Scratch build seravee sword part 1

Like I mentioned in my previous post I’ll be attempting to scratch build dual blades to be mounted on the Seraphim. Well here is my attempt at that and I want to challenge myself to finish this instead of giving up!

This is the original XN Raiser blade. No doubt its a fantastic looking sword but somehow, I felt that it was a tad too big for the 1/144 scale. Plus I had issues with the blades weight which tend to stress the elbow joints over time. So instead I decided to make a lighter and smaller version. Also I intend to use magnets for the connections this time round if its possible.

My virgin sketch πŸ˜€

Versions 2-5…in the end I selected version 2 ^^

Not a very clean cut lol…my scissors needs some sharpening ^^. Anyway comparing the actual blade and my scratch build blade. As I don’t want to get too ahead of myself, I keep the blade details simple and small πŸ˜€

A technique that I learned from reading heathorn’s post is that he layers several pieces of the same shape for the main block. Its a much easier way to create the center piece then followed by other layers of pla plate to give the weapons more layers.

Traced the shape onto the pla plate…

Man I got a long night ahead…. lol…I need about 10 of these…

And also my advance editing syndrome acted up again!!!

Genosaurer vs!!!


Well till the next post!!

Ps : Won’t be doing the actual fight between these 2 titan yet…haha…maybe thats for another story ^^


47 thoughts on “Scratch build seravee sword part 1

  1. Yes, challenge the boundaries (quote stolen from CPA Undergraduates 2009)! *coughs*

    Hmm, I wonder how your new sword will come out. Looks like its gonna be pretty wicked if all goes well. Wish I can do the same (but I don’t have the materials). Well, good luck! XP

    • Lol…oh my…brings back memories of my welcoming undergrad speech ^^

      Haha and ‘if’ it all goes well…thats a really big if πŸ˜€ But i’ll try my best and thanks!!

  2. lol “virgin sketch” nice modified design. that is a lot of repetitive cutting since you making two XD what thickness plaplate are you using here?
    i tried working on my SB sword last night and it didnt fair so well ^^;;

    • Haha 10 pces into total…maybe even more if I screw up lol ^^. Maybe when I meet heathorn I’ll ask him how he do it lol πŸ˜€ I am using 0.4mm here and its a bit too thin. You will notice the sword is curling up on its own!!! Now I know why heat horn took 8 months for his flag!!! Just to cut one part took me a good 15 minutes!!!

      Ps : Luckily the Rx78 grp build is unlimited time !! Don’t know when i’ll finish this lol!

      • Chub, I suggest you use cutter to cut the plaplates. Using scissors will cause the edges to bend.
        And cutter can also give you a flat edge, coz you use ruler as a guide πŸ˜€

        • Ah yes i used scissors and the edges indeed bend!! Oh what cutter you recommend? Got picture of the cutter that will really help ^^

  3. I like how you make the photo editing, the lighting is very good.

    Wow, Is that Khsatyia?
    I’ve seen many times the box, but never the real thing.

    Btw, so pla plate can be made a sword too?

    • Haha thanks for the compliments!

      Yes that Kshatriya in her full glory vs Genosaurer! Pla plates you can cut them into the shapes you want and you can create virtually anything if you put your mind to it!

  4. *sits down and starts taking notes* =D

    Gonna learn to try stuff with pla plates if I join the groupbuild, so let’s build up some theory first. XD I quite like version 2 too, slender like Seraphim. XD

    Zoids vs Gundam! Very nice editing of the photos – I love that steam effect you’ve added in Geno’s pic! I’ve always thought that Sinanju and Geno Breaker bear quite the resemblance to each other. XD Koto-poison steadily increasing… T_T

    • * Serves a cuppa kopi*

      Haha thanks!! I wanted to match the sword with the mech, no doubt XN sword is nice but just doesn’t feel right have such a slim frame holding up the sword. Proportions don’t really match! Haha you are in luck πŸ˜€ Just finished my guide on adding the effects using photoscape, check it ^^

      Now that you mention it ….Sinaju X Geno Breaker..both red demons of death πŸ˜€

      • Free refreshments!

        Big may be beautiful, but sometimes big swords can look out of place, so I know what you mean. xD All the best for the scratch-build sword! XN Sword Chubbs special ver Seraphim!!

        All Geno Breaker needs now is a lot of gold trimmings. XDD

  5. Nice, I like how you sketch your mod before you actually makes it. I do the same thing. Now I want to see the wonders that you will make with those pla-plates. =)

    Love that Zoid pic…. is just awesome.

    • Haha thanks man πŸ˜€ I find that sketching out the part first will give me a better guide when I do the cutting πŸ˜€ but your work is even better than mine!!! Hope i don’t disappoint ya.

      Thanks for the compliments on my zoid ^^ Just got to love them!

  6. WOoot…. nice SB 1/144 XN sword XD, I like the u scketch up idea first then decide which one to go XD … cant wait to see it complete XD

    Wooo Khyatriya VS Genosaurer! who will win! XD

    • Thanks man πŸ˜€ haha sketching will help me to guide the overall look!! Last time i went ahead with the mods without any sketches and they end up as a disaster. Hopefully this time round it will turn out better! But then who knows I might rework this in between πŸ˜€

      Hehe clash of the titans!!

  7. Mwahahahaah, my strange poison infected chubbybots!
    Chub, you should try cutting using a cutter, I find the result will be better.

    Kshatriya vs genosaurer……soredewa gundam faito, readyyy, GO!

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