Origins Part 2 – First post of the year!!

Origins Part 2….

Maritan : Kero what have you been up to this time, and what is this, a secret lab?

Tamama : My robot…

Giroro : Our invasion creation gone…

Keroro : I …I …

Maritan : Now spit it your worthless piece of a green frog, what is going on soldier? I need answers now!!

A dark cloud casts its long shadow over the keron army….the howls of the wind from a distance…

Keroro : (why…I thought drossel wasn’t activated…better think of an excuse…)

Keroro : Forgive me Maritan, we were planning to build a weapon for you as a new year gift!! But it kinda blew up after you called us out….its nothing fantastic really, we can always make a new one, maybe even add in some fly swatting contraption.

Giroro : my god you are hopeless…

Maritan : Geez, a new weapon you say, then better make me another one by tomorrow or I’ll blow up your gunpla stash!!

Keroro : No you wouldn’t dare….

Drossel : My my, quite the party you have going there..

Maritan : No one interferes with my interrogation! Speak your name for that will be the last time you’ll ever do it!

Drossel : My name you say haha, I am the mecha princess, the shiniest, the most beautiful,

Drossel:  the cutest, the…

Maritan : Cut the crap…

Drossel : Tsk tsk, let me finish please.

Drossel : Oh beautiful, I love lights!! (AT field Tenkai!!)

Martian : What the, I am sure I can hit her with that, Mari never misses!!

Drossel : Don’t even think about scratching me. Polishing isn’t cheap you know.

Drossel : And you can just call me Princess Drossel ^^. And I think you’ll make a decent second in command

Maritan : Second in command, no Mari must always be first!! (Fires off another shot!!)

Drossel : You never learn do you.

Giroro : Keroro did you program her right last night, she isn’t suppose to behave this way…

Keroro : I was sanding my 1/144 Arios last night while watching Dats Fireball Episode one and uploaded it to Dro…hahaha..(a cold sweat…)

Giroro : Nanni!!! *_* When this is all over…..

Tamama : Gunsoo san….

Drossel : Give it up my second in command, you’ll never beat me hahahah!!

Maritan : Hmph!!

Maritan : Now eat this!

Drossel : How the hell did she stuff that under her tiny skirt??

Maritan : Maricannon full chargi!!

Maritan : Power level 80%-90%-99%-100!!!!

Maritan : FIREEEE!!!!!!

Drossel : AT field won’t work against this…

Drossel : Looks like I’ll have to use that! HENSHIN!!!!As the dust clears, a faint blue glow emerges out of the dust and debris….

Maritan : What the….

Drossel : Now where were we Miss Second in command….

Well this ends part 2 of Drossel’s origin story ^^. A big thanks to rockleelotus again for the wonderful ideas!!  Hope you guys like it and oh before I go hehe..



a certain army approaches…

Gato : Sieg Zeon!!! Mari your days are numbered!!

Next chaper : Rebellion!!

59 thoughts on “Origins Part 2 – First post of the year!!

  1. awesome! man if Maritan blew up keros gunpla stash, he would prolly ummm attempt to blow up the world again 😛 that was a crazy battle, AT Field FTW! loved how you added in the Henshin! and smoke effects! looks like Maritan is in one hell of a jam 😀

    • Haha thanks dude!! I think the best thing was making her an ojou sama as your suggestion haha 😀 Can’t really see drossel behaving in any other way of course with additional abilities haha!! Now we all will know what will happen if she blows up kero’s stash!!

      The henshin was kinda last minute when I thought about mask rider lol!! Forgot to mention that kero watched a few other shows that night!! Will email you on the next part soon !!!

  2. There’s only one music suitable for the coming of Zeon MS: Hell’s March from Command & Conquer – Red Alert (complete with a shouting marching cadence and boots stomping).

    And yes, Mari-tan is in BIG trouble… And bullet hell skills does not help here.

    ps. is that you in file origin49? XD

  3. All-out war!!! *__*

    Drossel vs Mari-tan vs MS army

    Who will come out alive!? Or will you pull a Tomino and rocks-fall-everyone-dies!? Wonder where the Keroro group stand in this massive war. XDDD

    Happy New Year!! 2010 started off with a literal bang in your blog. XD

    • Yes, it gonna be a mecha, figure, nendo smackfest!

      But if i don’t know how to end I’ll use that tomino ending and the trigger involves blowing up a certain stash 😀

      Happy new year!! Thanks haha, what a better way than to start with a bang !!

    • Haha well officially she has the three that I showed earlier but you’ll never know what Keroro accidentally input while fixing up Arios ^^.

  4. My first 2010 reading and i’ve already a big smile on my face. Truly this story is great, like it. A very nice saga with princess Drossel.
    I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next.

    • Thank you!! Glad it put a smile on your face haha 😀

      Hehe stay tuned, I’ll promise to do my best for the next part!!

  5. Omg Maritan’s gonna get her ass kicked! Or will she pull off some super insane out of the blue stunt that destroys everyone in the room! Or is Kshatriya gonna go spam the funnels!? Or or…gahh I can’t wait for the next part HAHAHA xD

    • Haha man, I think you are having wild ideas in your head already!! Heh I think with your number of figures you can easily do a figure wars/story ^^. Plus your table is bigger than mine!!

      • Oooo, right! I’ll think up of something for my own figure wars/story too ^^ your stories always give me inspiration to do my own one ahhahaha

        Looks like my gundams wont have a peaceful life anymore xD

        • Oh and I’ve always wanted to know what you used to do those fog effect in the last 2 Drossel pics or like the aura thingie on nendoroid saber lily’s sword(the one where you introduced her) If you would kindly teach me that’d be awesome =D

          • Oh haha!! Here is how to get those effects.


            1) Go under tab object then go under insert photo – then go to effects.
            2) Select any one of the fantasy balls. (Purple is a nice color ^^)
            3) Then insert into the picture. Now right click on the fantasy ball and then go under properties
            4) Tweak the opacity level!!
            5) Then go back to your picture and stretch the fantasy ball over the area you want like a sword to make it looks as if it is glowing!
            6) For fog effects, just click on the plus sign that you can find on the fantasy ball to make multiple copies of the ball. (White ball is best!) Then also change the shape of the ball by stretching it. Then spam all over the place haha ^^

            Well that is all in a nutshell but anyway just have fun experimenting the effects!! Looking forward to your very own figure wars!!

  6. Lol Maritan doesn’t have a seed mode but she does have a certain ride ^^. Hehe nope, neither will Mari, nor drossel command any army I am afraid at the moment….that I’ll leave it to kero to handle 😀 (future plot hint!!)

  7. “Maritan : Geez, a new weapon you say, then better make me another one by tomorrow or I’ll blow up your gunpla stash!!”
    that why the gunpla will go rebel against mari !!!

    • Haha! Big action yes 😀 maybe like lord of the rings part 3, have a bunch of SDs charging down to fight the 1/144 scale mechs 😀

      Man haha maritan is so screwed ^^

  8. It’s getting intense! Maritan’s army is starting a rebellion…
    Drossel chou hensin-ed into a stronger form, and she still has her super alloy Z and 3x speed she hasn’t shown the audience.

    Btw I love gunso’s expression, how did you do that?

    • Hehe, well she has many many other hidden abilities which will be revealed in due time!!

      Oh for gunso’s expression I added them in under photoscape. You can check it out under the insert objects and then add in all these effects!! Glad you like that little edit haha!

  9. Haha that’s awesome 😀 I want moooooore ^^
    Those special effects are greatly done and suit the story nicely.
    Remember the hell’s march from RedAlert, ahhhh sweet gaming memories…

    • Haha you play red alert too! Sweet 😀

      Glad you like the effects ^^. I wanted to add more life to my stories hence using effects to make it like a live movie or something haha ^^

    • Haha thanks mate ^^ I’ll keep doing more 😀 This is an on going series that I am collaborating with another blogger rockleelotus ^^ Do check out his blog too, really cool stuff 😀

  10. Heh thanks!! Happy that you are inspired by my stories! Haha well photoscape is quite simple to use and once you get the hang of it, it works really well!!

    • Haha thanks man for dropping by!! Glad you love the effects 😀 (Yours even more awesome haha!!)

      Ha news years gift ^^

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