Here is video to all you guys who have accompanied me on this little blog 😀 Enjoy and have a great weekend ^^

Till the next post!!


58 thoughts on “Friends…

    • Haha just a little thank you vid man 😀 Yoko sword dance!!!

      Thanks for being such a regular here man ^^ will be very lonely without your Kouji fireblasts and tenti yoko around haha!!!

  1. Ah…thanks for such a great video!! Nice choice of songs too; love Yuna Ito! XD It was very moving. Now I see why you needed that plushie pic! XD It’s quite surreal seeing my Setz stuff in a video. Thank you for including me and my humble collection!!!

    Hope you have a good weekend too!! ^^ 2010 will be another awesome year of loots and wallet-busting. xD

    • haha Yuna ito is very nice, got to know her through gundam 00 Trust you ^^ And while looking for Trust You I happen to chance upon her other songs! Thanks also for being part of my little blogs’ journey 😀

      I just have to include that Setsuna plush!!! Wouldn’t be right if I didn’t have him in for Setusna’s biggests fan 😀

      Have a great weekend haha moar loots and poisoning for 2010 will ensue!!

    • Lol!! Ninja visit them man!!! Hopefully through this vid you can get to know the other wonderful blogs out here ^^

      Thanks!! Glad you like the video and song choice XD

    • Haha videos are a good way to keep memories and friends are very important!!

      Look forward to the vid man ^^ Thanks for being such a frequent visitor too 😀

    • As long as I’m still blogging 😀
      I’ll keep blogwalking till the time comes…

      in forum gamedevid, my post is 1000+posts and I’ve left it a year ago. in forum indowebster, my post also 1000+, and left it around 4-5 months ago.

      I don’t know when, but I think there will be times where I find myself another path…

  2. Ah work stress!! Very touched to know my video made you feel better!! Having good friends can make life much less stressful 😀

    Thank you too man!! All the best for this year too!!

  3. Woah awesome! Thanks for including me in the vid too!! ^^

    May 2010 be a great year for all of us! (And most likely not so great for our wallets :P)

    And it is through blogging that we shall all get poisoned by awesome figurines/nendos/gunplas! Hoorah! LOL have a nice weekend chubbs ;D

    • Thanks man!! Haha same to you!!

      Moar figures, nendos, gunpla and poisoning by each other! lol 😀 Have a great year (hopefully our wallet is still intact!!) and a great weekend ^^

  4. So touching………..
    Thank you chubb!! You are also one of the people who encourage me to keep blogging 😀

    again, I’ll donwload your vid, will treasure this one, haha!

    This is a nice present for all of us!

    • Ah thanks man ^^ Very happy to know that I am of the ppl who encourage you to keep blogging! It warms my heart to hear that! Keep the blogging and sharing spirit up man 😀

  5. I cried a bit snif snif, that’s such a sweet video. Very good choice of songs and i didn’t know the artist so that’s a cool discovery.
    And i’m a part of your blog friends ! wow that’s awesome 🙂
    Thank youuuuuuuuuuu ❤ I needed this since i feel bad today, you warmed my heart and i deeply thank you for that.
    kiss 🙂

    • Ah cheer up 😀 Riannon gives kastura chan a hug ^^

      Haha I always enjoy reading your comments and I am more than happy to have you included!! Glad you love the songs and vid 😀

      Thank you for such wonderful comments and that kiss hahah!!
      (red face..)

  6. dude, buddy, pal, bro.. this is a very thoughtful and touching video 😀 it really made me happy to watch, thanks for taking the time to put this together, so glad to have meet you and others through blogging!

    lets continue to make more friends and memories ^_^

  7. thanks man 😀 Also a big thank you too for being there during my early days!! always looking forward to your comments dear brother, nenditor, pal lol XD

    I treasure each and every blogger that comes by here! Glad i didin’t gave up on blogging! Its the community here that really amazes me day by day and haha looking forward to grow this even more!!

    Sweet memories 😀 Must keep them ^^ Have a great weekend ahead man!

  8. haha, tanks, danbo and yotsuba is pretty much what my blog is about 😀
    Nice video man! You manage to show every cool sides of your friends blog! Blogging sure brings a lot of friends 😀

    • Haha those 3 are you most representative works!! Thanks man! Glad you like the vid!

      It is friends that help to make a blog successful, without them a blog can’t survive!!! Glad to count you as one of my friends ^^


  9. Great video, and it lets ppl see some really great works from others in 1 place! Really dug the DC23 ones!

    And I was also pleasantly surprised on the variety of mechas on the vid. I was worried that a vid like that would have been almost exclusively gundam but I saw Sledgmir (SRW) and various revoltechs in there!!

    Still not enough Five star stories love tho… Will have to find ways to change that!!

    • Ah DC 23 is very good!! You should check out his site ^^ This is a collection of most of the people on my blogroll and its a good way to showcase all the wide variety of collectors be it gundam, revoltechs haha. Don’t worry, I won’t solely just put gundams!! there are more stuffs than that!!!

      Well I am counting on you buddy to up the FSS love 😀

  10. I’m late…. for now, i’m completely exhausted. :/
    Excellent idea this video and really original.;)
    Thanks for including me. I’m really touched. I’m really happy to be part of your little community 🙂 Thanks for everything Chubby!
    The music is very well choose. It’s touching.

    • Haha better late then never 😀 Same here, had a really tiring day!!! One full afternoon of photoshoots and editing! Thanks for the compliments 😀 I am honored to have you as part of the little community ^^!!!

      Rest well!!

      • I’m the one honored by the fact you got interested on Lylibellule since a part of it’s content is not something that would have interested you.
        I’ll be always grateful for this first comment you left 🙂

        I try to rest but it’s not always easy. I would need some vacations.

        End your weekend well Chubby!

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