Seravee WIP Phase 3!!!

Managed to squeeze in a bit of time to detail the lower half of my seravee 😀 Just a short update to let know guys have a look at whats cooking in the Toy Room 😛

Scribed panel lines on the leg armor. This step took me a 2 days to slowly scribe. In fact I had to putty and rescribe a few places!!

Also added a few pla plates at the legs to give some detail.

Created vents behind the skirt. Gonna sand the edges later.

Also layered a pla plate at the groin area.

Added a bit of detail in between the legs with a Koto option part.

Also as you have seen from my previous WIP where I added the two additional armors. Those 2 armors will be modded into cannons in honor of Tiera’s previous mobile suit virtue 😀

Ps : The V fin was taken out for an experiment…

Also I got a new equipment 😀 Previously I used scissors to cut the shapes out for my scratch build sword on the pla plate. Instead using this I got very very nice cuts.

Now I can get really nice and sharp shapes 😀

Ah finally I managed to get the skeleton of the sword done ^^ Now all I have to do is copy and cut!!

Recently I have began to exercise a bit more, so my gunpla hours will have to be shortened a bit but I’ll still press on no matter what little time I have left!! So just showing my baby steps with Seravee 😀 Well have a good week ahead ^^

Till the next post!!


38 thoughts on “Seravee WIP Phase 3!!!

    • I used both 1mm and 0.5 mm. But mainly 0.5mm on seravee’s main body. I used the 1mm for the sword though, used the cutter with several passes to get the shape out. Its hard to cut 1mm…hands hurts after that lol 😀

    • Insert FF7 victory song ;P Level up!!

      Thanks man 😀 Taking the swords nice and slow. At least I have the basic shape out already. Now its just replicating ^^

  1. Oh yeah, the cannon looks very cool! XD
    Can’t wait to see Seravee in action.

    Oh yeah, your new equip, a cutter, isn’t it?
    Don’t you use them to remove excessive cut (nubs)? or with what do you remove them?

    • I love virtues cannons more than seravee 😀 Plus they look like speakers as bmecha puts it haha!

      Oh the cutter is more for cutting pla plates which you saw at the end. Not suitable for removing nubs though as they tend cut more than just the nub and gorge out plastic!!

  2. Nice, the lower half gets good attention this time! =D
    Especially the legs since the legs are very plain OOB. ^^;

    And, ROFL, Virtue speakers… that gives me an idea for something funny I can do… >_>

    • Ah yes, nice big white sheet on the legs haha. If there are 1/144 decals probably I won’t need to do as much detailing 😀

      Virtue speakers… this isn’t macross 7 you know haha…Seravee Basara lol 😀

  3. Nice work on the skirt vents. Btw did Seravee get shoulder cannons from Panasonic? I think I saw them in an electronics shop! 😀

  4. Nice! Seravee looking good!! cant wait to see more progress on the SB sword XD

    Koto option kit… i just remember that i bought a few details part not long ago.. I guess i’ll use some of it on my Reborns lol

    Keep it up!

    • Haha the sword will take some time 😀 Hopefully I can finish it soon!!

      Koto has quite a few options kits. I do have a few but this is my first time using haha! Cool, can’t wait to see what you will add to your reborns!!

      thanks !

    • Lol the cutter was based on your recommendation and it really helped me a lot man! thanks!!

      Haha, you are a man after my heart…nearly wanted to do that but don’t think i have the time and money to pull that off lol!!

      You might want to make a G3 hi nu lol 😀

  5. You finally entered the detailing process, looking good 😀
    The sword skeleton already show that it’s a very cool concept. Take your time on the sword, precision work usually doesn’t come in one package with speed 😀

    • Thanks!! Yes that is so right!! Thats a very good advise 😀 Precision work will need time and patience ^^ Giving this scratch build all my best haha!

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