Seravee Wip Phase 1!!! Ikimasu!!

Well started a bit of work on my Seravee Gundam last night 😀 Well here it goes!!!

Well that is all for the mods tonight ^^. I thought of giving seraphim a bit more close combat fire power. Since the Seravee is all about immobilizing the enemy, Seraphim needs some swords 😀 So I though of adding to swords to the back from my XN Raiser (for the time being). I am gonna scratch build new swords later 😀 This is inspired by heathorn’s hinu ^^…awesome scratch builder as always!!

Will have to build 2 blades and a frame to hold them.

Till the next post!!!


55 thoughts on “Seravee Wip Phase 1!!! Ikimasu!!

    • Heh thanks 😀 Nah take your time with mods…I practice on a lot of spare kits b4 i got them right!….those 2 swords are from the XN Raiser with the magazine that I bought last year ^^

    • Actually I haven’t opened up the second one 😀 This is one borrowed from 00 gundam for the moment. Gonna attempt a scratch build version of the swords with some tweaks to deal with the weight issue!!

  1. nice mods for painting, the parts are still secure after the cuts? i would be afraid of cutting off too much lol so, your gunna SB two swords for seraphim?! you got lots of work ahead of you man XD lol i like the idea though, he looks pretty cool with the XN raiser swords!

    • Haha yep all parts secured 😀 Don’t want seravee to drop his cannons halfway while charging lol 😀 I am gonna use heathorn’s trick on scratch building the XN sword that he used for his hi nu ^^ Wanna challenge myself to do that to see if I can pull that off 😀 Plus, I can save my XN raiser for another day!

      Thanks man 😀 I want my Seravee to come with the full package ^^

    • Haha now his has both the range and melee attack 😀 If you want to have a melee attack might as well go all the way haha!! I prefer just the swords without the XN unit, don’t wanna make it more bulky then it is!

  2. OMG! You are going to the next level of modding for the Seravee! O.O

    It has beams, more beams, beam sabers, practically six usable arms and a pair of huge swords plus can split into two… Tieria is a total one man army now. XD

    • haha what a nice way to put it 😀 Actually there is a 3G where seravee carries 3 mechs on his back!!! That will be a one man army ^^ But mine is more of a seravee that has his melee area upgraded 😀

    • Thanks!! Oh I got these pla plates from my local hobby shop ^^ There is an equivalent brand called evergreen that you can use also. The ones i used are are about 0.4 mm thick and they can be cut with a simple hobby knife. You can check out heathorn’s hinu build in my link on this article, he is master of cutting pla plate!

  3. Nice mod for easier painting! I think gonna use this for my upcoming project or current one XD..

    Heathorn is awesome.. love all his scratch build… wish I had those skillz XD

    cant wait for ur SB dual sword hehehe…

    gonna change the color scheme?

    • Haha glad you found it useful 😀 By all means use it for your current build!!!

      He is a very talented modeler ^^ I am always amaze by his SB skills!!! He cut plastic like butter lol…

      As for color schemes I am sadly lacking inspiration in this department!!

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  5. Nice wip chubb! You did heavy surgery to seravee, the C slot idea is very nice. And thx for the pingback 😀

    So you are going to SB a sword, mwahahahahah, btw dun forget your parang.

    I got a link to this stop motion, very nice one. Check this out.

    • Haha thx man ^^ But these mods are nothing compared to yours!!! I am gonna take some ideas from your build for the SB sword 😀 Its virgin attempt at building something from stratch entirely!! Of course I didn’t forget my parang ^^;;

      Oh I have seen this before!! Its very nice!!

  6. Nice wip chubb! You are doing a heavy surgery to seravee, the C slot idea is very nice! And thx for the pingback 😀

    So you are going to SB a sword, mwahahahahahah, dun forget about your parang.

    I got a link to this stop motion video, very nicely done, check it out.

  7. Interesting mod! Darn you’re pro. How do you know which one you can cut and it won’t give problem later on? I know most of this come from exp. But is there a guide, or they are pure instinct?

    • Ah its based mainly on experience and looking at other ppl’s work 😀 I am not pro haha just learning to be better ^^. I test fit first and estimate before I do the cut. Usually I used a pen to mark out the areas I want to cut out. Plan out the cuts carefully and then go for the cut!! (I sacrifice quite a few kits b4 sobz…)

      Main thing about modding, you’ll have to do it yourself and experience it. Can be fustrating at first but once you get the hang of it, its very fun!

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