An Ugly Christmas ^^

I think everyone must that I know of must be in Orchard Road at this moment. Instead me and my wife have opt to spend some quiet time in Toa Payoh 😀 and of course a few friends decided to join us ^^

This Munchy and Scrunchy’s first time in Toa Payoh, and they stare in awe of the lights and sights of suburbs ^^

Munchy ^^

Scrunchy 🙂

And we paid a little visit to Swenson for some chocolate ice cream ^^ Not only me and my wife love chocolate by so do these guys….

Munchy : oh…this is yummy…

Scrunchy : Must think plan…eat…

Munchy : Careful Scrunchy…maybe try something else..

Scrunchy : Must get ice cream….

Munchy : Ah see, this is much better

Scrunchy : Lets eat!!

After 15 minutes…..haha guess they had too much…

And also, a little gift for my wife 😀

My wife loves cats

Hee well, this is just a nice little quiet moment that I have with my wife on Christmas. Hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas this year!

Happy holidays ^^


33 thoughts on “An Ugly Christmas ^^

  1. Oh you are married? Congrats!!
    Ice bat and ox happened to catch me browsing your blog, now they want ice cream too 🙂
    Merry Christmas!

    • Hehe yep…I could barely move them after that ice cream treat that they had 😀 Well I am technically not married but hehe we just have this habit of calling each other hubby and wifey 😀 but thanks!!!

  2. Nice! I want my Versal Knight as christmas present…zzzz…

    All I get from my GF was a pair of shoes with cat shit xD. And I was washing her shoe at 24-12-2009 11.59pm. lol

    • Haha maybe I should have gotten the neko nendo based on moemoekyun’s suggestion…lol 😀 (think i’ll get that more for myself instead!!)


  3. XD Looks like a good number of people got confused by your usage of the title ‘wife’. In any case, may I also extend an early congrats to the both of you!! Zhu ni men bai tou xie lao, zao sheng gui zi etc etc XDDD

    Good choice deciding to stay in the heartlands instead of Orchard Road. XDD Just the pics of crowds in newspapers and on TV makes me happy I’m not there. @.@ Happy holidays to the both of you. ^-^b

    Ice cream looks good!!

    • Haha I realized that from all the response 😀 I’ll shall offically just call my other half wife from now on to avoid any misconception ^^ Thanks!!!
      As for the baby hehe…can’t wait to start the WIP from that one!!! (but this one I can’t show lol!!)

      The crowd alone is enough to turn me off!!! Heartlands are nice and peaceful. Hopefully by next year the new shopping centers in Serangoon will open and then I can have a nice evening there instead of at orchard. I don’t like tussling with such a big crowd!!

      Happy holidays to you too 😀 The ice cream is very nice haha!

  4. Chouchou and Munchy got lucky to enjoy that ballad between lovers and mostly to enjoy that delicious chocolate ice-cream.
    I also looove chocolate.
    You wife is right to love cats 🙂 and it’s a nice gift you offered to her.

    • haha hi five fellow chocolate lover 😀 Yes I really treasure that little evening that we had ^^. Thanks!! I had a hard time choosing what to give her and decided on that among the 4 different cats that I saw!

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