Chubb’s first stop motion test!! Epic Fail!!!

Hi guys, just to share with you my first attempt at making stop making…man its fricking tough!! Salute those who could pull this off 😀 But anyway enjoy my epic fail !!! I took quite a fair bit of photos to get this but man still its not what I really would be proud off!! Probably switch to using ugly dolls / nendo’s next time 😀 (Easier to pose!!)

Till the next video….

(don’t know when this will be lol…)


73 thoughts on “Chubb’s first stop motion test!! Epic Fail!!!

  1. I wouldnt call this a fail, its rather good for a first attempt! 🙂
    My SLR has an option that makes a stop motion video out of single frames but I failed to make a decent one 😦

    I think you have to make at least 24 frames for each second of video time. So 30 seconds of video is like 720 frames! :O

    • Heh thanks!!! I yes I tried my best to make the hand movement as smooth as possible but I had problems trying to get the legs right!!! Hmm I’ll experiment with that suggestion on the next run. 🙂

  2. Not bad. The arms have a smooth motion, which is good but isn’t that MS moved a little more faster?
    For faster movement: use less number frames for the arms.

    • Hmm less number of frames noted ^^ Actually I tried using it as a gif with a faster speed about 15/100 second and its quite smooth. But come to windows movie maker with the max speed this is the best I can get.

  3. Good try bro, mind to tell which software you are using? i’m looking for dragon stop motion software, but it cost USD$200 + T_T check this link:

    they good thing of this you can see your last pose, then you can estimate what pose your pose next, i believe still have some more good feature on this.

    Suggest to use tripod when taking the picture, so the angle will be consident 😉 previously i got saw some software can help you do the adjustment. forget the name already..

    i think i better start mine, we can share share on this 😉

    • Ah I have seen his works before…thats like godlike stop motion lol. Man USD $200 ain’t gonna cut….budget constrains!!! The feature that you mention is very good. I had look back at the previous photo after every shot just to make sure its more or less the same. I did use a tripod but its the default short one that came with the point and shoot camera. I even blu tak the legs just to make sure they stay in the same place!!

      Looks like another round of investment lol…add to checklist…software(hopefully can find a decent one…) and a tripod!!

      Its kinda fun man 😀 Can’t wait to see what you come up with!! No doubt its tedious but I think with a few more tries I should be able to get it right!!!

      • yeah.. blu tak it’s useful, even plamoo he using tap also. Will start planning my animation, properly i will only use photoshop to create the animation or Flash, i’m not into video and audio editing..

        Agree with tsukinari mention at the bottom comment, it’s consuming lot of time to create an animation.

        i think this are the basic preparation:
        -Story line
        -Audio editings
        -Lighting settings
        -Software editings

        Keep up the good works 😉

  4. Hahaha, so you spent the weekend playing with stop motion 😀
    Yes, it is too slow. The movements of the hands are nice, but the legs seem a bit awkward to me.

    Just like moe2 said, first time. Next time is gonna be better man!

    If you want any particular software to use, maybe I can help you get it. I’m going back to Indonesia for CNY, can get a pirated version.

    • Haha well I did do the seravee a bit 😀 I had problems get the legs to pose. I try blue tagging them but Gundam 00 just seems to fall forward. I’ll experiement with other means of moving the kit or perhaps use my ugly doll for the stop motion (a lot easier to pose!)

      thanks for the offer man 😀 If you know of any good software just let me know and i’ll get it myself ^^

      Man this is steep learning curve!!

  5. I think it’s great for your first try! Just have to experiment with frames now to see what achieves the best effect. XD Don’t know what type of software you’re using, but maybe you can change the timing for each frame to be the smallest time possible [like 0.01 second] or something? Again, I’ve never played with stop-motion animation – the closest thing I’ve done is gif making lolol.

    Practice makes perfect! Don’t give up.

    • Oh I am able to go to that speed for a gif in photoscape. But that would mean no music or sound effects that I can add in!!! I am using window’s movie maker at its max speed in this video. So with a software limitation I am afraid I am not able to do another stop motion vid. Instead I might just upload my photos for figure wars and add some music as a sildeshow instead.

      But stop motion is fun 😀 Thanks for the encouragement. I’ll look for another way to do this!!

    • Cha cha would be nice lol…or maybe Michael Jackson’s beat it 😀

      Yep have to start somewhere…a series of epic failures!!

  6. good attempt ^^ hahah took him awhile to draw his sword.. I understand your pain brother.. *pat on chubbs shoulder*

    i notced your frame by frame is unbalanced, did you a tripod?

    • Thanks for the pat man 😀

      Oh I did use a tripod, but its not a very stable tripod. I got to get another better one. Maybe something like yours to do a stop motion vid. 🙂

    • I use windows movie maker. I took the shoots frame by frame with a bit of movement and then mix with audio with the whole thing to get it done 😀

  7. dude that was good! just need to adjust the play speed and work on the walking. right here he is doing the splits walk 😛

    be a pirate for editing software, arrgghhh matey 😛 lol actually what i used to do is look for trials softwares that can do what you want , but when trial period is over you gotta buy or move on ^^;

    i remember divinelight mentioning about a group stop motion project… lets do it Lol and get everyone to jump into new things with testing stop motion XD since i made the pettan .gif i benn wanting to try more animation again… one of my stories was supposed to be partially animated 😀

    • Heh thanks man!! Ah I’ll need to get a better software for this!! Windows movie maker just won’t cut when it comes to speed lol 😀 Its hard to get him to move properly!! Need some mods to do that or those clips to hold him i place while mid flight!!!

      I am currently looking at a few and I found one free one without trial 😀 (Remember photoscape haha!!) Will test it out and let you guys know how it will work!!

      He did mention about a group stop motion haha well if you are keen on it then why not 😀 So gonna host 2 group build on your side !!! Maybe animate the RX78 kits using stop motion after we build them. Hopefully I’ll be able to put up something decent by then!!

  8. Pretty nice for a first try 😀
    I don’t really know the trick to make a smooth stop motion, so I don’t know on which part you should improve 😀
    I’ll just become an audience that’s hungry for more LOL

    • Haha with the current speed movie maker gave me this is the fastest I am afraid 😀 haha XD

      Well I’ll keep a look out for better software to make the next one~!

  9. Nice try. You tried something even a designer might never touch before. For stop motion, I think 6 frame per second is more than enough.

    To make it easier during the photo process, set your camera on a tripod, use manual focus with manual setting, fix the setting and use a remote control to take the photos. This allow minimal movement to the camera and consistent colour.

    • Hmm the main issue is trying to maintain consistency over every shot! Indeed you need to minimize all the movements!!

      Haha dude I am not that rich to get a remote control…too expensive. Need to find alternatives 😀 (I rather use more money for gunpla buahaha!!)

  10. That’s a cool one! The model looks familiar though. I realized that’s the model of my first gunpla.

    Btw, would adding fading in/out transition help to smooth the animation from one frame to another frame?

  11. Ooo pretty good for a first try! I tried a simple head turn with my exia a few months ago and I just gave up…not cause it was horrible..cause exia just kept falling all over the place which got me pissed and just threw in the towel LOL xD Damn you exia!!

    • haha thanks man 😀 Even simple head turns can be very fustrating!!! Imagine taking like 6 to 7 photos for a simple movement lol…is it MG Exia that you were using??

    • Heh thanks!! I think if i increase the speed the time would be half of the current one!! That would make my vid a mere 10 to 20 seconds!!

  12. Pretty good for a first try! When I was watching the video, it kinda looks like 00 is doing some kind of slow motion dance. XD

    The movements kinda remind me of a recent cosplay convention involving a certain 00 Raiser losing its wing binders (when moving) and a singing Marina. XP

  13. Not bad at all ! Ok i know absolutely nothing about such process so i’m not help :/
    Indeed it’s a bit too slow but that’s a promising start. Wonder what you’re going to do after this 🙂

  14. Nice one! … I studied Animation in my University.. from what I saw, the main problem is the Timing, you may took too many picture on fast movement, and maybe took too less picture on slow movement…. Altho its not entirely Timing problem.. It might be the software u use and like other said.. 24 frames per sec is normal animation speed.. but not all 24 frames should be different..

    Even tho that I studies Animation, Im not very keen on Stop Motion, My final animation project was done in full 3d so I didnt like much doing Stop Motion due the time consuming problem.. but my colleague doing Stop Motion instead full 3d and he done it… really pain production step.. but he statisfied it.. and I saw his animation and its quite nice ^^

    If u see the video that u post earlier.. u can see that on fast movement he used only a few frame/pose pic or maybe only 1, and I see that he use maybe only 4 max frame/pos pic per movement and I look not a bit smooth since he didnt add the in-between key (to smooth the movement, aka adding more pose pic) and shorten the time for each picture..

    Not sure if im explaining it right since im suck at explaining lol… maybe some google-ing on Stop Animation Tutorial might be help ^^

    btw.. its quite okay for the first timer… I see worst lol.. good job and have a fun Stop-Motioning XD

    • Heh thanks for the encouragement man 😀 Hmm there is a lot things to learn haha…reminds me of the time i first started out on gunpla!! Indeed it is very time consuming, 150 odd photos for a simple movement so i really respect those ppl who take the time to do this!

      No doubt in the previous video his animation wasn’t that smooth, but nonetheless he was able to do a decent story with stop motion 😀 Maybe with a few more takes he can really get it better!! I did spend the weekend learning more about stop motion, its a very fascinating subject, so much that I put aside my seravee lol ^^. The key thing is speed which luckily I found my answer on youtube! (Wonderful source of stop motion!!)

  15. I’m impressed here! Even if it’s true that it’s globally a bit slow, it’s greatly made!
    I would be incapable of doing this so i say to you : congrats! Can’t wait to see what it’s going to be like with nendos 😀

    • Heh thanks lily! Haha globally slow what a nice way to put it!! 😀 I’ll work on the next one and I promise to make it much better!!

      Ps : hehe nendos might be a possibility!

  16. Run for the hills, 00 is SHUFFLING this way!

    Jokes aside, reproducing a walking sequence is pretty difficult, I would imagine, since it demands a degree of balance in the frames where one foot is off the ground.

    At any rate, it seems you had fun with the experience, and that’s all that matters in the end, is it not? 🙂

    • Haha shuffling 😀 What a way to put it!

      Ah yes, I had trouble getting him to stand when one of the foot is off the ground! Gonna use a standing for a charging scene next time and photoshop out the stand! And yep I had plenty of fun 😀

      Thanks for the visit!

  17. Hey nice video for a first timer.although the legs movement seems a bit akward but for me the motion of the hands seems OK and i just notice at around 10.0-13.0s his sword went through his left leg like a butter hehe last but not least great job and keep it up hahaha

  18. Haha butter knife sword ^^ I had problem trying to align that sword in that scene. The next round I plan to use a more simple figure to train up from there. Something like doing an SD gundam first and then moving up to 1/144 scale.

    Thanks for the encouragement!

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