Photoscape Guide : Monochrome and eye effects

I have been getting good feedback on my photoscape editing. So here it is my first photoscape guide πŸ˜€ Hope you guys find it useful! (Click on the pictures for a larger picture after the jump)

First up, this is the unedited picture. For photoscape I love the layout and itsΒ  very simple to use. ^^

First hit auto contrast and auto level. This will tweak the picture nicely. I always use the default setting at middle.

Next hit the monochrome black. This will convert it to a nice black and white.

Next go to the object tab, click on the insert picture button. You should see a list of items. Click effect and select a fantasy ball of your choice πŸ˜€

Then at this step just simply resize the ball like you any picture similar to microsoft words and overlay on the eye.

There you have it ^^ One nice glowing eye. Next I want to add some breath to make it more menancing.

Next I call out another white color fantasy ball. Right clicking on the ball will give me this menu. Tweak the opacity down to about 15o to 170.

Move the fantasy ball over the Genosaurer’s mouth area. And then to add more copies of the same ball click on the plus sign.

Next click this to combine all the effects with the picture.

Next click on bright color and call out the saturation curve menu.

Next tweak the saturation up, notice the red eye πŸ˜€

Next add some vignetting effects under filter (select vignette of your choice)

Next him bloom better to blend everything πŸ˜€

Well there you have it all done! For those who interested the photoscape can be download here πŸ˜€

Till the next post!!


52 thoughts on “Photoscape Guide : Monochrome and eye effects

  1. Geno Saurer! GRRAAaaawWWRRR

    Useful guide! I think I should look into using Photoscape next time if I decide to do a photostory. XD Looks like the program comes with a nice load of effects.

    • Haha thanks πŸ˜€

      Give photoscape a shot ^^ Really nice to use. There are a lot of effects that I haven’t really explore!

      One more good thing it is free!!

    • Haha well AES is working up pretty badly these few days!! Need to feed the urge haha!! Yes photoscape is very easy to navigate πŸ˜‰ Haha fog breath makes the genosaurer even more bad ass hehe πŸ˜€ wonder how will saber lion look like with fog breath haha!

  2. Cool. Nice tutorial – lots of step by step shots. =)

    Now, to check out this program you speak of and have fun with it. I have a lot of time on my hands currently. XP

    • Thanks!! I hope to help ppl who want to add effects. I think photoscape is a great place to start before moving on to photoshop which can be very daunting as a first photo editor. Plus this one doesn’t require much memory but the draw back is it doesn’t have layers.

      Haha looking forward to your own edits soon πŸ˜€

      • Haha I have seen it already πŸ˜€ Very nice ^^

        Nah he got a lot of time now lol, hes having his semester break!! That is why he can add in so many effects πŸ™‚

  3. Amazing what simple special effects can change a picture!
    Thanks chubby for this detailed explanation, it’s a good help πŸ˜€

    (By your fault, i looked a bit for buying a din Zoids… LooooL )

      • Heh thanks for the link back πŸ˜€ Great to see you putting it to use!! Just explore around the features and you’ll be making great effects in no time πŸ˜€ Feel free to drop me questions if you need help ^^

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    • Haha no problem ^^ Just spreading the love for photographing and enhancing our figure/gundam experience πŸ˜€ Now you can effects to your tanks!!!

  5. Interesting stuff ^^ All i need to do is to do a beautiful photo to test up with. (that’s the hard part ahem)
    Never heard of this software before, i only use photoshop for trivial stuff but i simply can’t use it properly loool

    • Haha I am sure once you get your new camera you should be able to take good pictures! Photoscape is quite intuitive and easy to use…I tried photoshop but gave up lol πŸ˜‰

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