A pleasant surprise :D

I woke up this morning and found a red box sitting on my bed…

Oh my…what have they done to Raspberyl!!! Lol!!

Haha the actual surprise was going over the Lilybellule and checking on the results of the contest. And to my astonishment I actually came in third!!! This is really a great early gift for christmas!! I really like to thank Gundamjehutykai and Rockleelotus for their feedback and help on this picture!!! Couldn’t have done it without their input 😀

Also a little update on a work that I have been doing last night ^^

Legs and hands completed!!

Till the next post and happy holidays!!


52 thoughts on “A pleasant surprise :D

    • Haha same to you mate ^^ Merry Christmas. This weekend will be a good time to finish up this kit/genosaurer!!Best if it doesn’t rain then I can do my top coating!!

      HAha looking forward to your Zaku’s completion!!

  1. Merry X’mas to you and your family (that includes your toys), from me and the 4koma lot.

    Kouji: Oi~! My turn to sit on Santa’s lap!
    Yoko: 😛 Not yet. I’m still giving my list.
    Char: I said I’m not Santa…. -_-;;;

    • Lol….poor Char 😀

      Haha thanks dude!! Merry christmas to you too!!! Hmm can I sit on santa’s lap too XD

      Char : Naniii!!! Pew Pew!!!!

  2. wow.. Grats on the contest ^^

    Merry Xmas to you!

    wooo Kshatriya look awesome.. makes me want to get it now lol.. but must resist.. already got bunch of stuffs ordered for this month and next jan 2010 >_<;;;;;

    Is the green saber come like that? or u paint it?

  3. Nendo saberliliy is just SO adorable!!!
    congrats on making it to third. good job!

    shameless plug: my friend got the first place. you can check out her deviant art. she really is a talent. ^_^

    • Thanks Eru!!! Hehe I love saber ^^ Gawd I love all my nendos haha 😀

      Ahh!!! Your friend!!! Better go check her deviant art profile!!!

      Anyway merry christmas 😀

  4. Congratz on 3rd place! Looks like Raspbery will be mighty pissed once she gets free. XD

    Cool, you’re almost done with your Kshatriya. Looks like you might be in time for Christmas… maybe you can put some decorations on it. XP It IS green like a tree after all.

    • Haha thanks dude!!! Yes she is very pissed indeed and unwarping her can be another story in itself!!

      Nah, I just got back home ^^ Looks like Kshatriya christmas tree will be for next year!!! I’ll deliberately spray the top coat now and get that frosting effect!!!

  5. congrats!!! your creativity knows no bounds! and that is a very nice early xmas gift… so what nendo will you be buying with the prize monies 😛 lol you are too kind man, i dont remember what feedback i gave you for this shot ^^;;

    Kshtriya is looking awesome!

    • Haha thanks dude!!! Haha actually this idea came from my window shopping with my wife so haha, she is the originator of that idea ^^. And haha its a great early Xmas gift!! Man you got 2 new additions!!! haha thats awesome!!

      Haha you did gave a feed back hehe but anyway Merry Xmas dude!!

  6. Congrats chubb!! It’s a great Christmas present.
    Even mari is acting sweet today, you must be very happy 😀

    Kshatriya looks great. The only complaint I have is that the shoulder joints look strange. Because of the binders system maybe?

    • Haha yes indeed, its a great present 😀 Hehe no shoot at writer antics on christmas ^^

      Ah yes, the shoulders do look a bit weird without the binders. But once the four big binders are on they won’t look so weird already ^^

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