Kotobukiya Mechanical Chain Base 005 review

As promised, this is the review of the recent loot I got yesterday. I first I have my doubts as it is kotobukiya but surprisingly, I am very very impressed with this chain base 😀 Well looks like kotobukiya scored high points in my view for this! Now lets start unwrapping this baby!!

It comes bundled like a kit 😀 But surprisingly the plastic is very tough and very very matt. This will save the need to do any top coat or repainting! The 2 large pieces will form the main base. As for the containers, foot rest and other parts you will need to cut them out.

When comes to details, no one knows it like kotobukiya 😀 Both the little parts and even the based are chocked full of details!! Plus with such a nice looking grey to go with it ^^

The Base

The base itself is fitted into the other via a slot mechanism. Very easy (wish they thought of this for their kits!!) simple joints that surprisingly make a very stable base.


The foot rest for the kit before it heads out via the run way. It is attached to the base via a simple mechanism at the various holes located on the base.

Its fits my 1/144 Jegan very nicely 😀

Also it is able to turn to accommodate different angles.

Also, one of the more interesting accessory is the mechanical arm which can be used to hold up weapons, parts etc. It is able to open and close to fit different sizes of weapons/parts.

Here it is hold my 1/144 Saviour’s rifle.

Another quick shot of arm in action 😀

This set comes with 3 containers which can be arranged randomly or…

Stacked up neatly…hmm DHL anyone ^^

Base Configurations

The two bases can be place side by side with simple connectors. The height is about the same as a standard 1/144 kit (except for the likes of Kshatriya, Pyscho gundam..)

Its slightly taller than the Jegan with this configuration

Instead if you want a taller base, a simple change of configuration will do the trick 😀 This will be useful for 1/100 kits ^^

Some test shots of kits with base

And of course some Zeon love 😀

For the crane in the picture I used the grey color 1/144 base ^^

Well thats my little review on the Mechanical base 005. I am very impressed with regards to this release. Good plastic (big surprise), awesome detail, multiple configurations plus cool accessories makes this a must get for those who like to take pictures of their gundams 😀 The hanger just adds a whole new dimension. Standing never look so good…

For those who are interested, I got this at M workshop at Sunshine Plaza for $16.90 per set 😀 Do give the base a go and trust me, you will have lots of fun playing with the set up!!

Till the next post!!

67 thoughts on “Kotobukiya Mechanical Chain Base 005 review

  1. Cool chain base. Makes your kits feels right at home (which is their hangars XD).
    Not bad pla quality from Koto, quite a surprise for me as they looked pretty solid, unlike their kits….

    Lucky devil you, Chubbs…

    • oh yes, all fractions are eying for a piece of action standing at the base! And indeed they feel very very much at home haha. Like you I am very very surprised at the pla quality…in fact as hard as bandai’s!!!!

      But damn…your Yui is slightly poisoning me….must resist…

  2. whoa, the base looks great chubb!
    Hangar scene really suits gundam, haha.

    so it’s 17sgd each, hmmm…….must resist!! 😀

    I dun have the mood to do gunpla today…just listening to G gundam cantonese OST, hahahahah

    • Haha yes the hanger is really really nice!! Maybe i’ll take that out for our next outing haha then Bmecha’s tachikoma will have some nice background 😀

      Same here, still recovering from flu…now just listening to gundam 00 sound track plus a bit of keroro for the sound effects haha!! Gerooo!!!

        • Rest well ya. I just done with the gundam. But the weapons not done yet… this Sunday is a very busy day for me.

          Did you grab HGUC Rezel? Any idea when it will reach HAG?

          • Haha I am more than happy to have tachikoma walk around the hanger for repairs buahhaa

            I checked with the boss, it will only come next month as she is ordering by sea shipment. Probably the week after you will see another hoot post with more bases and rezel 😀

    • Ah I went there with bmecha and heathorn recently and they didn’t have any base left…

      Oh thanks for the suggestion haha!! Got too excited playing with them….hmm maybe a bit of dry brushing and panel lining will definitely make it even better ^^ Or maybe some scratched build hanger parts haha!

  3. cool I will try contact my sister In hobby store near wher she lived they sell something like this
    anyway is that using koto crappy plastic ??/

    • Oh thanks! Its neutral grey for the main body and german grey for the joints 😀 My old handpainted works and also my favorite zeon mech ^^

  4. nice details and good plastic! thats a relief 😛 i like the mechanical arm, very neat. and looks like your Kampfer is camouflaging there lol

    will the 1/100 kits feet fit the foot pad? would bee awesome to have a row of these… or mod it to be like the EVA launch pads Lol

    • My my, think of having this for your RX78 kiva form 😀

      And yes thank goodness the plastic is solid, won’t wanna have my mechs breaking the floor on every launch haha!! I am looking for the other bases where they actually have those litlle fork lifts and trucks! As for the 1/100 kits their feets won’t be able to fit in. But standing in the hanger is much better than just sitting on the shelve ^^

      Feels like my kits are on standby ready to march on any moment!

    • These bases will look very very nice with all the different dashes of grey 😀

      Man 12!!! Thats a huge base!!! Can’t wait to see your painted base…will be an awesome site!

  5. Nice, looks like it has a very solid build. I wonder if I can find this locally… then again, I don’t think I’ll have the space to set this thing up. XP

    • Haha its solid indeed 😀 No worries about koto plastic this time haha ^^

      Probably you might have to order online, hardly see this locally here already!!

    • Thanks! Its $16.90 per base ^^ I think for your kits this will make a perfect back drop to complement your photos 😀

      Already have some zeon units in da base mode already haha!

  6. i think dry brushing it would make it look awesome although i am slightly obsessed with it now if the cat’s no careful it will get it too, damn you chubby 😉

  7. Hey chubbybots, i just notice that you leave some comment on some of my works posted on BAKUC ^^ Take a look at my new work on a MG Char’s Zaku and do leave some comment too 😀

    Btw i am thinking about getting this Chain Base but is it for 1-144 models only?

    • Ah cool i’ll go take a look ^^ Sorry haven’t been really active in Bakuc!!

      Oh you will need 2 in order to accomodate anything above 1/144. By itself it nicely fits most of the grunt units for 1/144 scale. But if you are talking about Sazabi or Kshatriya you’ll need to stack to of them to fit them in!!

  8. it actually pretty nice! It doesn’t look too convincing if you only see how the base looks like in the box picture!
    And I like the fact that we could put together more than one base 😀

    • Haha looks like i got another customer lol!! I saw the base personally that is why I took the plunge and got two of em 😀
      Yes, pictures and actual product really differs a lot!!

      Haha gundam guy has like 10 of em….and its crazy to see how we can string them up together!!

    • Haha well I have been looking for them after seeing your posts ^^ I love your set ups so it got me inspired to put in more effort on my backgrounds!!

  9. I got these bases too but not the launch pad version. They are great and make perfect background for photoshoot. It’s a value for money buy that comes handy. I actually spray it over with Matt grey.

    • Oh no wonder I find my colors slightly lighter than yours 😀 Hmm now thinking of nice mods for the base haha ^^ Or maybe get more of the other series to compliment the launch pad versions.

      They are indeed value for money ^^

  10. you got 2 of them? I thought we need 4 of them to form a hangar for 1/100 unit. If it’s only two I will try them 😀

    oh yeah, why don’t you like kotobukiya? Doesn’t they make many well-known kits?

    • haha well its really up to your imagination how to arrange and the angle of your camera shots 😀

      Try building one of their kits and you will know what I mean ^^. Words won’t be able to describe!!!

  11. wow.. this one is looking good… might get it one… how many series it has.. u got 005 hm…

    I bought some option stuffs from Koto (MSG) series… and a weapon set.. it was okay.. i think Koto do better with option stuffs than their kits lol… >_<

    • I recall they have until 006 😀 Really must grab for displaying your gundam if you can ^^

      And you are right, their options part are much better than their actual kits lol ;P

  12. So, that’s the mechanical chain based. When I saw the title, I didn’t know what to expect. It looked like a container (the shipping type) to me.

    It’s pretty cool man! SOLID!!!

    • Haha its very nice base set to display my growing collection haha 😀 I don’t think many ppl have seen this in actual person so haha glad to introduce it here ^^ ..I think it will also fit my nendos Mari tan and drossel 😀

      Soild yes ^^

  13. Yo Dj! Oh they only have that available at the moment so grabbed 2 of em 😀 Heh so when will you be arriving in Singapore?

  14. I always wondered about these mechanical chain bases when I see them in stores, so I’m thrilled to see them in action. Thanks for the review, Chubbybot!

    • Ah thanks!! Like you I have been looking around for these bases and luckily managed to grab 2 of em 😀 Looking forward to expanding the base! Glad you find my review useful Chag ^^

    • Thanks!! Next time I don’t have to use cardboard paper for the backing no longer ^^ The base is very very nice for displaying my mechs 😀

  15. For those in sg looking for a mechanical base, you can visit M Workshop at Sunshine Plaza. I visited it on several occasions and he has quite a handful of them on sale, I say about 10 or more at a glance.

    They are hidden near the end of the shop behind the counter. To save yourself the hassle, I suggest you to ask them straight away.

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