Yes its finally done!!! And Riannon is a very very happy girl tonight 😀 After weeks of procrastination, I finally got through finishing the legs of the genosaurer!!!

Riannon : Hi Minasan!! Genki Desu! I’ll like to introduce you my latest friend 😀 Genosaurer say hi!!

Genosaurer : Grr….

Riannon : Now don’t be shy…

Genosaurer : Gaoooo!!!! Gaoooo!!! (hmm i find this familiar…)

Genosaurer : ROAR!!!! (Insert Jurrasic Park song)

Riannon : Yippe, now thats what I call HI!!

Riannon : Haha now thats a good boy ^^ Come now for that nice top coat and dry brush that I promise you 😀

Well looks like they are off to another adventure 😀 Finally with the genosaurer done I can return to my figure wars with Riannon’s story Arc!! (Nenditor yes I can finally start shooting!!)


42 thoughts on “Finally….

  1. Koto kits, why do you have to look so good!? *%!(#@%

    I’m a Geno fan, and looking at this model, I can only say: f**king awesome @_@ Well, for all the trouble you went through building it, it had better look awesome. XD

    Riannon and Geno are such an unlikely pair, but for some reason, they look really good together. xD

    • haha tempting isn’t it!!! Maybe i should pair it up with genobreaker lol!!! (nah my wallet can’t take another hit!)

      Thanks!!! Indeed nendo and fierce zoid are a very unlikely alliance 😀 By the way is the iron kong bigger than Genosaurer?

      • Double the poisonous dose!!! >___<

        There's something very charming about that pair. xD And for your question, yeah it is.Genosaurer stands at 11.7 m, while Iron Kong is like 17.7 m. Don't know how it works out kit-wise though. xD

  2. Gao gao! lol man he looks sweeet! so many cannons, these kits do have a ton of detail O_O
    woohoo getting things rolling again with the figure wars!! your previous works have been so good that your getting a budget increase; that means moar cast and special effects Lol also on location shooting from anywhere in your house + front AND back yard privileges hahaha 😛

    happy Riannon is happy 😀

    • Gao Gao ^^ Haha he is very very detailed. But problem is the main body is black so it is kinda hard to make out most of the details from the picture. Hopefully after the dry brush it will be better!

      Lol now I have the main cast in set ^^ Time to start rolling the camera!! Someone suggested to me stop motion but lol…i think that will take too much time…hmm battle place in the garden interesting…lol..

      And indeed ^^ A happy Riannon makes a happy zoid!!!

      • garden = natural habitat for zoids? or Riannon’s hideout! actually it might work out well for a certain little scene, and also add to the dept of your stories if you can do it lol

        stop motion XD i think your dedicated enough to pull it off, its just a matter of time constraints! wait, wasnt your “Death Raiser in action” video post all stop motion? very smooth job! … lol j/k 😛

        • Haha will need to shoot that in the early morning 😀 (my grandma will be wondering why I am up so early in the morning and trampling on her garden!!!)

          The closest stop motion I ever come across was from your figma vs daishocker 😀 Hmm will test out some stuff (okay i’ll add in music this time haha) and see if its works out. Worse case scenario, there are always zoids 😀

    • Oh yes you have to build. And its quite a complex kit, the pistons will move according to the leg / hand movement!

      And think its similar to the designer series of lego where you can churn out 3 different styles 😀

  3. This kit looks great chubb! Koto really gives good detail.

    Rianon is a beastmaster, I think even Mari cannot possibly tame the Genosaurer 😀

    So now it’s Kero-drossel, mari-gundam, beryl-uglies, rianon-zoids. Lily?

    • Thank you mate!!! Haha luckily based on my work with saber tiger, I think that really helped here in pointing me which joints to cement!! (in fact I cemented nearly every joint!!)

      Lily will have the SDs Sangokuden with her 😀 Hehe 5 fractions…now if a certain BRS shows up lol….

  4. It’s hard for me to comment on GK and such so … sorry if i don’t leave many comments 😉

    Anyway this one looks great, remind me of old school shows i used to watch when i was a child.

    It’s cute with a nendo on it’s back ^^

    • Haha there is a backstory to this 2 😀 You will know more once I get the story pictures up ^^ Its not a garage kit but its a model kit where you have to cut the pieces and put them all together 🙂

      Hehe Riannon is very cute and like someone said they make a highly unlikely pair!

  5. I’m very late with comments to you….. 2 days of absence and 3 posts published…

    NENDITOR!?! That’s a well found name. 😀 Future Riannon adventures will be exciting now she tamed the Genosaurer. 🙂

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