Arios GNHW/M Phase 4!!

Continued working on my arios this evening 😀 Just some minor detailing and also creating a few simple mods for reinserting the clear parts into the weapons.

I’ll be using this engraver to do a groove.

After carving ^^.

By modding the clear pieces, I can take them out, spray the flat top coat and then reinsert them back in after spraying ^^. Well just a little session today 😀

Till the next post!!


39 thoughts on “Arios GNHW/M Phase 4!!

    • Haha I see more borrowing from you lol 😀 Just a little bit of cuts and the clear piece fits in nicely ^^

      Woohoo!!! Another Arios sweet XD!!

    • Thanks!! Oh with the GNHW it comes with the missle pod that you see on his back plus one more additional weapons. With the additional stuff the Arios looks much much better compared with the original ^^ Even better if you get the GN archer unit to merge with him!

  1. Engraving! Cool. This never occur to me. I’ve got a whole set of engraving tool which I used for wood works back in school years back. Probably, I could put them to use again.

    But again, those detailing before the engraving. Are they supposed to stay there?

    Spraying on the transparent part, can the normal spray paint do the job? Or I need special spray for these.

    Also, does metro or taka sell the gundam marker? 😉

    • haha I also took wood work at a technical class session last time ^^ Time to put those skills to good use 😀 Oh those grey detailing that I did were meant to stay there. They were done with grey gundam real touch markers. In fact for the clear parts I used the metallic gundam markers. Don’t need to spend on a spray for just a small part haha, not cost effective IMO. ^^

      If you stay around serangoon there is a hobby point at kovan, if not they have branches at suntec, tampines and also tiong bahru (main branch)

      They also come in a set which you can consider

      Hope this helps! 😀

    • heh thanks!!! haha trying to make this kit as good as possible ^^ But the engraving is very tedious! took a good 15 minutes for each groove 😀

  2. Woah! nice job on that clear part. Very nicely done ^^

    Getting proer and proer eh 😉 Wish I knew how to mod T.T” Feel like buying a random NG red frame and making him look like a ninja…

    ..but that’s just my daydreamings I guess hahahaha xD

  3. Haha thanks 😀 but not as awesome as your kissing scene lol !!!

    Taking baby steps day by day to reach there ^^ Haha wait till there is some clearance sale and you can buy one and mod!! Just try out first, you never know where it might take you…and look at you, one nendo and now you have a army of figmas!!!

      • Oh haha this is to facilitate the seamline removal at the first part. To remove the seamline, I cannot have the clear parts build in first. Hence I have to cut them to be enabled for reinsertion after the top coating 😀 Plus it makes painting easier and I can save on masking!!

    • Haha thanks 😀 Sharing is the best way to improve! Just like how other ppl share their WIP!! Glad it helped you mate ^^

  4. love your insert-system for the clear parts! Figuring out how to make it easier to just slot the parts in is sometimes confusing 😀 Is that the only part of Arios that needs to be modified like that?

  5. ENGRAVING!!! nice skillz there… what kind of engraver tool u use for it?? where u bought it? makes me wanna try >_<

    the insert mod on clear parts is awesome.. thanks for the tip ^^

    your progressing really fast lol…. I need to catch up now.. XD I might refine my 00 Gundan Custom muahaha

    • Hehe thanks dude 😀 You can check out the tool picture under my O gundam Wip Part 2 ^^ There is a little guide there on how to use the engraver. I bought the scriber from HAG and the engraver I actually got it from a cosmetic shop lol! Glad you found the clear parts insert mod useful!!

      Hehe nah, I have a bit more time this week so doing as fast as I can!! Hehe looking for 00 Gundam Custom mark 2 from ya!!

    • Haha….there is this certain theme that we both used lol 😀 Thanks for the visit!!

      Thanks for the compliments on my Arios ^^

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