The Toy Room

Hope you guys have a great first day for the new year 😀 For me, instead of going out I spend the time today cleaning up my room and hehe I am all done!! Well welcome to the Toy Room 😀

My four guardians on top of my CD rack 😀 And also I used the space inbetween Cds to keep my mini Evangelion figurines.

My top shelve 😀

My Sds reside at the corner ^^

Ugly dolls in the middle 😀

My 1/1o0 Gundam 00 and MG Force Impluse.

My open cabinet.

All my tools in one nice movable tray 😀 For ease of access and management ^^

Now for my glass cabinet ^^

Monoeye army at the top 😀

At the bottom 😀

The middle cabinet ^^. Many variations of Exia 😀

Well thats the overall view of the Toy Room ^^ and oh one last picture hehe!!

Spot the latest hoot!

Till the next post!


86 thoughts on “The Toy Room

  1. U got the MG Sinanju? I thot they were gonna release another MG sinanju some time this year?
    And anyway, what time will you be home 2moro? I will be going to my friend’s house at ard 6 plus…
    Is it convenient?

    • Haha man, that MG sinanju I got it a long time back!!! I won’t be around tomorrow I am afraid 😀 Going to the bridal shop to do some cloth fitting for my wife ^^. I’ll message you if I am back early 😀

        • Haha sure think 😀 hehe thats a correct guess!!

          My weekends will be like that for the next few months!!! Hopefully I have time to build a few more kits!!

          • Haha! hopefully you will be able to finish your backlog!
            Haiz, school starts next monday and Exams will be on Feb, chinese new year period…….. Dun think my backlog will be decreasing anytime soon…….. Whats more, it will continue to grow, lol!
            Actually, i don’t really get what’s the hype over Geara zulu?
            Doesn’t really appeal to me…. That’s one kit i may not be getting….. Save $$ 😀

            • Haha well I love Geara Zulu as it is an awesome looking grunt 😀 Plus it has tons of weapons ^^. There is something about grunt units / zeon unit that appeals to me. Can’t really put it into words though haha ^^. That plane below is a macross kit which I did build but the decaling part scares me lol…

              Well lets grow our collection for next year haha!

    • Haha just take one day and sort things out, very tiring but very rewarding. Trust me it looks worse before I tidied up the room!

    • Most of them are snap fitted and inside the box time till I get time to detail them 😀 Those that are not build are hidden in the cupboards ^^ The only thing not build is the geara zulu.

  2. I think you are the one who being milked so bad now 😛
    nice room chub I hope your new house will looks more awesome
    why not put your room in otacool ^0^
    my room(at hometown) really messy I envy you this time ^^;;

  3. Is this the new place you mention last time? nice room man. Teach you some tips 😉 to take Panorama picture for your room.

    1. First you need to take 6 to 8 (or more) pictures from left to right, recommend to take portrait pictures(turn your camera vertical).

    2. Open Photoshop CS3, Goto FILE > AUTOMATE > PHOTOMERGE.

    3. Layout setting set Auto. Then press BROWSE, to choose the pictures. eg. IMG_01.jpg, IMG_02.jpg, IMG_03.jpg, IMG_04.jpg, IMG_05.jpg, IMG_06.jpg

    4. Then press OK. After the photo merge processing, you will have your panoramic picture.

    Please note: Before merging, please resize your pictures to a lower resolution, as this will speed up the merging process.

    Here is the sample that i have make,
    click on the first and second picture to see the full size picture.

    Enjoy 😉

    • Haha no this is my current room 😀 Currently my new place is still under renovation ^^.

      Thanks for the tips, but if I don’t have photoshop CS3 you have any other software (free hehe) that I can use to do this? I think it will be a very good skill to learn if I ever want to shoot my entire collection fighting a full scale war lol!!

      Thanks again mate!

  4. clean room is clean! very nice glass cabinet you have, i been thinking about getting one of those CD racks just put to my figures in lol since i only have space on my desk for figures i need some levels XD nice Wall E poster!

    you have a laptop instead of pc?

    • Haha thanks! After that big messy fight it is impt to give the room a spanking new clean up. Haha that CD rack is very old already, about 5 years old but it makes for a really nice shelve to display my smaller kits! Wall E is very nice!!

      Oh the desktop is in the living room ^^. But usually I use the laptop in the kitchen to do most of my posts!

  5. nope, didnt watch that either, i dont know whats wrong with me, I know their history but i dont watch the anime… strangely enough… *alien knowledge*

    Strike: alien knowledge… pshh yeah right… wikifreak..

    Syful: So? You can’t move an inch~ neener neener~~

    Strike: I’ll grand slam you in your sleep!

  6. G-G-G-Gaddess…

    So much space. *__* If I were less picky about dust on my stuff, I’d consider getting shelves and open cabinets… *attempts to clone your glass cabinet* I see that WIP Genosaurer! XD

    There’s nothing wrong with being milked. >_> It just means your collection is going to grow even more impressive. XD

    • I love that cabinet, and yes I hate dust!!! But I’ll be getting full glass cabinets next time round so it will keep all those dust of and cleaning up so much easier! Hehe the legs of the genosaurer requires a bit of painting and I’ll top coat it before I attach to the main body!!

      Haha well don’t see anything wrong with getting multiple versions of such a great kit 😀 Exia rulez haha!!

      • Glass cabinets are our good friends. XDDD Can’t wait to see Geno being completed!!

        Exactly, nothing wrong with getting multiple versions of a kit you like. XD Another idea – take family portraits of the kits you have and their related variations. Quan Jia Fu!

        • Thats a great idea!!! I can use that for a Chinese New Year Special!! Quan Jia Fu 😀

          I am trying not to rush too much for the genosaurer, don’t wanna get burnout by it so really taking my time with it haha 😀 Plus rushing will ruin the build. Slow and steady hehe ^^

  7. Wow. That’s a clean room (tidier than mine, LoL). That reminds me. I need to tidy up mine this coming weekend (if remember or no outstation duty that is).

    Good luck with your “shopping”. 😀

    • Haha man….if i see my room get too cluttered i’ll start cleaning up once every 2 months or so. But this one is more of a major clean up so its really much neater haha (that is why I dare to take photos this time round!!)

      I’ll need all the luck man! Pray no rip offs!!

    • haha lol, you actually recognize that bookworm bank 😀 Yes its very retro and I got it during my primary schools days when I was a club member^^

      Yep I stay in good old sunny singapore ^^

  8. That open cabinet is an invitation for dust bunnies :S

    you should do a post on this, chubbs:
    Invasion of the dust bunnies – A Gunpla-er’s biggest nightmare xD

    just a thought… just a thought… 😛

  9. @ AstrayP03 lol…many dust bunnies….hmm who will make a good dust bunnie though lol 😀

    Crazy as it sounds seems workable!

    @ Evangelisque lol man…another dust bunny lover!!

    @ moemoekyun a dozen dust bunnies will jump out the cabinet!!

  10. so neat and clean! looks like you’re doing a good job on cleaning your room 😀
    I like your glass cabinet! it will keep your gundam save from dust! I’ve been wanting to get one but there’s some space issue here in my room LOL

    • Hehe well I had a few helpers but for cleaning up the kits I had to carefully disassemble a few of them to clear out the dust. Also its a good time to touch up some of my old kits, probably that is why you see it is quite empty at the moment haha.

      The glass cabinet is a custom made one but really worth it as my kits can be kept dust free! Haha maybe next time when you move into your own place you can get one! I plan to have like 2-3 of these cabinets (probably buy one at a time) at my new place ^^

  11. Man your room is neat. All your collections are nicely organized.
    And the parquet floor finish! My room is also like that 😀

    I used to cut plaplates on the floor, but now have to use some board, if not the owner will kill me for scratching the parquet XD

    Oh, I see you already got your geara zulu, hayaii!

    • Hehe well it was quite messy before the clean up!! Well I should have taken a B4 and after haha ^^. Hehe if you cut on the floor like that the owner will definitely kill ya!! I arrange my kits according to a certain series but haha the last one was like rojak.

      Hehe I can’t wait to start on that after I finish my arios!!

  12. Starting the year with arrangement and cleaning… wow, i’m impressed! 🙂
    You’re nicely setup, surrounded with your toys 🙂 Very good arrangement idea for your tools 🙂

    • Haha thanks!!! Would love to see your room too 😀 Figure heaven ^^

      Hehe I love that tool setup ^^ but then after one whole day of cleaning I had one helluva backache haha!

    • Haha well I’ll be shifting out of this place soon and into my own hopefully sometime june ^^ Then that will be the new toy room haha!!

      Thanks!! I’ll add you to mine too 😀 Any particular picture you want for a banner?

  13. hi this might be a daft question but i have got a small working area set up for doing my gundam’s but i was wondering what the best kind of lighting too use or is it as simple as using desk lamps ?

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