Corruption Part 1 (updated with vid link!)

After Genosaurer’s initial construction, Riannon decides to take him for a nice little test drive ^^. Little did they know something sinister is about to happen…

Riannon : Its okay Geno san! Just go ahead and dash as fast as you can!

Genosaurer : (happy growl!!)

Riannon : Haha!! Look at him go angel ^^

Genosaurer : Grrr…..

Riannon : What the….it can’t be…

Raspberyl : Buhahahahah!!! Well well look what we have here….

Raspberyl : If it isn’t my old friend Riannon and my my what a nice zoid you have there…

Riannon : Don’t get any funny ideas! Geno san is my friend!!

Genosaurer : GRRRR!!!

Riannon : Leave or else!

Raspberyl : Or else what? hahahah!!! And for your information I brought a few friends….

Death Raiser : growl…..

Riannon : What the….

Raspberyl : Well where were we…

Riannon : Don’t worry Angel, just stay close to me…

Raspberyl : whats that word again…oh ATTACK!!!

To be continued….

Ps : I did a video for part 1 also here. Enjoy!!


64 thoughts on “Corruption Part 1 (updated with vid link!)

    • Actually to finish Drossel’s arc I will need to finish this 😀 Haha ask my fellow nenditor ^^

      The green is actually due to raspberyl’s evil aura ^^. Thanks!! Will continue editing the rest….150 plus more to go!!!

  1. that was action packed! i thought Gundam battles were intense, epic Zoid battling here!! lol Rasp is always looking for a fight isnt she, and Genosaurer took a major hit right after his construction… just like koto kits to be prone to damage? lol j/k

    very nice job and great effects as always ^_^b cant wait to see part 2

    • Haha you ain’t seen nothing yet!! Zoids are vicious creatures and definitely need intense battles to show their stuff 😀

      Well she had to play to bad guy role for now ^^ (couldn’t find any other nendo that fits a bad person role like her…can’t imagine saber lily in this role haha…) And thats a nasty bite geno san took! Luckily no kits were damaged during the filming!

      Thanks man!!! Adding more fuel to the editing! It helps when AES is acting up again!!! Then again couldn’t have done all of this without your input to tie up the ending. 🙂

  2. Ohhh! Everything started so nicely and there Raspberyl come to trouble from the top of a Nutella bottle (yummy… LooooL)
    The fight is rough… so many flash and lightning! Come one genosaurer, go! you’re the best! 😀

    Good work Chubby! Special effects are amazing!

    • Nutella bottles make for a nice mountain top lol. I even stack cookies beneath (okay they were gone after the photoshooting haha….)

      Zoids are fierce creatures!!! Tooth and claws are in order of the day!! Haha okay I have one bet for genosaurer already 😀

      Thanks Lyli!! Haha will add in more for the rest!!

  3. nutella!! hahah

    Love the effects and camera chubb! Especially those cannon effects.

    And I see cute little angel is afraid of the death raiser, but the fact that he has a big grin is very funny 😀

    Btw I downloaded your youtube vid, haha! Gozilla sound!

    • haha so we have another nutella lover here 😀

      Thanks man!! Looks like a lot of ppl love the cannon effect. Hehe okay gonna do a little tutorial on that 😀 Haha well too bad I can’t do a head swap for angel like nendo or figma, but haha indeed it is a bit weird that shes always grinning even in the face of danger!

      Cool! I just had to add in godzilla at the back 😀 (my fave kaiju okay!)

    • Thanks man!! Haha always looking to explore new media for story telling 😀 Its hard work man but hearing so many positive feedback makes it worthwhile 🙂

  4. OHHH ATTACK!!! I like that. *LOL*
    You do have quite a few dino-robots (zoids?!) huh.
    Also, those are very nice effects you made there.


    • Haha Raspberyl’s choice of vocabulary is a bit limited but she has great choice ^^

      Oh dino robots?? How old are they? They might be zoids hehe 😀 Maybe you have a gem or two inside!! Thanks!! Glad you like the effects hahha 😀

  5. wow man this is the battle scene is very-very cool.I give you two thumbs up for the story and another two thumbs up for the effect hahaha
    i like the two little monsters,the one with one eye and his friend…they look evil but not evil enough i guess hahaha

  6. make each nendo have their own pet Zoids man! Then you would have a really nice royal rumble 😀

    i love the effect, it always makes a story comes alive (especially during battle scene)

    • Haha i’ll be broke by then!!! Unless I get sponsership lol ^^ Royal rumble sounds like wrestling man!! Glad you like the effects! Indeed they help to make the fight scenes nicer!

  7. I’ve just watched your video.
    Maybe you need to put more SFX rather than use just normal BGM.

    and for caption, try subtitling with subtitle workshop or something. I’ve made some but I forgot the name of the program… >_<

    • Ah cool ^^ Thanks for the feedback, will try to work them in! I figured out how to overlay the sounds already last night 😀 Will work them into the next vid!

  8. Wow that’s intense !!!
    Come on fight for freedom, justice and cakes !!!
    This is wonderfully staged, you could be a film maker or something deciding what to film and how. You’re talented 🙂
    Each time i see something with nendos i can’t wait for mine who should arrive soon. That’s so cuuuute.

    • You forgot to add cookies and nutella 😀

      Wow film maker haha! thanks for the compliments ^^ Maybe one day I might come out with a full fledge nendo production haha!!

      Haha trust me your world will never be the same again with all the little ones coming and all the wonderful stories you can come up with 😀 Hmm better go make some more nutella bread!

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