HGUC Gundam TR1-Hazel Custom

I met Bmecha today at HAG and we had a nice little conversation ^^. Then we went to M workshop and saw a HGUC Gundam TR1-Hazel and lots of old school HGUC kits!! I did build this kit way back last year and just nice we saw this kit today again so I figured why not take some shots of this old school kit 😀 Well hope you guys enjoy this little evening photoshoot ^^

Now I don’t really know the back story of this kit ^^ maybe moemoekyun or marzz can fill me in on this haha! Anyway for a 1/144 kit, it is very very detailed!! I repainted the joints with neutral grey, torso/legs/shield with flat black, painted the red and replace the yellow parts with sliver. Back then, I did not know how to decal so I left em out!! The white you see here is actually sanded till 1500 grit ^^. The only white paint that I use is on the shield!

For an old kit, it even has hydraulic pipes for the leg joints!!

I love the torso design.

Nice ass ^^

His second shield can be mounted on the backpack.

Some action poses ^^. It has fairly good leg joints for its time.

I love the leg articulation.

Switched the shield. And the arm is able to grab the beam saber from the backpack.

Well this is all for the night ^^. Given what I have learned so far from this year, I will be redoing this kit and giving it even more details. But I’ll work in between my arios and figure wars stories when I need a break from those 2!! And AES (advance editing syndrome) is working up again so my Origin part 2 won’t be as quick!!




And a little preview hehe of origins part 2!!

Till the next post!!


57 thoughts on “HGUC Gundam TR1-Hazel Custom

    • Lol haha isn’t this like the movies ^^ They show you bits and pieces of the interesting parts first!! Better get working on it asap!!!

  1. nice work in details for an old school kit, the silver over yellow looks very bad ass! too bad im not from around there, i would love to raid… i mean visit the toy room too lol

    crazy preview or origins 2! Drossel vs Maritan! lol i agree with eighteleven, im eagar to see it but take your time and make it awesome! 😀

    • Thanks mate! Glad you like this old school work haha 😀 There is another version that I really like in Titans colors but I can’t really find those here already!! Lol tsk tsk naughty naughty, raiding the toy room haha!! My Monoeye army will come after you!!!

      Ps : Trying to work in the dialog based on your suggestion haha! Btw any good reference anime material for the Ojou sama part??

      • search “dats fireball” in youtube and watch the series! they are 3d shorts, each about 2min so you can get through it easy. it should give you an idea on how she acts and talks and maybe you can kick it up a notch based on that to fit your story ^^

    • What are u waiting for lol!!! There are several versions of Hazel. I also have the TR5 hairoo but I screwed that kit up really bad…

  2. wow.. this was from a year ago?? haha.. it does look very detailed for an old kit! and im very surprised by its leg’s articulations.. my wing zero custom couldn’t so it was eaten up by EVA-01.. lolx.. XD loved the editing man.. haha. something tt i dun have the time to learn.. ^^ the first pic looks like drossel has possessed it.. haha. looking forward to your next post! =)

    • In fact this kit was released 4 years back in 2005!!! Amazing considering its age! I think its legs articulation can win many of those seed destiny kits! Poor wing zero….but it was a beautiful death haha!! Next time if I have time I’ll do a tutorial on using photoscape to edit these pictures. Possessed drossel!! lol

      Man hope I can live up to the hype lol!

  3. The TR1 Hazel is an experiment program done by the Titan Test Team (TTT) in making MS more agile and versatile. The shield-thruster is one such development. Generally the TTT will either modify a GM Quell into a Gundam-like MS or turn it into a mobile armour that carries smaller MS.

    Note: The timeline for this development is during Zeta Gundam.

    • Woah, no wonder I see the similarities with the GM Quell. But is this a side story that happens concurrently with Zeta Gundam? I have another TTT kit its the TR 5 Hairoo. So do these prototypes get used eventually?

      • Officially the records of the TTT was deleted and classified/denied of their existence after the defeat of the Titans. Most of the prototypes were used in the side story but in the end, most of them are either destroyed/scrapped/converted.

        Some (very little) of their research can be seen in the Sentinel Gundam graphic novel, e.g the Xeku series of MS, Gundam Sentinel and the Barzam series.

        • It is from a novel named “Advance of Z”. Later on they released a manga with the sam title. The story talk about Titan Test Team (TTT) are a special unit to test the various new MS and support parts that playing an important role for the MS development (e.g. RX-107 Rosette, Prototype Asshimar TR-3 [Kehaar] and ORX-005 Gaplant TR-5 )

          For all the MS. http://bit.ly/5GRPKb the design is absolutely amazing and eye opening. I’m looking for Advanced Hazel T___T

          Avance of Z official Art Book, but only less than 50% of the MS included http://bit.ly/69Q8tm

        • @ bd77 and Bmecha wow thanks for all this great info and trivia!! That is some solid wealth of info for me to mod my stuff!! The designs are really really unique. Argh…more poison to get the other hazel units…

  4. I like mech with strong mechanical edge and design but not ridiculously strong power. TR1- Hazel Custom fits the criteria and it’s one of my favourite Gundam. I have only the Trading figure and exclusive kits by HobbyJapan.

    • Thanks!!! Its a very old work and I just simply paint some parts and panel line. The kit by itself is already very nice. I just change the color scheme a bit ^^

  5. Hate to disappoint you chubbs, but i seriously dunno about this gundam’s origin…. I think it was from advance of z? Side story i think………. Damn side stories……… I saw the Hazel when i was there the other day as well!

  6. Syful: Ehem… Since tonight is the last night of 2009 I…

    G-Wing Z: Aww… cut the crap man, say it already!

    Syful: I was about to!

    Strike: Like hell you were about to, you got 10 pages of speech!

    Freedom: Is my wing unit all good?

    MKII: Now is not the time dude, just get ready!

    Kos-mos: I wrote that for master…

    RX: I helped too!

    Strike Noir: Sure you do, all you did was just running around chasing hamsters…

    Syful: =.=’ I was about to say…

    *secret character*: LEMME OUT YOU JERK!!!

    Syful: WILL EVERYBODY SHUT UP?!? All right on 3, 1-2-3

    Syful and the gunplas: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

    *Secret Character*: I’LL TEAR YOU APART IF YOU DON’T LET ME OUT!!

    Syful: *sigh*

  7. Hazel has a very manly design! He is going to take part in your part 2? hahahah everyone’s saying part 2, your fault chub, you showed us a nice teaser there 😀

    • Lol, I love the chest vents and design ^^ And plus all the mechanical details that it has it is really an awesome mech. But hehe it won’t be featured in part 2 though haha 😀 Man haha the teasers ^^

  8. happy new year chubbs 😀
    If I’m not mistaken there are three types of hazel right? I love their bulky design, it’s just different that any other mobile suit!

        • Happy new year!!!

          Oh I loved the advanced Hazel!!! In fact all their designs are really good for this series. I’ll definitely keep a look out for the rest if they pop up at M workshop!

  9. Happy New Year~ ^^

    Wah, the HGUC Hazel does look quite nice. Two shields… I guess I know where the Gale Strike’s shield idea came from now. XD

    Oooh, can’t wait for your origins post. X3

    • Happy new year to you too!!

      Indeed, when I first build it I was very surprised at the details for such an old kit!!! Haha you are right about the gale strike (but even the gale strike pales in comparison to this!)

      Hehe posted!!

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