I should (not) unbox my gundams like that….

Lol, another stop motion master piece from this guy 😀 I have been watching stop motion videos not stop these past few days, its amazing what others have come up with!! And when was the last time I unbox a new kit/figure hmm….

Well just a short post here 😀 Enjoy ^^


36 thoughts on “I should (not) unbox my gundams like that….

    • Oh yes indeed its Partick Boivin. I guess you can recognize his works by the looks of the table 😀 He uses the same table for most of his stop motion vids haha.

  1. LOL! awesome! I can see you’re hooked in stop motion now! 😀 Is this the game guy who made the Transformers and Batman videos?

    • Haha yes 😀 the same ingenious guy who did those 2 vids ^^

      i loved how he did the whole scene and action sequence, this is really master class stop motion work !!

    • Haha you should check out his old vids, they were already very very good for their time!! And yes his fluid moves are more of like animation rather than stop motion!!

  2. Woah, addicted much? XD

    Anyways, it looks too awesome to a stop motion vid… but it IS! @_@ Another god-like skill in this vast world? XP

    Will chubbs be able to level up that far? O_O

    • Haha yes very 😀 I so good its very close to animation!!!

      lol and are you joking !! If I had 1/100 of his skill level that will be already very good haha!! He is godlike ^^

    • Haha I can sure use some precision cutting on my pla plate!!!

      Its amazing work….salute to him for doing something like this. And if you noticed all his works were filmed on this table lol!!!

  3. Looks like you are into stop motion lately^^
    And….. What a very greatly done stop motion!!! Very nice!
    Dun think shredding ur gunpla box is a very good idea though……… Imagine the damages…lol

    • lol if you are a ninja I think you should be able to avoid the contents haha!!!

      And yes, pretty much hooked with these stuff…now permanently attached to youtube for all these crazy vids!!

  4. This is amazing!! The movements and camera angles is just super nice!
    Ninja skill indeed, the product inside is still unscratched 😀

  5. I’ve been checking this guy’s work! It was awesome!
    great work like these really boosts the motivation eh?

    If all of my figures are unboxed that way, I’ll get a heart attack very soon even if those ninjas are skilled with their sword LOL

    • Haha his old works were equally amazing!! And yes, seeing masters at work really boosts the motivation. Just like seeing master gunpla works hehe!!

      We won’t live very long if this happens on a daily basis lol!!

  6. Woooow! Like we say in Belgium “Purée” (typical expression when you’re astonished)
    As i want to be capable of doing such a thing. An amazing creation.
    Come on Chubby… do the same now 😉 😀

    • lol Lyli its like asking me to cosplay with my fat middle tummy haha!!! Don’t think i can pull this off at this point in time haha! Its crazy how ppl can come up with stuff like that haha!

      I hope to do the same one day ^^ Meanwhile look at his vids for inspiration!!

  7. That’s a superb video!!! We (my wife and I) are truly impressed. But, if I were him, I’d be kinda sad to have the box destroyed. I like the Nexus One box 🙂

    • Haha well I am sure they will be pretty useful in the kitchen helping your wife with the slicing of vegetables and meat 😀

      Now that you mention it, the box does look nice….

    • haha man you do have a point…I still need those gunpla boxes….then again, I have no problem with them chopping kotobukiya’s boxes lol!!!

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