HGUC Kshatriya WIP Phase 3!!

Now posting the little WIP that I did for my Kshatriya before my trip 😀 HGUC Kshatriya WIP Phase 3 Ikimasu!!!

Painted the thrusters with gold gundam markers. Will paint the insides later with a brush.

For the nub marks on grey parts, instead of sand or using compound I use the real touch marker to go over it instead.

Apply liberally over the whitish parts

The nub marks become less obvious after cleaning up with a tissue.

I also went on the paint the pipes underneath to match the tubes around the body.

I’ll be using the yellow GM74 and white GM11 Gundam markers for the paint job.

First coat of white.

Second coat of white.

Final coat of yellow. As for the yellow that is painted on the excess sprue, notice that without the white base, the color will be slightly of a greyish tone due to the grey plastic underneath. With a white base the yellow color is brighter.

Then I added in the panel lines.

I added a bit of silver and green to several parts underneath the binders.

Also a simple height comparison with my 1/100 Evalanche Exia ^^.

In comparison with my 1/144 Kamfper, the Kshatriya simply towers over him…

Well this is my short little WIP for the weekend 😀 Now to sleep!!!

Till the next post!!


66 thoughts on “HGUC Kshatriya WIP Phase 3!!

    • Heh thanks!! Haha I have this tendency to give my opening pictures a bit of editing 😀 I want the kits to look as best as possible without resort to painting the whole kit hence I try to paint all the little parts ^^.

      Thanks! Haha they make a really nice couple!

    • Oh thx!! I painted neutral and german grey for the Kampfer 😀 My earlier hand painted works that I really like!! Yep he can easily own and 1/144 with ease ^^

  1. You sure can build very quickly 😀
    I try to build as slowly as possible so I won’t spend money buying another gunpla hahahah.

    And your kampfer is nice, I love the color!

  2. Nice tip on the nubs ^^ really need to get those real touch marker…but I may re-color anyways.. XD

    The yellow coloring tip is useful… nice~ might try it tho im suck at it lol

    Wow nearly same if remove the binder with 1/100 Avalanche Exia lol.. with binder Kshatriya look more bigger XD

    HGUC Kampfer woot…nice color, simple~ Maybe I should get one *stares at his MG Kampfer*

    • Haha sometimes if I am lazy with the nubs I’ll use this method to hide them 😀 Haha I think with an air brush it is even easier to do the yellow portion! Just mask and spray

      With those extra stuff it makes the Kshatriya look huge ^^. You might want to get the HGUC Version, trust me its easier on the wallet and equally detailed!!

  3. Somehow according to UC timeline, After Char’s counter attack the mobile suit size should gotten smaller instead of building bigger MS like Kshatriya.

    Anyway, we need awesome enemy to match gundam else it will be boring 😀

    • Oh I is this inline with V gundam and Gundam F91 all being smaller and more compact? just my own hunch ^^ I love big ms as bosses 😀 (especially in SRW games!!)

  4. Welcome back!! Your speed is amazing. I’m still only on MG Exia’s left leg, LOL. *dying from breathing too much plastic dust all the sanding*

    Kshatriya is intimidating. No matter how many photos I see, it never fails to amaze me how enormous this kit is. @.@ Looking forward to UC to see it in action! x)

  5. Wow hes huuge!!! big as a MG O_O i really wanna see a MG or PG version of him now Lol! very nice build man, and i do that same tech of paining over the nubs 😛

    GP02 is not looking as bad ass now, Kshatriya will eat him for breakfast? would like to see a size comparison with them two. cant wait too see more of this monster ^^

    • Ah Gm 47 will be the closer one 😀 A good alternative will be using the gold gundam marker to replace yellow. Works very nicely ^^

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