Interesting Gundam stop motion check it out!

From my recent upload on the death raiser, I have been checking out stop motion videos done by other ppl. Very fantastic work I must say but I loved this one especially 😀 Well just sharing with you guys what I found ^^ Perhaps this can take my story telling to another level! I will give a shot at this if time permits!

Well till the next post!


39 thoughts on “Interesting Gundam stop motion check it out!

    • Ah yes…time….a lot of time i need 😀 Learning this really neat stuff!!

      Its very much different from photography where you just simply compose a few shots. You got to think out the action sequence, angles…effects… lol…

    • -insert ff7 battle win music-

      Haha, I love experimenting with another media and I think this will be something I should look at!

  1. so your going to take the challenge? figure wars in action, would be great to see your collection come to life!

    remember 24 frames per second if you want it really smooth! …its going to be a piece of cake lol 😀

    • Thanks for the tip man lol, but i’ll try out with something simple first later and see how it goes! For figure wars lol I’ll just stay in the photography zone for the time being!!! But its gonna be a huge ass piece of a cake my friend!!

  2. The BGM, god gundam is going to appear and heat-end them 😀
    I love how it’s made like a versus game, reminds me of a seed fighting game for gba.

    go for it chub!! Make your stop motion.

    • Haha nah I won’t be able to come up with something like this at the moment!! Hopefully one day I can 😀

      I think a group build will be harder for stop motion cos the learning curve is pretty steep!!! I think a group build might not be possible for this though. Thats my opinion ^^

      Sure thing man!

    • Oh yes I have seen his works! they nice 😀 I am trying out so haha be kind please ^^ Its a very not so nice attempt!! Gonna upload soon 😀

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