Not your usual Asshimar!

If you think this is build using pla plates, think again ^^ It a scratched build Asima out of mounting boards!

This thing is huge!! It tower the HCM pro Asshimar nearly 3 times…

I love the panel lines and highly detailed legs…

Fully scratched build hands MG style 😀

Even comes with an internal frame!!

Work in progress pictures ^^

Many thanks to Janus from Orge Nation to allow me to feature one of his many creative works here! Its a very original take on scratch building using every day stuff! I think the concepts that he uses for his Asshimar will be very useful for those who plan to do their own scatch build ^^ His original Asshimar thread can be found here. Do check out his other works like comics and dioramas! This post will be filed under Kero’s intel for future references 😀

Oh one more thing

Did I mention it was also transformable!!

Till the next post!


56 thoughts on “Not your usual Asshimar!

    • haha that entire thing is really really fantastic 😀 The hands are really a nice touch ^^

      I think its more of an outlet for his creativity, anyway there is only a 1/144 scale version of this in kit form so to create a larger size none scale asshimar is no mean feat!!

      • If i’m not mistaken there is a 1/200 or 1/400 version of Asshimar (AOZ MA version) as free gift by Dengeki Hobby last time. I’ll take the photos during chinese new year 😀

        • Wow mini Asshimar?? I remember seeing a 1/200 hazel though haha.

          Can always count on you for all gundam mecha knowledge ^^ You even pin pointed the SD correctly for Marrzz’s unknown SD lol!!

          Bow down in respect….

          • I’m not that awesome, just happen to see the related figure somewhere else while surfing around. SD Gundam is my first love that brings me into world of mecha.

  1. I’ll name it Psycho Asshimar MK-II! Amazing effort to create such a complex figure with mounting board D:

    Somehow I feel that with such time and practice they can actually produce something even more awesome, like scratch build a proper gunpla 😛

    • Haha thats a cool way to name it 😀 I remember reading a fully scratched build 1/100 hazel on a thread. But what I love about Janus work here is that he builds the inner frame first fully articulated and then adds on the armor pieces. Using mounting board is an excellent too instead of pla plates as a test bed for ideas ^^

      Who do you mean by ‘they’ by the way in your last sentence 😀 bandai haha!

    • haha this will help me fuel my scratch build inspiration tank 😀 (currently very empty…)

      Looks at my empty cardboard box……grinning XD

    • Cutting one piece is already very tough, but trying get them to look the same is a whole other matter! You are right about the even parts, even for normal pla plates I couldn’t even get them to the same shape 😀

  2. OMG that is HUGE!! and talk about patience! I can sense a lot of hard work on that one… wait… did you just mention TRANSFORMABLE? this guy deserves an applause

    • Yep he deserves it!! Maybe ask him do a transformable valkiyre next round 😀 He will definitely give those transformable revoltech a run for their money haha!

    • Haha well this one isn’t mine mate 😀 its done by fellow blogger Janus ^^

      But I do have a way to stuff my robots haha! I love collecting various types of mecha and the occasional nendo hehe 🙂

  3. building Gundams out of cardboard is kinda fun..
    i actually had built a dino-zoids frame out of cardboards(and gone blank to make stable legs) i bulit it two years ago and still looking good.(saving it for ZoidsPoison Custom Contest 2011)

    • Oh cool!! I saw your latest zoid custom man, they were fantastic haha 😀 I love the designs for zoids and I never realized there were actually people into customizing them till I saw your blog ^^

      Not planning to enter Zoids Poison this year ??

  4. That is…WOW! O_O As if the scratch-built hands weren’t enough, he had to go do an entire inner frame AND make it transformable. Admirable patience and skill!!

    • haha same sentiments 😀 The inner frame by itself is a very very awesome feat!!! Don’t think i can even do the hands lol xD

  5. the transformation is kinda easy actually is you see the full post…..just bring the upper body 90 degree forward…
    but for a cardboard model to have such articulation…man…all the praises go for him

    • @ Marzz : Haha power right!!

      @ Kaymaroo : Definitely man 😀 Very cool work!

      @ Zoidect Lol didn’t realize the transformation was such a simple one till you pointed it out ^^ but its the choice of material that he uses which is really amazing 😀 Couldn’t agree with you more on that point!!

  6. OMG!! It’s like a battleship version of ashimar!
    And it can transform too, amazing!!

    The idea to use mounting board is nice, mounting board is nice to cut, but price is expensive >.<

    hm…now I think it is like the first prototype version which was built long long ago. Dunno why I just get that feeling ^^

    Thx for sharing chubb 😀

    • Lol battleship!!! I can mount a few zeon units inside and do drop offs 😀

      Oh I thought the mounting board is cheaper compared to pla plates. Interesting hmm. I had the same thought when I first saw his work. I guess it probably the matt grey with the complicated panel lines that add to this prototype feel 😀

      Hehe pleasure to always share great stuff! Sharing is caring hehe XD

    • Haha indeed 😀 After its transformation mode its somewhat like Marcross Quarter ^^ Probably I can launch Zeon units from it!!

  7. Wow! Many thanks to post my humble work in your blog, Chubbybots. It is my honor, and I am glad got many ppl like this monster, many many appreciate to all of you, guys! I love you all! 🙂

    • Yoz Janus ^^ More like the other way round man, very honored to have your work featured here! This is fantastic stuff you did haha must show 😀 Looking forward to my great works from ya!

    • Indeed! If you looked through his work in progress, its very systematic.

      Build the inner frame and joints first and then followed by the armor parts. What I have seen for other works is that they build part by part like legs first. Building the entire frame makes better sense IMHO ^^ at least you can make sure after adding the armor if it will hinder articulation XD

    • Ah yes indeed ^^ I know its not your type of genre! But really appreciate you coming here to comment about it!!

      Haha just like your discovery post 😀 Good things must be shared!

    • Haha same here man….he is like at another whole new level!!

      Oh by the way have you seen this vid?? Hehe your works are inside!

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