HGUC Kshatriya WIP Phase 2 – Big is beautiful

Well continuing with my work on the huge HGUC Kshatriya today I’ll work on the main body and some of the little details 😀

I am quite surprised that it has an internal frame for a 1/144 kit. Its a first for me ^^

I don’t like some of the default colors for the pipes so some painting with my new gundam silver marker 😀

I also painted the thruster with metallic red 😀 Took 2 layers to get a nice coverage.

Also painted the eyes with metalic red. So much better than stickers!!

(I might get the flourescent pink next time to try :D)

Kotobukiya like peg detected!!!!

I am also impressed by the simple mechanism that is used to hold the huge binders…

Simple but effective way to hold the binders.

Main body completed!!! Some nubs left to be polished later 😀

Thats a large ass….

Man I having a blast assembling this kit. One thing I love about big kits haha, the parts are so much easier to hold and even if you do drop them its easier to find 😀 Oh and one last picture that I promised to show plutonian revolver ^^





Till the next post!! Big is beautiful haha 😀


112 thoughts on “HGUC Kshatriya WIP Phase 2 – Big is beautiful

  1. It’s 1.05am here now, sleep chub! Tomorrow still working……
    I can’t work on my gunpla this late at night, eyes cannot concentrate anymore ^^

    good night~

  2. baby got back! lol that in one sexy green beast! is there any other 1/144 kits with inner frame? very surprising indeed.

    heathorn is very worried for your health chubbs, wants you to have a long healthy life of gunpla building 😛

    • Haha a sexy green back 😀 (reminds me of Justin timberlake’s song ^^) I don’t remember seeing other kits of this scale with a frame like that.

      Hehe noted 😀 Will try to catch more sleep ^^ haha! I definitely want to build for as long as possible (or as long as my wallet can take it!!)

    • I told chubby to sleep but I was also awake until 1.30am last night :D. This morning woke up at 8, luckily still can make it to office on time.

  3. whoa.. my first one too saw HG got internal frame lol… nice metallic marker u got.. I got Artline Silver marker, didnt use long time, now use didnt work well lol.. must shake moar >__<;; which part is that? and the locking mechanism is nice addition..

    The binder is freaking big!!… how tall the overall kit? big as average MG?

    • Oh Artline if I am not mistaken has a gold which Ngee Khiong frequently uses! Its a very nice marker to use.

      Haha I have no idea how tall this thing will be once it is completed ^^ Don’t think my 5 nendos fully stacked will be able to tower this guy!

  4. whoa.. my first one too saw HG got internal frame lol… nice metallic marker u got.. I got Artline Silver marker, didnt use long time, now use didnt work well lol.. must shake moar ^^;;

    Nice progress with Kshatriya, u have might poisoned me to buy this one eyed green beast lol, maybe next year along with 00 7S/G? XD,

    lol @ the Kotobukiya like peg >_<;; which part is that? and the locking mechanism is nice addition..

    The binder is freaking big!!… how tall the overall kit? big as average MG?

  5. Recent 1/144 HGs tend to have some internal structure in them now. Iirc the HGUC Jadg Doga has a almost complete internal frame, sans upper legs 😀

    Beautiful detail and design.

    Great work as usual for the Kshat. Gundam Markers seem to work well under your hand. Not sure what’s wrong with mine, but the silver gundam marker gives a pretty fail shade of silver no matter how i shake it. orz

    And as for the parts you painted red, those are the Kshat’s cannons. The thrusters are much bigger and in grey. ^^;

    • Fwah, thanks for that info dude 😀 Now you made me put another kit on the possible get list!!! More zeon units is good haha ^^

      I initially started out with gundam markers, then went to hand brush, air brush and now back to gundam markers haha…one full cycle. I shake for like 5 minutes for every marker that I used prior to application. The metallic ones will take longer! But one thing I did differently from last time is to really patiently take my time with the painting and not rush things!

      Haha opps! Thanks for the correction 😀 So cannons it is!

  6. By golly, its hueg~! You definitely need a stand(s) for her (its piloted by a Ple-clone). An interesting mecha, that (and no, I’m have interest for the kit).

    Can’t wait for the finished version. 😀

  7. I’ll need to use a 1/100 stand with a add ons to the base. Otherwise I foresee some toppling action coming…lol….

    And toppling over is no good 😀

  8. artline silver markers eh… must get those… I did some minor mistakes in my spraying technique.. some of the part of my G-wing zero is smudgy…

    G-wing Z: No S*** sherlock, look at what you did to my weapon unit >.<

    Syful: It was a mistake, the gold spray didn't work!

    G-wing Z: Maybe you should refer to some of the techniques online!

    Syful: … =.='

    • Lol man, all your gunpla is complaining on the paint job 😀 Tough life you have there on your blog….

      But I got blown my my Nendo’s a few times…hopefully Gato doesn’t do the same to me after smudging his feet ^^

      So you are painting the Wing Zero’s main body gold?

  9. no, just the weapon bit, the gold spray can got flooded again so i switched color.

    Kinda getting awkward when your gun-pla starts talking to you when you’re alone, and you started to talk back.

    G-wing Z: He’s hallucinating chubbs, don’t mind him, he didn’t cover his nose when he sprays.

    Syful: I like the sweet smell


    moral of the story: cover your nose when you spray, you might end up like me =.=’ LoL

    • Ah I see 😀 You must be getting high on all that spray can!!!

      I always wear a mask before spraying ^^. Don’t want to end up seeing my kits talking to me!!

  10. dalong have 9 korean hobby store sponsor him just get all singapore hobby store sponsor you mate 😀 at least get one free gunpla every month from one store !!

  11. Wow! Looking good! I have to wonder, chubbs, what time do you really sleep??
    Btw, I will be heading to Malacca for a few days, so see you guys when i get back !

        • as i know ussualy licensor wait for 2-4 years to buy the license so they got it cheaper and can sell it for cheap ?? so you watched gundam 00 taiwan too (I am doing DVD research this time you are a good example)

  12. @ TurbyToddler : Haha 😀 Come add the friendly green giant to your stash ^^

    @ Moemoekyun : Hehe big green guy next year haha 😀

    • Haha thanks mate 😀 Yes indeed, the mother of all zeon monsters ^^. Kinda reminds me of neue ziel in some ways too 😀

      Better add more fire to the build ^^

  13. Was almost buying this Kshatriya last Sunday but suddenly I hold on again….

    Is it difficult? I know it’s HGUC but I’m kind of lazy now… even HGUC Geara Doga seems to be a lot of work I feel.. hahahaha…

    by the way if I top coat the MG Zaku head…. should i celotape (masking) the mono eye glass or can I just spray the top coat directly on it ? Can tell me your experience on this ?

    • @ David John Oh I got it for about $67 ^^. Actually this kit is quite easy to build, the box might be big but I had a fun time assembling it 😀 But the trying part is the white trims which I have decided to paint instead of using the stickers. That was the hardest part!! Haha I have the Geara Doga too ^^

      Oh for the monoeye glass you will need to mask it. But instead I use a blue tak ^^ Saves a lot of masking costs!!! Other wise I’ll leave that piece out and after top coating the zaku main body then i’ll fix it back in. Hope it helps ^^

    • Lol….erh I have to sort through and make sure I reply to the right person lol!!! This is my most comment post haha (moemoekyun top commentator goes to you again!!)

      Oh I’ll love to help you on your PG!!! haha. Just kidding ^^ Hope everything goes well for your room reno!!

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