Origins Part 1

Keroro is working something down in his secret lab and ropes in Tamama and Giroro to help!! I wonder what they are making….

Keroro : I have invested my entire gunpla budget in this…Maritan, I’ll have my revenge!! (As to what happen to Keroro previously it can be found here 😀)

Keroro : My super robot will have AT Field capabilites!

Keroro : It shall move 3 times faster than Char’s zaku which means it will be 3 to the power of 3 times faster than a regular zaku!!!

Keroro : And it will have armor as hard as super alloy Z!!

The keron army…the sound of drill, sanding in the middle of the night…

Tamama : I’ll polish this so shiny that Gunso san will love me for this!! Time to put that polishing compound tutorial to good use!!

Tamama : Polish polish polish!!!

Keroro : Get to work guys! I want to show Martian whose in charge here!!

Tamama : Hai!!

Giroro : I have never seen Keroro so serious..looks like I have been wrong about him all along!

Giroro : Power systems check, rocketo punch check…

Giroro : Time for some welding!!

Giroro : Keroro main body is done!!

Kiroro : Hai!! Some last minute tweaking to the head!

Keroro : this is nothing compared to my Sinanju build!!

Keroro : Tamama nitohei get ready the chargers!!

Tamama : Hai Gunsoo San!!

Tamama : Energy full chargiii!!

Keroro : Yes I can feel it….my creation is is…

Keroro : Yes she is alive!!! Yes just a bit more!!

Sounds of energy fading….

Keroro : Naniiii!!!! Why!!!!

Keroro : Why…..

Tamama : Gunsoo san…

Giroro : Erh guys…

Giroro : I heard tiny foot steps…

Keroro : Wait it can’t be…hurry switch off everything and leave!!

As the lab door closes behind the Keron army….

Drossel awakens…

Well this is my first collaboration with my fellow Nenditor Rockleelotus 😀 Couldn’t have done this without him! Do stay tune for part 2 coming up!

Till the next post!!

71 thoughts on “Origins Part 1

  1. Oh God… nendo Drossel just become alive… Should interesting, would she:
    a) turn against her master and join Mari-tan
    b) join them
    c) gain sentience and become independent
    d) lets roll dice. XD

  2. now this is a cinematic story telling experience! amazing to see how you visualize your scripts man ^^ love the set you created and the dialog. Tamama happily polishing had me laughing XD nendo Drossel powa!

    great job, cant wait for part 2 ^_^

      • haha.. better not, actually i’m a graphic designer, already tired on my work whole day XD when back home my brain already blank.. actually wanted to make my blog look more nice, but i’m tired.

        Keep up the good work, i prefer like you, day time do ordinary job, night time is fantasy moment.

    • Lol I don’t have those 2 so they won’t be making any debut for dororo and kururu!!!

      Hehe looks like another Drossel fan here!!

      • I see. i see. How much you get the nendoriod Drossel? i have order from a local shop, eta january T_T

        The battery is using which size? Man.. my hand very itchy now.. wanna touch your drossel XD

        • I got it after 70 +++ its a bit ex but as you know for nendos, once they are gone means you won’t be able to catch it anymore!! As for the batteries I don’t know the size cos it comes prepack in the head already!

          Hehe wait for your drossel in January and you can touch her all you want haha!! If you are in Singapore I can let you touch :)(but not take back!!!)

  3. Cool eyes! So on who’s side is she going to end up? is she gonna be independent and destroy everything?
    One question man, Are you really gonna clean your drossel using a polishing compound?

    • Lol no man!!! Haha just want to add some polishing thingy so I just thought of my own compound 😀 I won’t dare to use anything on drossel!!! She is very precious ^^

    • Oh they are from 2 different series. Keroro is riding MkI but Tamama’s is MKII!! Don’t think I’ll get the entire series though haha 😀

  4. Wow!! Like everyone has said, this was like watching an animated show or something! Very nice *thumbs up* I can’t wait for part 2!

    I just wished my figma Drossel’s eyes would light up too 😦 but oh well~ hahahah

    • Haha thanks!!! Maybe I can do stop motion next time lol…but I don’t know how long will that take!!! Hehe better hurry up to part 2!! I think I recall seeing someone do a mod on that before. And he made it green!! Gn particle Drossel!!

  5. Really nice story and diorama! Love the props and your camera angle.

    And keron army is the perfect choice to make this. Finally keroro is serious about earth invasion.
    Can’t wait for part 2 :D. Upload tonight?

    • Thanks!!! Haha luckily I managed to salvage a few boxes haha!! Looks like I can finally put them to good use! I took close to 150 plus photos but trim down to a good 70 ^^, took as much angles as possible and then select those few that I really liked!

      Hehe keron army is finally getting serious!! But I am sorry mate, part 2 will have to wait!! I am doing a reshoot for certain parts at this point plus the editing work!!

    • Haha I had a lot of fun coming up the concept with rockleelotus who gave me ideas for this scenario 😀 It was very fun doing this entire shoot! 🙂

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