Seravee WIP Phase 2!!

Resumed work on my Seravee gundam this evening to take a break from work 😀

Ps : Marzz asked me how I usually sand 😛 So this how I do it ^^

I added both a detail and negated the need for cementing this seam line by using this method 😀

Well that is all for the night! I had some problems with the panel lines on the legs. Currently I have puttied this trouble spots and will be tackling them when they dry for a day or two 😀 Also another additional mod I plan to do on the Seravee with his left over parts 😀

Till the next post!


36 thoughts on “Seravee WIP Phase 2!!

  1. im starting to do panel lining too, only on the smaller parts tho… cant risk the big stuff yet ^^ a gunpla friend told me my hands are more shaky when it comes to detailing small parts, OF COURSE I AM, those damn thing are micro! i have to be very focus when it comes to it! LOL

    • Ah we both have shaky hands 😀 Mustn’t drink coffee before doing panel lining lol..will shake even more!

      I made mistakes with my panel line on the leg, now waiting for the putty to dry before I rescribe the lines again!!

  2. sandpaper flavored icecream! that must taste err rough lol 😛

    i like the idea of adding panel lines to balance the seams. your doing lots of mods non stop, nice job building a good looking army muwahaha

    • It comes with a bloody good taste after eating 😀 haha!! With free white plastic icing.

      Thanks man! Killing 2 birds with one stone by doing this ^^. A little bit more details is good hehe. (Hint I wanna use all four of the meisters for the story!!!)

  3. Looking great so far! It’s good to see you are adding some details to the legs as well. =)

    Now with added bulk to the shoulders! Looks like the Seravee won’t dent much in a big battle anymore. XD

    Sa, continue on with your hard work! ^^

    • Haha thanks and you also pointed out from my Arios build 😀 That was a good suggestion that you made ^^

      I think after relooking at my pictures he is getting close to being a mobile armor when I am done with the pla plating!! Thanks will press on with the mods 😀

    • thanks man!! I am always looking for better ways to improve my build! No doubt there will be failures but hehe, just gotta keep trying!

  4. Abracadabra! Seamlines turned into panel lines, clever solution!

    Sometimes I stick the sandpaper to a hard surface, hold the parts with my hand, and start sanding. So, the parts move, the sandpaper stays, like sharpening a knife 😀

    Doing stop motion again tonight? Can’t wait for your next post 😀

    • With a help of drossel’s spell book, let this seam disappear!

      Haha I think your method will be good for small pieces like pla plate 😀 So now I know why your Vlag’s swords are so sharp ^^

      Well I am researching on good background music. I have this idea of converting my stories into slideshows with text and appropriate music instead of purely stopmotion. I think it will be a good stepping stone instead. But thats just an idea that will take time to work out!!

  5. turning seamlines into panel lines is a nice trick 😀
    wrapping a tick with a sand paper would certainly makes life easier, but be careful not to change the shape of the parts when sanding 😀 Easy work could sometimes let our guards down LOL

    • Haha now that I won’t want to happen 😀 Don’t want my flat surface cannons to look like tubes instead haha!!!

      You are right, don’t take things too easy ^^

    • Heh thanks!! Haha it took quite a while to get them right but they are really worth it 😀

      Thanks for the compliments! Will continue working oh the mods 🙂

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