The Figure Effect…

Ever since I started taking photography of my figures/gundam since last year in unconsciously carry over that weird angle shooting over to my normal photography which i term the figure effect….

I can no longer take photos straight on….and I have a tendency to slant to one side….

I start to take notice of weird angles to shoot stuff…

Same spot different angle…

Even taking shots in between poles…

Some hip hop on the stairs 😀

Well thats a wrap for the day 😀 The shots were taken around the Esplanade area for those who are interested ^^. So how has taking pictures of your gundams/figures affect your real life photography? Sure isn’t the same for me any longer!! But before I go…

A giant black rock shooter cannon!!! (note mid building)

Till the next post!!


55 thoughts on “The Figure Effect…

    • Woah hang in there buddy don’t get tipsy on me!!

      Haha nendo muscle memory what a way to put it!!! Guess when you play with too many figures its gets to ya!!!

  1. I am just a beginners in photography, same like you… but IMO there is nothing really absolute right or wrong when it comes to photography style…

    Everybody have their own style and preferences… certain photos maybe looks average for others, and maybe it is lousy for some others and at the same time don’t be surprised that some others will say; it’s great…

    It is difficult to really define about the so called “perfect photo”

    It is in the eye of the beholder…. though of coz obviously there are also some photos which is absolute rubbish (out of focus/blurred/too dark etc.) but then again, some people would say “damn, that is a unique photo” hahahahahaha….

    It is basically like GunPla as well… some people like the classic UC, some like CE and some like AD and so on….

    I for one always never satisfied with all the result of my photos…. always want to try something new but I am not that genius after all and just a typical lazy bum…. hahahahaha

    I always carry my Figma when we go out for lunch/dinner, pose them and snap snap…. and I guess some people will just look at me and probably thinking and saying = this old man might be crazy, carrying toys like a boy and taking photos of them…… hahahahaha

    • If we have a bit of blur in our figure or gundam pics we can always say we want to create that movement effect haha!!!

      You are absolutely right about photographs being the eye of the beholder. Everyone has their style when its comes to be it gunpla, photography. A award winning picture might be crap to another person! Haha I am still learning as much about this little side hobby ^^. Photography and figure/gunpla collecting goes hand in hand so hopefully I can up my skills bit by bit for both!!

      Haha so DJ, you gonna bring your figures when we meet? Then we will be 2 little crazy boys over dinner buahahha!!!

  2. Esplanade is a nice place for photoshoots. xDD I’ve always wanted to take a camera and go down to City to take pics of the skyline and stuff. I really love the skyline.

    I’ve never owned an actual camera besides the webcam, so I can’t answer your question, but I suppose I’d also be influenced by what I use in my figurine photoshoots and try to apply them to normal photos. XD

    I lol’d at the giant BRS cannon!!

    • Oh its a fantastic place! It will be even more awesome once the IR is completed, it will make for a spectacular background for photography!! (maybe take your setusna plush for a walk!)

      Haha once you get your own camera I think you’ll will understand my this post even better! Haha it does like a giant BRS doesn’t it!!

    • Haha, your figure photoshoots are slight evidence of that happening!! And with more figures, you will realize your photo are getting more slant post by post haha!!

    • Haha blogger/collector/photographer hazard! I can never take pictures like i used too already…even my family comment…your photos getting more dynamic and of course slanted 😀 (but in a nice way!)

  3. dude diagonals are dramatic and exciting!!! i dont take pics of outside stuff so i wouldnt know if im affected 😛 go take some portraits and see if you continue to tilt Lol but still these shots are nice, great location with landmarks that stand out 😀 … like the giant BRS cannon!! take it home for your gunpla XD

    • Haha maybe when you have a chance try taking pictures or you might spot figure related stuff haha!!! My portraits do indeed slant already!!! I’ll edit them and show it some other day haha! Thanks for the compliments!

      I so wish I can uproot that building and take it back!!! lol….by the way I am gonna do a BRS Rx78-2 for the Groupbuild ^^. So when ya starting your kamen rider rx 78 ?

      • dude a BRS RX78!! cant wait to see developments on that! i was secretly working on a BRS cannon a few weeks ago but stopped since it went badly Lol that was pre keyblade times.

        i snap fitted my RX78 last weekend and ended up panel lining it all for some reason… it was 3am ^^;; i wanna start working on it but since i dont have a cam to document the steps its kind of a deterrent XD mines is going to be Gundam Rider Kiva RX -Emperor Form- 😀 it will be based on SIC ver.
        yep imma try to make his Zanbat Sword also lol

        • Oh my lol…we thought of the same idea!!! Also we picked the same key blade for Bd77 post!! R u my long lost bro or something haha?? I did have in my head a few sketches. Initially I wanted to do a drossel version but some how RX78 with 2 pony tails doesn’t seem right lol!! I worked till like 2am for my genosaurer last night lol!!! (And its just 2 bloody legs!!!)

          Kiva Rx!!! Man thats awesome!!! Building that sword is gonna be a huge challenge!! Plus its SIC version you’ll need to armor up the RX78 ^^ But still haha its a very ambitious project my friend!! Can’t wait to see you do that blade!!

  4. I can say the same to myself as well though I take a picture according to which angle I feel best at the moment. ^^;

    Anyways, I feel that photography is an artistic thing and it isn’t bound by definite methods so each picture you take will never ever be the same (heard that from an anime I think) and each of them has a certain value in them. =)

    • Haha hi five mate ^^

      Yes you are very right about it and its similiar to what David John has mention 😀 Photography like art is very very subjective!! Some may like your work some don’t. The same goes for gunpla too 😀 I’ll definitely want to learn more about photography! I like that it forces you to see things really really differently!

  5. LOL, I myself prefer photos with special angle. Normal straight shots are very common, slanted ones will give artistic feel IMO.

    I got geass-ed by your first photo, the moment I looked at it, suddenly I tilted my head 😀

    • Ok come I’ll turn up the head for ya! Crack haha its fixed!

      Haha I also prefer slanted ones if you are taking landscapes. I don’t have that much luck with people portraits though haha..they won’t even want to take at another angle!!! Thats why nendos still best!!

  6. For me, It depends on a lot of condition when it comes to angle 😀
    Toy photography affect my real life photography in a way that it makes me always think like “hey, if I put Danbo or Drossel there, it would be amazing”

    • Haha I remember the really nice shot of Danbo’s outing 😀 In fact when I took the photos I was wondering damn….I should have taken my nendo’s or ugly dolls with me!! Guess it really tunes your mine differently from other ppl when they see a scenery…I can imagine my saber lily staring out into the big open sea…

  7. Good try and effort to explore photography. But I think the slant effect is a bit overdo it… and I guess i know the reason why u do so.

    In most of the photos, your photo layout is trying to “point” / “direct” the user to certain area by using the “lines”. Those area is where photographer call “rule of third”. Next time try to set the horizon straight while maintain the lines to point at certain area :D. It might turn out better.

    • I yes I heard of the rule of third before but not quite sure how to apply it 😀 Haha experimenting with the slanting anyway the first picture is to show you how extreme that slant can be!! (I have even more slanted ones lol!)

      I’ll take your advice into consideration next time round man. By the way you seem to have a really good knowledge about photography!!

        • Haha well, photography can earn lots of cash if you are really good!! weddings, product catalogs…so many things!!!

          Plus humans are visual creatures 😀

    • Haha thats why they say photography is very subjective 😀 Photography will never be the same again after you start taking photos of your figures!!

  8. I really like this completely off sight angle, and in fact i don’t think enough about it for my figures.
    It gives kinda of a style to photos.
    It’s good finally, our figures permit us to increase our knowledges concerning photography.

    • Thanks for the compliment lyli ^^. Haha I think you give even more thought to your figures than me!!! Your set up, your attention to matching the right back ground…thats quite a lot of work!!

      I never bothered about changing angles last time, but now haha I can’t help but slant!!

        • Ah I sense a perfectionist in you 😀 Don’t worry I am equally nuts when it comes to taking photos of my figures ^^ For me I can take like 5 shots of the same pose just to make sure and select the best!!

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