My favorite Keroro moment ^_^

I was rewatching season 1 of Keroro to get inspiration for my figure wars stories and out of all the Keroro episodes this was my favorite Keroro moment 😀 Keroro quietly sneaks out to build his gunpla but as always things don’t go smoothly…

Examining his gunpla parts with close care ^^

Wait is that….

HGUC Re-Gz!! Near completion!!!


Lol…look at the Re-Gz obituary photo!!

This is one green frog’s gunpla not to mess up with!!

Haha this is but one of the many many funny moments in the Keroro series which I can always count on for a good laugh after a hard days work ^^. This particular episode can be found here on youtube 😀 I love the mesh of parody, gunpla and all sort of funny humor that they throw into this show 😀

Till the next post!

De Arimasu!!


62 thoughts on “My favorite Keroro moment ^_^

  1. Never underestimate the resolve of a gunpla modeler.

    But wait… Judging from the flying box cover, thats an MG ReGZ (as the HGUC version only came out this year).

    • Fwah you are right about that!!! haha thanks for the correction!!!

      And yes, never ever mess if a gunpla modeler especially near completion!!! he’ll nuke the hell out of ya!!

      • Well… I did threaten my hostel mates if they ever mess my gunpla I’ll gave them a free “tattoo”. On their foreheads…
        That when I was studying.
        Now… If any kid wants to touch (or even breath) it, I’ll bring out my cane/rolling pin.

        • Haha well so far I do get kids with their greasy hands on my gunpla before..and one nearly got away with a really important part!!! Ever since then if there are kids around i’ll stop building and keep everything!! Naughty as they are…don’t think you’ll need to resort to caning though lol…that will be extreme for me!!

  2. Haha! I remembered watching this episode too! He got so pissed when those guys ran over him and the Re-Gz! I wonder how he made that obituary photo so fast in just a short while. Haha, great episode though! ^^

    • haha a fully scratch build obituary photo plus frame within 5 minutes!! He must have an amazing speed! I think if he came for the gundam fiesta he will easily win the speed building competition!!

      One of my favorite from season 1 haha 😀

  3. Don’t play play…gunpla is srs bsns!!

    I don’t like people touching my stuff, so naturally I get very nervous and annoyed if anyone comes near my gunpla. Luckily, they’re all behind a door in the cupboard so people can’t take them out so easily. XDD

    I feel bad for you, Keroro – if someone did that to my MG Exia, I’ll be after that person’s head!!

    • Lol, I can’t imagine what will happen to that person if he/she screws up your MG Exia!! I think it will be the same as Keroro haha!!

      I always make sure I lock my doors if there are children around…though they are innocent but their curiosity works in a bad way in this situation lol!! I also don’t allow my mom or anybody else to rearrange my kits…especially when they ruin the poses!!

  4. Lol, don’t mess with gunsou’s gunpla 😀
    The only reason the keroro platoon doesn’t destroy earth is because gunsou needs Bandai to survive…

    • Haha indeed! And the very reason we are all still here is thanks to Bandai !! Otherwise keroro would have blown us up a long time back!!

  5. I only watched a few episodes of Keroro Gunsou but remembered one episode where Keroro was building an MG GM Sniper Custom Ver.ka. HOT DAYUM. It’s my favourite GM design and I still wish for Bandai to release the exact same kit. It exists as a GFF though I’m not a GFF collector.

    • Haha I remembered that episode too. I was like wtf!!! He has an MG GM Sniper and we don’t lol!!! But at least due to bandai existence we didn’t get blown up by keroro in the end 😀

    • Haha somehow always at the very last moment he remembers that if he destroys earth there will no more gunpla left in the universe!!

      I think there was this very early episode where they did an evangelion parody too!! Must go rewatch!!

  6. obituary picture!
    talk about taking it to the extreme!
    if bandai releases a serious of obituary pictures for gundam(destroyed either on purpose or by accident!), im sure they will make a killing!

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      • It’s actually a MG kit, when I saw the box. Never watched a full episode of Frog Gunso but I think he’s the most hardcore modeller ever. I won’t end up as he did, as for resin kits, I’ll kill for one (my long time obsession after my introduction with Gunpla).

        • Ah thanks for pointing it out! Didn’t noticed!!! I remember he even remoddelled his base to look like the internals for the white base in one episode!

    • Speaking of which, your profile pic, was that Keroro dressed as Quattro in the Dakar conference (right down to the sunglasses and the blonde wig)? Correct me if I’m wrong.

        • One thing I found funny about the FUNIMATION dubs is that there were numerous mistakes in scripting as well as some in-jokes being written off for a more serious setting. Things such as the Keroro Platoon and Gunpla were referred as the A.R.M.P.I.T. Platoon (Advance Recon Mission Preparatory Invasion Terror Platoon) and Dork Models respectively

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