer she looks so cute…wait a minute its a she Jason??

Saber : (Thinking of drawing her swords out..)

Drossel : (inspecting the new nendo…)

The unknown figure takes out her mask…

Ein : My name is Ein ^^ Nice to meet you all!! Sorry to scare you but I am new here so not too sure if you gurls are friends or foe…

Riannon : You kidding? We are more than happy to have you here!!

Drossel : Yes our sixth nendo!!! Now we can do some real stacking ^^

Ein : So who is this Rockleelotus you guys are talking about…I do have some assassinating skills….

Well till

the next post!!!


61 thoughts on “Nendo stacking….battle plans!!!

  1. ein you really bought her 😀 you really need “bad” guy that much chub??
    Good luck my hero defeat rocklee GO GO GO

    • She is not really a bad guy lol 😀 I never watched the anime though but I love her mask face and accessories!!!

      Initially wanted Cannan but after seeing Ein…I just know I need her!!

      Another bad guy wouldn’t be so bad lol xD

      • I put “” chub I know I watch the anime :d
        nah I prefer ein than canaan except I can buy alphard as mortal enemy and display them together
        as long ein not shot her revolver the totem won’t fall lol

  2. LoooooL hard stunt are hard 😀 How can we have a “favorite” killer looool
    I don’t think he would willingly gives an autograph :p
    Anyway it’s painful to see so much nendos even since i don’t received mines for now.
    Riannon big kiiiiissss 😀

    • Haha, don’t think i’ll be able to pull those stuns out 😀 What was i thinking when i wrote that favorite killer autograph…must be too sleepy when I wrote that!!! Ah quick quick! Hope your nendos come soon!!! Can’t wait to say hi to them ^^

      Riannon hugies and kisses Kastura Chan on cheek ^^

  3. omg *hides in fear of being assassinated* umm good luck? no hard feelings ne?

    LOL dude, congrats on the new girl! Ein is so cool ^^ you should have seen Nagi, she was totally surprised while reading this 😛
    and yes, all you need is willpower!! Gattai!! they are already emitting signs of victory with their battle plans!

    • Haha no worries, I think Yoko will protect you well enough 😀 Nah no hard feelings haha!

      Ah where is Nagi?? Ein would love to meet her and the rest:D (Including me!!!) Ein waves to Nagi ^^ Haha I just had to use that line from Faddy! Works in all situations and can overcome any circumstances!!

    • Haha thanks 😀 Important things must be planned out XD

      Once you start modding and all the other stuffs the time taken to finish the kit will increase ^^ Then all the scribers, sand paper, putty will start coming in!!

  4. Ryoma: OI~! YARO DOMO~! Himetsu taisaku ni yoi~!
    The Rest: NANI~!? O_O;;;

    Yoko: Yui, lets go out for tea. You don’t want to see their stupidity. Might be infectious…
    Yui: Uuu… O_-

  5. A good way to introduce Ein. I’ll probably have to wait and see the continuation of the nendo stacking battle plan you have there.

    Come to think about it, I do have 6 nendos too with 1 of them still in the box not opened. 😉

    • zange,saber,yume,haruhi,mio and who ?? I tho only 5 you have 6 *_* who the last one ??? you said still in box so it’s new figures hmmm won’t destroy your surprise ^^;;; don’t worry

    • Must make sure I have lots of pillow by the side when I do the stacking !!!

      Lol at the uno analogy 😀 Don’t topple down when you are trying to topple some one else!!

  6. Excellent introduction to Ein among the others.
    So you’re going to try to beat Rocklee nendo pilling record…. it’s going to be dangerous all this !
    You should craft helmets to protect heads of your small stunts 🙂

    • Hehe thanks! Hmm nendo crash helmets that is a very good suggestion 😀 I’ll need to take all precautions before attempting any stuns!!! (this is considered big stun!!!)

  7. Peace can be achieved if everyone have the same goal 😀 Now you got all the ammo needed for stacking 😀 time to pull that extreme move man LoL

    I really love Ein’s mask, but does she comes with any other expression that you haven’t show in this post?

    • Lol, nah war will resume after this short joint venture on the stacking 😀 After dealing with all safety issues i’ll go for it XD.

      Oh in she has one more stone cold face, but my favorite is still the mask ^^ I’ll use her other expression in the future along with her teddy bear!

  8. Ahhhh, peaceful days in the toy room 😀
    Nendos working together for the stacking challange, so adorable…

    The killer is cute! Don’t be deceived be appearance, she might be a real psycho killer, hahahah

    • Haha…never trust girls that wear a white hockey mask on a first meeting 😀

      Hee having a common goal unites even the most vile of foes ^^ But i’ll need one more to actually top over rocklee…
      so in the mean time no stacking 😀 Plus I have to edit the last part of my corruption post ^^

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