An old friend returns…

I got this old Takara Tomy Zoid Death Raiser sometime back last year. I regretted not taking photos of this kit when it was still with me but luckily my cousin have decided to give it back to me for this little photo shoot 😀 Just want to share with you guys this retro looking Zoid ^^

The pilot sits at the forehead. This is similar to my HMM Saber Tiger.

He comes with four bone like wing structure (don’t think it can fly though..)

For old takara tomy kits, the moving joints are actually held in place by the blue color rubber parts. Also, the switch for the motor is located at the belly of this beast 🙂

Articulation wise, I am a bit disappointed about the tail. Wish I can put it down like my genosaurer!

Oh and I love the claws and the matt red finish of his armor. Also when you switch on the motor, the hands, mouth, tail (slight movement) and wings actually move!!

Weapons wise he doesn’t come with much, just the few lasers beneath the belly ^^. But then again it is such an awesome looking kit!!

Well one last look before I send him back to my cousin’s house 😀

Man, I just love retro toys ^^

Till the next post!!


53 thoughts on “An old friend returns…

  1. wow nice chubs is that tomy zoids ??
    gao his face really looks like a sharks 😛
    ps.why you always out when I am the only one in chatroom ??

  2. GRAAaaaAAaaAAaaaAAAA!!!!

    What an imposing model. *_* He’s in better shape [and a lot less dusty] than my Zoids! XD Your cousin took really good care of him. I love his design. And one thing I love about Zoids is that the cockpit tends to be in the Zoid’s head, though I worry for the pilot because Zoids seem to like shaking their heads or rearing them back for a fearsome roar. XDDDD

    Yeah, TOMY’s Dino-type Zoids tend to have stiff tails, even more so if the tail is motorised too [lol Berserk Fury]. XD That’s why I want a Koto kit! Just to compare differences. But so a Koto kit comes with a disappointing number of disadvantages…

    • haha, well I did clean up a bit prior to the shoot 😀 But he left the batteries in them for a good half a year….

      Oh I love the design on this kit too!!! Very shark like as moemoekyun puts it 😀 Haha but putting the pilot in the head is kinda dangerous. I prefer putting in the cockpit in the chest area like the genosaurer (seems a much safer place) and likewise for gundams if you have the pilot in the head…chances of amuro, shin, setusna surviving seems very slim…

      Tomy kits does have its merit despite the articulation let down. Good solid plastic, minimal parts plus they come in a solid matt finish !!

      • >>But he left the batteries in them for a good half a year
        That’s…that’s horrible. ;_; Did it corrode? I hope not!!

        Cockpit in Gundam’s head…a lot of pilots will be gone case!! XDDD

        • If you look back at all the anime, most of the time the head gets chop off during the final battles haha 😀

          I checked luckily no leakage of the battery fluids!!! And it can still move!!

    • oh for all the tomy zoids they do 😀 even the little ones do get a motor but it is those you have to wind up yourself and they make this little eek eek sounds when they move lol ^^

      00 raiser + zoid death raiser = Death 00 raiser!!! (sounds like another good mod project to work on!!)

  3. oh man! chubbs, u have zoids too??? hahah. BUT i guess mine is really retro retro as my zoid dated back to pre-historic times. LOL. it was my birthday present when my age is still single-digit. LOL. i love it and i remembered building it tgt with my dad & cousin on xmas nite.

    ur model looks awesome, imposing, can imagine it stomping down the streets.. and meets Gojira-san somewhere and starts an epic battle.

    • haha I used to have a small collection last time but I gave them all away to my cousins 😀 (ah wished that I hadn’t!!!) Wow…must be a very very retro zoid!! You know the name haha 😀 Wished I have zoid for bday gifts lol ^^ (gunpla is okay too!) Building with your family is a wonderful experience. But sadly none of my family members have the patience to do so!

      Hehe I am sure they will ‘hit’ it off straight away 😀 Gogira needs some dino companion right haha ^^

  4. Hey CB
    I’ve got a question, and would like to seek your expertise. I like what you did with the links to other blogs / sites. What kind of widget do you use to create them? Or did you edit the html..etc? I want to do the same thing for my blog to. Thanks.

    • Hey hi GG! Welcome back, haven’t seen you in a while ^^ Thanks for the compliments.

      As mine is a blog, I used their links widget and then set the links on display pictures only. Being a blog they automate everything for me so with regards to html I am afraid I can’t advise you. But as for the pictures I photocapture a few of their nice photos haha and used them for the link. Resize them to about 180 x 64 pixel and then add in the text.

      I hope this helps ^^ Cheers!

    • haha better not ask me! I am clueless when it comes to zoids 😀 A better person to look for is Evangelisque ^^

      But it does resemble the genobreaker…maybe a predecessor?

  5. Haaa…. here it is! I like that kind of things 🙂
    Dinosaures always fascinated me, even as robots. Of course, once again, i don’t know anything… but i would like to see the beast in movement.
    I think i could play like a child.

    I like it’s looooooong claws and it’s threatening look. GRaawwww!!! 😛

  6. Lol Lyli you surprise me again! Didn’t know you have a fascination for dinosaurs ^^ Thought you only like beautiful figures and a little naughty stuff 😀

    Haha this is from the series called zoids. I would love to show the movement if only I can get a decent video capture ^^ GraWWW!!!

    • Yeah…. i i’ll surprise you again. At least i hope so. ^^ LooooL
      I have various tastes that goes from very cute to ugly beasts … and other weird stuff too 😛

      I’ll be delighted if you can make a video … 😀

  7. Nice toy, most of my toy are gone in somewhere far far away… hahaha…

    How about give some magic touch up for the old toy? I often see modeller paint transformers toys though.

    • That I would love too lol but with my current backlog don’t think its possible at the moment 😀 Good thing is I get to keep it ^^ My cousin said i’ll probably get more mileage out of this kit than him!

  8. i also have plenty of death, death saurer and death stinger i mean! Both are Tomy kits as well!

    They look kinda cute when their motor is on and their eyes are flashing and they are dragging themselves along the floor! The death saurer also has this fancy spinning turbine at his back!

    Well spoken, they really are retro!

    • Man death saurer!!! Would love to see that guy personal up close one day!!! Thats a huge kit!!

      Haha I know man, the feeling of seeing your toy come alive after one whole day of fixing them up and seeing them marching across your room 😀 Retro is good ^^

  9. That looks a bit like the toy of my age… *LOL* so old school 🙂
    From the first photo, I thought it’s a dinobot.
    It does help to bring back some old memories. ;p

    • Haha kind of like Transformers Dinobot Snarl is it? TF season 1 is my favorite!! Very old school and retro cartoon.

      Ah the good old memories 😀

  10. Takara tomy… man. those are classics. i used to have several wind-up version but got lost during a relocation decades ago. put together, wind it up and look it moves across the floor~! 😀

    • Lol bd77, where the hell they march to?? I wished I could go back in time and tell my younger self, take really good care of your toys so that I can repaint them in the future!!! I have one wind up version sitting on my table with a golden chrome pilot sitting in the cockpit!!

      I also lost my old toys during when I shifted from my old house!!

      • Uhh…They took a left turn at Albuquerque XD
        They don’t make Zoids like they use to…

        And yes, I would to back in time (Gradius V style, more stylish and flair) to retrieve them. TT_TT

        • Lol….man….and yes I compare the plastic quality of the HMM with this retro zoid and the retro zoid wins by a mile…
          Good quality plastic vs koto’s shiny cannot make it (cmi) plastic lol….

          If there is time travel I’ll go back and buy all the vintage toy and resell them now!!! (instant mint in the box lol…yes moekyun its the shark arios in me at work :D)

  11. Wow, so it can move!! I never knew zoids kits have mechanism like this. WOW!
    Reminds me of lego technics where you have to assemble gears and chains and the finished thing could actually move.

    If you love retro toys, I think you must be a regular at china square. There is one store at level 2 with all the sentai robots and classic robot toys. And 95% the store owner is listening to heroic old superobot songs 😀

    • Hehe in fact it is like a plamo kit but the thing is the motors and gears come preassembled 😀 I used to play lego technics too! I remember building a forklift. I love the gears and such ^^

      Well interestingly I don’t frequent China Square Central that often. If i do, I might walk home with a few more nendos lol!! Haha so you go there during weekends 😀 (maybe if you head down we can meet up or something ^^) Oh I know which store you are talking about! Crazy collection….plus having nice supa roboto songs is good 😀

        • Haha cool 😀 I usually knock off from work after one on saturdays ^^ Perhaps this coming saturday will be good. Let me know if you are free then!

  12. I don’t have much knowledge about classic toys. Maybe it’s because I collect toys just recently 😀
    But it is indeed a very cool looking Zoids! I always been a fan of zoids

    • Haha same here! It is only when I look back now I realized how awesome the old toys were back then!!! And their details and design still amaze me till this day!!

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