Hoot of the month

Today I headed down to Sunshine Plaza to take a nice little stroll. In fact I thought i’ll only window shop but somehow the stress at work got to me and my wallet is just itching for a nice little grab šŸ˜€ Don’t worry moemoekyun its not a kit ^^ (still have 3 more kits to build before i can get the next one!!) Well onward with the small loots šŸ˜€

My grabs for the month, hobby japan and 2 mechanical bases!! I have been searching for them ever since I read Katsuden’s post on his GM where he took photos with the base!!

Even at the trip with Bmecha and Heathorn to Chinasquare Central, I couldn’t even find this base. And lo and behold it was on display at M workshop!!! Can’t wait to start taking photos with this next round!!

Now I am not too sure if you guys buy Hobby Japan, but I love reading magazines instead of scans. I love the feeling of flipping through hobby magazines and learning from all the works šŸ˜€ And in this issue we have all the entires!!

Hmm scratch build SD 7s swords Gundam 00 XD

Char is into F1!!! 3 x the speed of a normal racing car!!

And the champion goes to a construction zaku!!

Woah…fantastic look MSV of kyrios gust…

Deep poison…Five Star Story kits look so good..

What I like about Hobby Japan is that it covers a very wide genre šŸ˜€ Here we have a very cool looking IXA from Kamen Rider Kiva ^^

Usually I’ll stop at this point in the hobby mag and actually skip the figures section. Through the daily poisonings from rockleelotus which resulted in a wonderful addtion of Nendoroids to the Toy Room…well some interesting thing I found from my foray into the figures section…

Argh….man…poison again…

Sweet, the BRS weapon line art šŸ˜€ I so need this for my group build!!

Saber anyone?

Kei On truck??

Oh the entire band lol!!

Well thats a little update from me today šŸ˜€ I am a bit down with flu so looks like a long rest for the weekend XD

Till the next……ah cHOOOOO!!!


73 thoughts on “Hoot of the month

  1. aye nowt better than looking through a mag, nae chance of gettin them where i stay tho , hope ya feel better soon retail therapy is the only cure i know too.

  2. Yeah, its better to get the actual mag than reading through the scans. I normally miss a lot of minor stuff when reading through scans. Too bad the TW version of Hobby Japan is hard to get as compared to Dengki Hobby. Then again, the local hobby shop here lets you read the magazines they have at the store anyways. XP

    • Haha man thats cool! The local store heres have then tightly wrapped up…and only when I open my wallet then i can see the mag haha. I don’t think I can find TW versions here though, maybe some of the guys here might have lobangs for this ^^

      I love the feel of flipping through the mag and looking at all the cool builds like a fanboy haha. šŸ˜€ The simple joys in life…

  3. I used to buy hobby magz also, but now I read scans, heheh, save money….But for manga, I really prefer to read the book, not scans.

    I see you got the BRS lineart now, haha, a custom black bazooka for 78 maybe ^^

    F1 zaku and construction zaku are really awesome. Is that some kind of gunpla competition?

    Rest well chubb šŸ˜€

    • Well its a deep itch that I have today that must be scratched!! Haha i needed that BRS lineart for the build, really super useful! That cannon will really make or break that RX78 BRS version šŸ˜€ Plus the nendo is cute haha!!

      I loved the F1 zakus haha, plus if its char in the seat, all bets are off.

      Thanks for the well wishes man šŸ˜€

  4. Ha! Ha! Window shopping can be dangerous to the wallet when things caught your eyes. Not an issue as long as it’s something you like. Cheers!

    • Haha well thanks to reading a certain post from your blog šŸ˜€

      Indeed window shopping with a deep itch is very very dangerous haha!! But if you love it why not ^^

  5. Hey i bought 4 kotobukiya base series ,i think between 6-10…i forgot the series number.and combined them into 1 hahaha so there are 2 levels,each level can fit 2 1/44 gundam only.Get well soon : )

    • wow 6 – 10 man!!! Thats awesome!! You can make a very nice base diorama with them together! Maybe next time take a shot of it with your tieren ^^

      Haha thanks for the well wishes man :d Cheers!

    • Ah set me back by 20 dollars…but I think its really worth it considering this issue contained 100 over different builds but the japanese!!

      I love the grand prix one haha šŸ˜€ My favorite diorama of the moment!

  6. A mech base, that’s good to take photo in that.
    But AFAIK it’s for 1/144 isn’t it? I didn’t buy these because as I look in screenshoots, I need minimal of 4 mech base for fitting a 1/100 HG or MG.

    well, maybe if my Masurao come (oh when will it be…), I’ll change my mind.

  7. sweet mechanical bases, great for display and diorama. dude that IXA stature is so bad ass! SIC should keep their figures with that kind of proportion, unlike the latest ones with super huge pushed back shoulders XD lol that BRS line art is perfect for reference, talk about fate? šŸ˜› and i want that Saber Extra figma so much…

    have some chicken soup and get well soon man, tackling all those projects is taking its toll lol are you now more susceptible to poison in your weaken state? šŸ˜›

    • Yes!! I have been looking high and low for them and when I saw them on the shelve I just grab without thinking haha!! I love the IXA statue too!! The old issues are full of em and they even come with stories and dioramas!!

      And yes, I wasn’t expecting to see BRS line art šŸ˜€ Love big cannons….and of course for saber poison šŸ˜€

      Haha yes, my figure/gunpla/nendo shield is in a very weak state šŸ˜€ hopefully i can get by the weekend without a hitch haha!! Thanks for the blessing man!

  8. I don’t really like reading hobby japan since it has all this poison that’s bad for my health šŸ˜€
    is the mechanical base for your seravee? or it’s gonna be a new property for the stop motion industry :D?

  9. As for me i’ll skip the GK and gundam parts to comment on figures : let’s see => saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaber !! Ah i love her so much šŸ™‚
    I have only one book like this and it represent only Evangelion related products. Also have several Sailor Moon stuff i don’t understand since there’s a lot of text in japanese loool

    • wow, lots of saber fans here haha!!

      But actually I also don’t know how to read japanese! Would be really nice if I could. But seriously haha, the pictures are good enough to be a feast for the eyes šŸ˜€
      Oh so you bought those art books featuring Sailormoon? Cool ^^

  10. Apparently you found happiness during this trip šŸ™‚
    I never thought about getting Hobby Japan but i watch the scans on french forum.
    This nendo BRS will probably be quickly sold out! She was very popular even her release date.
    I wonder what this k-on truck will actually be ????

    • Ah yes a small pocket of happiness šŸ˜€

      BRS looks set to be another nendo that will quickly disappear! Plus with the anime set to release this year, that will really quicken the pace!!

      Haha oh you into kei on?? I have a few fellow bloggers here who plan to get the entire band! (ok guys you know who u are lol :D) Not too sure about this Kei on truck though wish i can decipher the japanese text!!

      • Why not do a meet up and pool together our K-On nendos (provided that each have one, or two) somewhere?

        Eto… don’t look at me, I lost my passport a long time ago in a place far far away. šŸ˜›

        • Ah the case of the missing passport :d Maybe have yui and yoko on a trip to find that!!

          I would love to meet up and pool together but mine would be a none k on nendo lol šŸ˜€

  11. SD 00 7S -_-

    BSR look real nice and cool.

    Kyrios Gust look like a Kyrios equip with the booster that Aile Strike use when flying to get Strike Freedom.

    SIC alway make the rider look cool,like Hyper Kabuto.

    • Oh I love looking at SIC series šŸ˜€ Very nice set of photos in every issue and there is one with King dark ^^

      That Kyrios add on gives it a more powerful look which I like, somehow MSV stuff looks so much better!!

      And i think if you wait long enough you will see SD 007s in kit form soon šŸ˜€

    • You are in lucky bro, they still have a good number there šŸ˜€ but its all series 005 though ^^ I got it at M workshop šŸ˜€

  12. Saber!!! Why must she be so EX always?
    K-ON seems interesting too. I think I’m going to be flooded with K-ON soon

    Chubby, you should post more of these mags stuff man. So, we can benefit from you šŸ˜‰ *LOL*

    • Lol haha cool šŸ˜€ I’ll do more such post whenever I get new mags ^^. Haha thought you guys also have these mags so I didn’t post on this before!

      Hmm I haven’t watched Kei on as of yet haha….maybe i should give it a look and see whats all this hype is about hehe. ^^

  13. Nice Get!!1

    Love all the SB kits.. very nice!

    WHOA CHAR ZAKU IN F1 SUPER BIG CAR over 9000x speed lol

    IXA! i want Emperor Kiva diorama figure lololol

    Nendo BRS orz!


    Saber Excalibur already get lolz muahaha

    • Haha… I think your main get will the last one that you mention lol… I was expecting more ppl to comment on the kei on bus but haha!! So many saber lovers here šŸ˜€

      Better not post too much mag stuff lol..deep poison…

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