Fancy a CD diorama?

Now I have seen lots of dioramas done by other people…but this guy really tops it. And I love his interesting choice of materials of a base!!! This is uber recycling!!

I love how he lays out everthing!!!

And the final product….couldn’t tell he used old cd/disk if he hadn’t shown his work in progress pictures!! Very awesome finish and weathering…for the Wips you can find them here.

Do check out his site at DC23-mecharts. Also his other works are equally impressive!!

Well another sneaky post from the office!

Till the next post!!

45 thoughts on “Fancy a CD diorama?

  1. I recognize that diorama. *_* Now all it needs is an awesome PG Zeta kit to top it off. XDD

    Very nice idea of reusing things we can find around the house to turn into a diorama!!

    • Lol that PG Zeta is equally good, but what I am really impressed with are DC23’s dioramas, if you see his recent work he even has water effects in them!!!

      We must be more earth friendly, reuse old spures, cds, pipes, anything can be use!! Its a very inspiring work and diorama! I like his WIPs too, very detailed…

    • Ah but the idea of looking around at your everyday stuff that can be use for modding instead of buying 😀 I think that is something I’ll need to pick up!! Of course if one can paint like him haha that will be another level to achieve…

  2. I got plenty of such junk at home… maybe I should really start learning on how to do painting or spraying…. I’m pretty stupid in that category…

    by the way I’ll be in Sing on 28th onwards… can you give me your e-mail address, not nice to discuss here… hahaha.. send your e-mail address to me = shewsbury at gmail dot com

    Cheers bro…

    • Haha well me too, so this post came at the right time actually as I am cleaning up for the new year!!

      I replied your mail already but through the yahoo mail ^^;; didn’t notice the gmail until now!!

      Cheers dude ^^

  3. i remember seeing this and his other works a while back, very skillful and resourceful building! man i am drooling over the weathering effects, want to get a soldering iron XD modding motivational meter rising! i just threw out most of my CD cases a few weeks ago too lol

    • Haha I have stash of them and I kept them after reading this post…also starting to hoard those leftover used pens and other odd assortment of plastic objects. Man soldering iron lol…I’ll be looking forward to very uber weathering from you if you get that!!! ^^

      • still stuck at paint problem >.< gonna meet up with my friend this afternoon to grab my paint from her… That is, if she wants to meet up… cus she's going for facial as we speak o.Olll

        other than that, did some minor panel-lining… should be able to complete it by this week? =/

          • Chubbs!!! I watched Zombieland ytd xD
            been wanting to watch it ever since you guys brought it up on my blog haha

            btw managed to get my paint back… exactly one week since I bought it =/

            #32 Enjoy the little things ^^

            • Haha good show right lol…I love the last stand part where he owns the whole hoard…cardio + double tap!!!

              Lol rule 32 is a very nice little rule 😀

  4. I think I saw one of this guy’s works before. He’s simply amazing. Fantastic skills in making dioramas. Another one of those great people many of us wish we had their skills, eh? XP

  5. Thanks everyone for the kind feedbacks…and thank you to chubbybots for featuring my cd cases diorama…thanks man…btw, I added you to my bloglist…thank you again. keep building everyone and enjoy sniffing plastic! 🙂

    • Wow, very honored to be on your blog list 😀 Haha thanks for such a detailed work in progress that everyone can learn a lot from ^^ I am more than happy to feature such a great tutorial for everyone to share. Haha looks like I better up my skills!!!

      Thanks for dropping by 😀 Looking forward to more of your works!

  6. I saw a few pics of the WIP but never knew it was made from disk cases!

    I believe he was inspired by an older diorama somewhere with the Kshatriya (or was it a Sinanju, can’t remember) standing on the outside surface of a space colony with the pipes and emergency exit signs visible from underneath. There were also cables hanging downwards as well, and some of them were probably to prop it on the base.

    • Haha exactly, if just based on the final picture you couldn’t tell what DC23 used for the base!!

      Oh I remember featured it in his blog in this post.
      That was also a very very awesome diorama. I remember it was very very detailed. But what I like about his tutorial is that he showed it step by step so that anyone with the time and materials can recreate that diorama.

  7. donc23’s CD custom base!
    Yes this one is very creative indeed 😀
    love the result also. You plan to create a custom base also chub?

    • Haha I have a stash of CDs waiting to be used haha!!! Now I need to go to children’s part and grab all those balloon sticks!!!

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