Corruption part 3!!

The war continues in this collaboration between me and rockleelotus ^^. What will is going to happen to Riannon and Genosaurer?? Find out more after the jump!

Riannon : You could have finished me…why didn’t your Raspberyl!

Raspberyl : Why? hahaha. Why dirty my hands when I can get your ex pet to do it for me! Genosaurer, I command you to finish Raspberly!! Geno? Oh Geno..

Dead silence…..Raspberyl’s green aura slowly dissipates…

Genosaurer : GRRRRRRRAAAAA!!!!

A cold aura sweeps across the land….

Raspberyl : (In a desperate tone) I…I…I command you to attack her this very instance!! Stop fooling around!!

Genosaurer : GAAAAAAA!!!!

(Due to both Riannon’s earlier infusion of power, Rasberyl’s spell could not fully convert the Genosaurer’s zoids core…)

Raspberyl : Geno!!! Stop this very instance!!!

Raspberyl : Ah!!!!!

Raspberyl : Why why why!!!?? Everyone retreat!!! Hes beyond control!!!

Death raiser can only release cries of pain as Genosaurer plummets him with the HPC canons….

Riannon : No Geno san stop this!!

Genosaurer charges towards Riannon….immune to her calls…

Angel…at first hesitant…then slowly steps forward..putting himself between Riannon and beserk Genosaurer…

Riannon : Angel no…stop….don’t do this!!

No answers, just the desire to protect his master…

Riannon tries to shout…but no words could come out….just the thundering footsteps of Genosaurer as he draws closer with each passing moment…

A loud clash, and genosaurer finds himself hitting against an AT field…a power borne out of Angel’s desire to save Riannon….but will it last against Genosaurer…






The AT Field breaks…

and releases a huge explosion….

The helpless body of Angel lying on the floor….

Riannon : Angel noooo!!

Angel falls off the cliff….

Riannon : Noo…..angel…no….this can’t be happening…

To be continued….

45 thoughts on “Corruption part 3!!

    • Hehe, well you Raspberyl has been getting the end of the trouble stick for the pass few stories so time to change it a bit 😀

      Thanks man 😀 Edit edit edit!!! Part 4 soon XD

  1. Oh no! Tenshi-san! This looks bad. Will Geno snap out of it or will he does the worst case scenario?!

    Love your effects, top notch as usual. ^^

    Wonder how the next part will play out. X3

  2. Geno is pawning left and right! lol @ sweat drops on the ugly doll, nice touch. little Angels white AT Field is amazing and the effects of Geno clawing through it is so well done!! you dont disappoint with productions my friend, i see why the filming budget has been drained 😛

    so sad to see little Angel fall to the fuzzy hell below XD lol again, your doing a great job bringing this action packed saga to life! keep it up ^_^

  3. Haha you are the first one to notice that tiny drop of sweat on blue bat!!! XD

    These effects were indeed very draining!! But thanks for the compliments dude, made my day 😀 It took me four pieces of bread and a whole lot of nutella for the entire editing process haha!!

    Ah in our actual script it was suppose to be a carpeted floor but its in the kitchen room so had to skip that part ^^ Moar AES at work tonight xD

    • Haha this story will have to finish first before I can resume the origins story. I wrote the script with rocklee concurrently for both origins and corruption. Origins second half script is undergoing edits at the moment ^^

    • Lol digimon!!! Thats another angle I can explore in the future 😀 Well you may never know, Angel might be back for future series XD HAHA!! Maybe wargreymon can appear and save her 😛

    • Ah not all stories have a happy ending 😦 But angel’s death isn’t certain at this point ^^ you never know when he might reappear as some of the other readers have suggested 😀

    • Haha just for plotwise imagine the table as a cliff shall we lol XD

      Ah I used photo scape to draw out the basic hexagonal shape first and then layered it with lots of fantasy balls 😀

  4. Hoooooooo it’s a sad story bouhouhouhou 😦 I cry easily chubby you should remember that before writing such a sad ending ;o
    I hope the part 4 will stage a happy moment ^^
    But still it’s awesomely done. Congratulation both of you, continue your prosperous collaboration 😉
    Biiiiiiiiiiiig hug to Riannon, she’s my friend now ^^

    • Cheer up! I promise the ending won’t be that sad!! (okay it will be sad and bitter sweet in a way…)

      Riannon : Kastura chan I am sure Angel will be back!!! Heres some tissue and a little big hug from me!

      Haha thanks!! Stay tuned for the final part 😀 It is a wonderful thing working together with another talented story teller such as rockleelotus!!

  5. Noooooooo! You made my cry here…. it’s bad! 😥 😥 Poor Angel who sacrifice himself.
    What a poignant story. I hope the end will be happy. I prepare my handkerchief just in case …

  6. Unpredictable story development. I love the little angel acting so brave to protect his master 😀
    Let’s see what actually happened to angel……
    maybe he’s the real culprit behind all the incidents, hahahah 😀

    • Lol!!! Brother I think i’ll rope you in on the story with such an idea!! Angel faking his own death in order to pretend to be good!! That is one big twist I must say!!

      Well angel won’t be making any more appearances as of this moment since he is plotting his next move haha!! OKay okay better not get ahead of myself too much!!

      Stay tune man 😀 Moar coming up!!!

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