Arios Gundam GNHW/M Wip Phase 1!!

Seeing ren starting on his Exia kind of makes me want to start on my own stash of 00 Gunpla ^^. So I’ll start with something bright and cheery 😀 This time round I’ll aim to eliminate the seamlines and also at the same time use minimal paint for this build like my Kshatriya. Arios Gundam Wip Phase 1 ikimasu!!!

For removing seamlines on large pieces I used the Tamiya Cement.

I fitted the part together until there is a little gap between the seamlines. Then I use the tip of the Tamiya Cement brush and go over the seamlines and letting the plastic cement sip in via capillary action.

After letting the cement sip in, I squeeze both sides tightly till I get the cement oozing out between the seams.

Sometimes for small parts where I don’t want the glue to run amok on the surfaces (more control) I use the extra thin cement. The usage is the same as above.

Also I paint the eyes while waiting for some parts to dry from the cement.

I used a black pilot pen/gundam marker to paint the black parts. Make it easier to paint the eyes.

This time round, I used a slight different technique to paint the eyes.

I first paint a base coat of metallic green and before it drys I quickly dip a bit of silver and it results in a brighter looking green compared to my previous work on the GP02.

I also painted other parts that require some gray.

After the eye lens dried I used the thin cement for the seamline on the head.

I’ll be trying out the polishing compound technique on the cement surface. Hope it works!!

After sanding with 400, 600 and then followed by 1000 grit.

After polishing with rough and then fine compound. Seamline removed!!! But seems I need to sand more on some of the parts though. Looks like the little experiment is success. Needs some more sanding to make it better!!

Well thats all for the night!

Till the next post!


51 thoughts on “Arios Gundam GNHW/M Wip Phase 1!!

  1. Where’s the GN archer chubb? 😀
    Arios’ seamlines are quite tough…and my friend told me rx 78 30th also has some very annoying seamlines.

    • I know lol!!! The shoulders ones are a bitch!!! I’ll have to remove the first part of the shoulders seamline and then followed by the lower half!! I think the RX78 30th is not as bad as this kit seamline wise haha 😀

      Ps : I do accept donations of kits haha!!! Archer anyone ??

  2. hey welcome back bro! seems like I don’t need to cover on how to make the seam line disappear heheh, I haven’t had any luck on the cementing the lines, still some left =.=’ Soon I’ll cover it on my own parts hehehe, seriously I need markers and paint =.=’ got too many sprays already

    • haha thanks dude 😀 also welcome you back from that numbness period ^^. Try on spare parts first, I also didn’t get it right the first few tries. Only after like 2-3 kits I got the hang of it. Lol I am the exact opposite situation…too many markers very little paint left!! (That is why I am doing all these minimal paint job builds!!)

  3. Does it work equally well if I use only the thin cement? I’m gonna take apart my old beam rifles and try to make the seams disappear 🙂

    • Thin cement dries faster but you have more control. You have to be quicker with thin cement but otherwise works equally well when compared with the normal cement. Haha good luck with your seam removal!!

    • Sometimes I warp the sand paper around a paint stirrer and it helps to reach into those hard to get places!! Otherwise take a fresh sandpaper which is hard and fold it. The folded side should be able to reach those hard to reach places!

      The Sangokuden kits has tons of em….plus if you sand too hard you sand away the details!!

  4. new kit! nice work in the seam lines, never tried it before. i always wonder, what if i want to take it apart again? ^^;; but it does look a whole lot better. nice trick for brightening the eyes too!

    i did just remove some mold lines not seam lines from my mini zaku Lol will post that later.

    • Hehe you can try it out on the smaller kits first or weapons! I did my first seam line removal on my destiny (my sacrificial kit) haha and it was a disaster!! Once you glue it you won’t be able to remove / take it apart I am afraid. But for HGUC kits there are far less seamlines!

      Haha don’t get me started on mold lines!!!

  5. yay! another Gundam from 00!!! haha.. it seems that we’re all really slowly improving from previous builds.. while i jus moved to using compound on my Exia.. you’re moving on to removing seam lines alr!! haha.. cool.. i’ve jus experienced compound and found it slightly more tiring.. but the results is very good!! esp when we dun paint our kit.. woot woot.. learnt alot from this post of urs! =DD thanks chubbs! hope to see your arios soon! =) take care!

    • haha hi five dude 😀 Thanks to your itchy fingers my hands got itchy too haha! Hehe its good to move up the ladder and improve from the previous work ^^. I want to see if its possible to remove seamlines and yet without resorting to painting to cover up the cemented parts. I did do seamlines before but those kits were painted entirely!

      Haha man I know, doing the compound on the guns itself took me like a good half an hr but worth the time considering we both aren’t painting our kits! Glad you learnt something from this post! Take care too dude!

  6. oh yeah chub if you make a mod gundam then next month bandai released the gundam exactly the same with your mod what do you feel ???

    • Actually no feelings haha ^^ Really to be honest I’ll love to see what bandai has come up with and then refine my mod or tweak my mod. Other than that I won’t feel much.

  7. Woah, very nice work, Arios sure have lots of seam lines all around it. And well, just by reading this post, I just notice that my box of Arios GNHW/M is still collecting dust somewhere in my Gunpla bag….

    • Oh yes, there is a lot of seam lines on this kit! Haha you have this kit too great!

      Hopefully I can finish all four of the HW series by febuary!

  8. welcome back. Similarly for me, I find seam lines quite a handful to deal with. Even after doing gunpla for some long, I have not being able to get rid of them totally.

    Reason being, if i join them togther now, it might hinder the job of painting the other parts around below or around it in a different color. If I join them latter after painting, the seam lines stick out like a sore thumb. quite a dilemma for me in my case.

    To sum it all up in short, I need to work hard on my masking and seam removal skill :s

    • Haha same here, I still get problems here and there sometimes!! And yes they are quite a handful to deal with and I had to resort to putty at times!! I am very weak at masking hence I am trying to do minimal painting by still remove as much seam lines as possible. It is either paint the part beneath, mask, fix the part and then remove the seamlines, paint….very very tedious!!

      I am always looking to improve my builds as much as possible 😀 Experiment experiment ^^

  9. The arios is really a pain……. Especially the leg…. The leg blades are supposed to be orange at the tip, and Bandai supplied these sucky orange stickers…..zzz……..
    And that is my brother’s arios, he got the normal version.

    • Sure no problem leon 😀 Haha so you build gundam kits too ?? Nice!

      Haha not only the cleaning up but the dust storm after all that sanding!!!

  10. Nice WIP~ you got HWS version >__<, I only got one cement only – the regular one, also havent tried tamiya compound… need to try then lol, for finishing im using sanding cloth (1500), works okay so far ^^. I hate foil sticker except the eye.. lol

    Btw.. Im working on my MG Wing Gundam ver ka.. but my tamiya cutter got lost.. used nail clipper and leave this white mark around the nubs, <_< tried to sand over and over, even tried to paint with gundam marker but still got … ORZ, I'll post later its WISP on my blog lolz

  11. Nice WIP~ you got HWS version ^_^ , mine is normal one.. haha.. looks good ^^

    Arios is kinda PITA when dealing with seamlines ^^;; I only got one cement only – the regular one, also havent tried tamiya compound… need to try then lol, for finishing im using sanding cloth (1500), works okay so far ^^. I hate foil sticker except the eye.. lol

    Btw.. Im working on my MG Wing Gundam ver ka.. but my tamiya cutter got lost.. used nail clipper and leave this white mark around the nubs, v_v tried to sand over and over, even tried to paint with gundam marker but still got … ORZ, I’ll post later its WISP on my blog lolz

    PS : Please delete my previous post.. lol someting wrong with google chrome :/

    • Haha double post!! (its okay :D)

      Thanks! The HW system is quite nice! I love the dual guns and back pack, makes the arios even more fierce! I used to use stickers on all the eyes, now I am gaming for a sticker free build so finding other ways to do the eyes.

      Haha seamlines are plentiful here!! The regular one is good enough actually, but after using the thin cement I prefer using the thin one, somehow I get better results with it! Fwah nail clippers, sound like you went in too deep a cut, hence even after sanding you can still see the nub marks!

  12. Arios…my favorite:D

    I really like how the part turns out in the last three pictures!
    I think sanding is important, but I gotta say that it is one boring activity 😆 but it’s a good exercise for the arms 😀

    • i remember you liking arios from that bushido vs gundam 00 fight!!

      Thanks!!! No doubt sanding is boring but it is a necessary thing when it comes to kits!!! But it does make my forearms bigger lol!! 😀

    • Thanks!! Haha wanted to try out a way to make those seamlines disappear without resorting to painting the kit 😀 (really helps the wallet a lot!!)

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