Corruption part 2!!

Continuing from part 1!!! Genosaurer took a nasty bite from part 1, will he be able to defeat Death Raiser? What will happen to Riannon and Angel who are out numbered? Find out in part 2!!

With all his might, Genosaurer shakes of Death Raiser from his back!

In the mean while….

Riannon : You are not going to get me today!!

Riannon : haaarrrr!!!

Riannon : Take that!!

Riannon : There is more from where that came from!!

Riannon : Powarrrr….

Riannon : Wave!!!

Riannon : Argh!! Too many…

Ugly Doll Wedgehead : UGLY……


Riannon : Ah no my staff!!!

Riannon : Noooo!!!!

Raspberyl : Excellent, now with Riannon’s Magic out of the way…

Raspberyl : Time for a little spell casting hahaha…

Raspberyl begins chanting : Berries…

pineapples, bananas…

oranges, apples


The evil within genosaurer stirs….slowly his zoid core begins to shift into a purple hue…

Genosaurer : Grrr….

Raspberyl : Riannon, meet my new friend Genosaurer…..buhahahahaha!!!

Till the next post!!! Stay tuned for part 3!!!

41 thoughts on “Corruption part 2!!

    • Lol she isn’t eaten yet…. just pinned down ^^ I won’t left my fave nendo get eaten!!!! But it does seem like resident evil though lol…

    • thanks man!! I took a bit more time to edit this time round 😀 The SFX department had a bit more budget this time round haha ^^

    • Haha well Lyli pointed out nutella the other time round so I figured why not have her chant that! (besides she is standing beside one XD)

      Thanks!! Aww lol Riannon has a new friend 😀 Hugs ^^

  1. It’s full of big use of magic between this fierce fight between Riannon and Raspberyl (Can NUTELLA be magic too?!!! LooooL for me it is, my papillae are vibrating :P)
    I’m looking forward to know how it’s going to end.

    • Haha anything can be used when it comes to stories 😀 No rules saying I can’t use peanut or nutella for spell casting buhahah!!!

      Papillae?? What is that??

      Anyway stay tuned to the next part 😀 Gonna come up shortly!!!

  2. Berries, pineapples, bananas, oranges, apples…


    All chubbs nendo is mine! Oh no Riannon is in danger! Will She become Super Saiyan? Will Chubb sacrifice her? B-Mecha is waitting for the part 3!

    • Nope man you ain’t touching my Nendos 😀 Haha you are getting yourself way over here ^^ No super saiyan powers in my story as of yet but that can be an idea!

      Psst I won’t ever sacrifice Riannon that is for sure ^^

      Part 3 coming up soon!

  3. i love how Riannon had a lord of the rings moment “you shall not pass!!!” 😛 Ugly Finger and Nutella attacks were hilarious Lol
    cant resist the temptations of Nutella, its powerful enough to convert a powerful Zoid. poor Geno surrounded by darkness now. really loving how your bringing the script to life,cant wait for the next parts, this is very entertaining!! 😀

  4. Haha now that you mention it she does resemble Gandalf at that point in the story! Ugly finger is just a little parody of domon plus nutella is good 😀 (I happen to be eating it as of this moment!!)

    Hehe you know whats gonna happen next 😀 Well stay tuned man for that carpet canyon lol XD

    • Lol better late than never my friend 😀 Thanks man XD

      Don’t worry Riannon won’t go just like that haha 😀 Part 3 editing in process!!

  5. Noooooooooo!! Rianon is in a pinch….
    And genosaurer was hacked by raspberyl….black magic sure is powerful

    LOL at ugly finger, dun tell me in the next episode the uglies can reach a peaceful state of mind and turn into super mode!! hahahah 😀

    your story is very interesting chubb, maybe you can make a mini book of your nendo stories!

    btw, we want part 3!! hahahahah

    • Lol!!! Ugly dolls in hyper mode 😀 Breaks out of raspberyl’s spell and helps riannon instead ^^ That will be excellent for a plot twist!! Thanks for the compliments man!! Haha you are not the first one who said that too!! Looks like I got a new project to keep in mind 😀 Better start saving all the files ^^

      Editing as of this moment!! Add oil to the editing flame!!

    • Hmm she did take down quite a few ppl 😀 Too many numbers for her to handle according to the plot XD

      Third part coming up soon ^^

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