HGUC Kshatriya WIP Phase 1 – Just the whites

Initially I wanted to work on a Sonsaku SD, but somehow the Zeon HGUC fever in me hasn’t dissipate as of yet. Well as they say strike when the iron is hot!!! If I wanna start might as well start on the biggest one haha!!

First up the trims. I’ll be painting them in their default colors white and continue the trend of no stickies!!!

After 2 layers of white with the white gundam marker. Surprisingly the white covers quite well after 2 layers. Initially I had doubts ^^. Next I clear up the smudges with my art knife. I scribe along the edges gently.

After clearing the edges.

After that, use a gundam marker or sakura micron pen and panel line the edges again to refine the work.

After a solid 2 hours of painting, scrapping and panel lining. All done!!

Initially I had plans to do like what American Salaryman has done for his HGUC Kshatriya, but after trying out what I did for my HGUC Gp02 I’ll like to extend that technique to this kit, using as little paint as possible and yet make it look good. Recently work in the office has been quite trying so as much as I want to mod and paint the entire thing, the moment I step back into my room the only thing I want to do is sleep ^^ Trying to think of color scheme, what to mod and panel can be quite taxing even though I love to do it. Maybe when the mood comes back I’ll get back to it again. In the mean time it will just be simple snap, detail and topcoat. And I don’t like dragging a project for too long and end up procrasinating!!! Just a question do you guys have abandoned projects? (My red frame is covered in dust!!)


73 thoughts on “HGUC Kshatriya WIP Phase 1 – Just the whites

    • chubby have you heard the next MG unicorn that will released >_<;;
      with led inside psyco frame bandai trick us again and I am so sure they will released another HGUC unicorn gundam with variant weapon?

      • Haha so far I didn’t hear any news on that!! But I am not surprise if they will come up with the led gimmick which I am not so keen. Light up once and you’ll never bother to light it up again πŸ˜€ (Unless you are talking about drossel ^^) I think the most likely candidate will be the full amour version πŸ˜€

    • Haha no leon, the black is the default plastic black haha πŸ˜€ I am working on this kit with minimal paint as possible ^^. The only thing I painted thus far are the white strips!

  1. gahh!!! you outsmart me again in painting! (I can’t do painting… shaky hands =.=’)

    G-X: Cheh… you spray painted my head blue
    Syful: But it looked nicer!
    Freedom: ^^
    G-X: Shut up!
    Exia: he painted my head red! Now I look like a damn punk!
    Syful: … =.=’

    • Hint : Don’t drink or smoke when you do this, it leads to shakiness in the hands!!!

      Lol exia punk ^^ You should scratch build a bike for him dude!!! Complete the whole punk image πŸ˜€

  2. … Oh… My God… That must the second biggest HGUC kit from Bandai (the largest is the Psycho Gundam 1/144, PG sized).
    It still is a monster of a kit.

    Painting, I’ll pass.

    TK402: …keyblade… *poinst to his unfinished keyblade*
    Me: Looking for ideas… Kinda dry…

    • Haha okay if can calculate the entire surface area…(moemoekyun stats needed!!!) and count the amount of paint required lol…..2 cans?? This is a monster of a kit!!!

      Maybe I should shortlist the Pyscho Gundam too πŸ˜€ They will make very nice enemies in the stories haha.

      Chubb’s Jegan : Tearing at the eyes and begging me to finish his blade…
      Chubbs : *_* I want to do Kshatriya!!!

  3. Woah, here comes the huge ass neo zeon green monster of death!! LOL xD I wanna see a master grade version of this!! Or even better, a PG!!! o.o that would probably kill alot of people’s wallets and space AHHAHAHA

  4. Wow, HGUC Kshatriya………. Big MG size box…. The white look pretty good, i always have problems painting white on a dark surface, but you managed to do it! *Salutes*

  5. Sieg Zeon! What a huge kit. I bet it takes up more space than a Psyco Gundam.

    I somehow don’t think the new MG Unicorn is going to come with any lighting gimmicks as it would mean a revision to the molds for the kit. Realistically speaking I’d guess maybe a different set of decals and colour scheme just like the MG Z series in “HD COLOUR”. And maybe something extra like a base.

    • Salutes back ^^ Zieg Zeon

      I am not too sure how big the Pyscho gundam is though. But from just the binders it is really a huge kit. I think it will be my biggest beside the genosaurer.

      I am not too keen on led gimmicks for kits though…just swtich one once only haha and you probably forget about it! I think most likely it will be what you mention like HD color or maybe even a metallic version!

  6. Who needs space when you’ve got awesome gunpla!!!

    HGUC Kshatriya already costs more than certain MG models. o_O Can’t begin to think how much a MG Kshatriya, much less a PG, would cost!! PG Kshatriya…that 45,000 yen wall is looming before you!!

    Bandai is doing a 1/48 RX-78-2, which will probably work out to 38 cm. PG Kshatriya will be 37 cm LOL. Bandai can even use the joint locks for the binders!! XDDD COME ON, TAKE UP THE CHALLENGE BANDAI

    Very nice painting for the trimmings. XD If it were me, I too would choose to paint because the stickers will be near impossible to get right and look good!!

    • Sadly I don’t have much display space left…too many unbuild boxes!! Luckily I got it at quite a decent price but yes it cost as much as an MG. I can’t dream how much the price would be though….haha your guess is as good as mine.

      Haha lock joint binders from PG double 00 πŸ˜€ I think they will work well here. ^^

      And thanks, the trimming really took some time but really worth the time as they look so much better than stickers!!!

  7. Cool, you started your Kshatriya build. After you’re done, make sure you face it off against the Unicorn. =D

    Haha, I also come back from uni and feel tired (especially since I can’t sleep well at night). So, most of the time I sleep first right after coming back. XP

    • Haha definitely πŸ˜€ I think i’ll work on the Unicorn concurrently with the Kshatriya ^^ They are a definite pair just like char with amuro! I am think of painting my unicorn in a slightly different color πŸ˜€ Still testing out the paints on the left over clear parts to see if I can pull it off.

      Man sleep and time are like luxury to me now especially these few weeks!!! Argh so much work to do!!!

  8. awesome you started on Kshatriya!!! i want this kit so bad, it was between him and Gouf Custom.. man did i gouf up? πŸ˜› hard choices lol

    great job on the white detailing, can be surprising how long these little task take.

    you havnet abandoned your red frame, hes just going through a natural weathering process! XD

    • Haha yes I know, both are very very awesome zeon mechs!!! But i decided to go for my favorite color hehe. In life we have to make tough choices and even more so for our hobbies!!

      Yes that took me quite a while considering I didn’t get my cuppa java haha πŸ˜€ And haha natural weathering ^^ I think he is like in christmas mode now…all that dust!!

  9. yea, my poor sousou gundam’s silver colour melted thanks to the enamel’s thinner. Now i’m very lazy to look at it xD.

    I know the “after-work-damn-tired” feeling. That’s the reason why i’m too lazy to write post lol.

    • Oh you used the gundam marker silver? Man argh melted paint is very hard to salvage…haha I remember I tried layer different clear coats I ended up with a mess….its in my gundam graveyard pile at the moment πŸ˜›

      Haha yep, that sucky after work feeling….ah…I start work at like 6.30 am….end at 5plus….zombie!!!

    • Haha you reminded me of my primed green frame collecting dust πŸ˜€ Man better start to keep track of my abandoned projects!!

  10. Wow u got HGUC Kshatriya πŸ˜€ nice~~~~…

    great trick how to paint the trims πŸ˜€ nice~~~

    Dont worry take ur time.. minimalize painting is great.. but I want to make my kits differ from others, and want to make my own version XD, hopefully my mods, paints and stuffs are decent enuf huhu

    • Haha thanks!!! Work is already very stressful so haha I just want to enjoy this process of building. Nice simple and easy πŸ˜€

      I have seen what you have done with my air brush on your gundam 00 ^^ I am sure you can come up with a version very unique to you! Maybe a char’s version of Kshatriya!!

  11. woo.. nice painting skills there.. your white stays on so well.. much better den my Enact.. ^^ glad you’re going on a no stickies spree!! XD cant wait to see your completed 666. haha.

  12. You can paint white on top of solid black! Good job chubby, I always thought I’ll need a primer to do that.
    And it looks neat, the 2 hours are worth it ^_^

    Paint your kshatriya red n white? It’s christmas afterall πŸ˜€

    • Thanks buddy πŸ˜€ I actually had that thought that I needed to prime. But then I said what the heck why not give it a shot. Experiment on some spare sprues and it turned out pretty good after rigorous shaking of the gundam marker!!!

      Lol red n white!!! I’ll give him a Santa hat haha πŸ˜€

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